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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Slow days are best spent gaming
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File:__kirika_towa_alma_rinna_m….jpg (778.36 KB,1478x966)

I started playing Shining Resonance on Switch. It's... well, sadly it's really easy and the combat is simple, although they definitely tried for it not to be. I got sucked in by the character interactions and the quasi-dating system thing in it. I'm just a sucker for that stuff.
It's sad that the Shining series isn't the gameplay powerhouse it was in the 90s, but at least the worlds are still quite nice.


File:f472d3a0fd878fb900c41f039d….png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

I prefer the nekomeido one.


File:1524163322562.png (305.92 KB,560x563)

I'm more into the no-fun-allowed kind of Suzu.


File:20220519023821_1.jpg (716.79 KB,3840x2160)

Love the dead gameplay of this...


File:20220520015916_1.jpg (685.09 KB,3840x2160)

Big vermin damage


awaiting my sentence at the end of time


I wonder if anybody has seen the link and come here through playing games with kissumin.


i don't play enough online games with pubs, but it reminds people who already know of the site that it exists.


File:moehug.jpg (610.39 KB,1920x1080)

moeka huggy hug hug


File:20220527033819_1.jpg (669.36 KB,1920x1080)

I have achieved the legendary neko mimi modo.


Elden Ring multiplayer co-op mod is nearing release, so I'd like to mess around with it with some people here sometime.
Probably should wait a while for people to publicly test it and iron out bugs.


File:20220528211036_1.jpg (384.45 KB,1920x1080)

Neko miko modo (plus a gun)

I find it a little strange that I didn't really like Nioh all that much at first, but now I am having lots of fun with it. And it isn't nearly as difficult as I remember it being either. It's definitely easier than Dark Souls, which a lot of people like comparing it to.


Nioh's main difficulty comes at the beginning before you realize it's like diablo where you need to farm for gear, or after you get to Way of the Nioh/Abyss mode where you need to farm specifics builds to progress.


File:steam_IFOaGJUpk5.png (764.75 KB,593x660)

nice price


File:b7ff43e6e1cac3132c07dc062e….gif (1.58 MB,1288x576)

Apparently Terraria received a "Labor of Love" award in Steam Awards which it definitely deserved, and another content patch number 2 after the "no more content" patches thing is nearing release.

Sounds like Re-Logic is working on another game again, too. I still wonder what Terraria Underworld would have been like if they didn't cancel it.
>As our team is preparing to embark on the journey that will be our second game, we realize that there are some gaps in the team's skillset that we would like to fill - as well as the overall need for more quality folks in general. With all of that in mind, it is with great pleasure that we formally announce that long-time Terraria modder and core tModLoader Team member Chicken Bones to the Re-Logic family!


Gaming is best spent fapping


Apparently some guy properly hide Rune Factory 5 coming to steam, but didn't do it for DLC? I don't know how people find this stuff, but cool!


That was first. It's gone from steam store.


made me think of the old nyaa comment section




Some gameplay was released of the Space Skyrim game.

It doesn't look that great, it might be all right but not that good. One issue I have with it and an issue I have with most sci-fi are the ascetics of it. They don't look realistic at all, the guns look silly and are painted white for some reason and the animals look ridiculous as well. It would be nice if sci-fi was made with the idea of what things would actually look like in the future and what would alien fauna might actually look like. But then I should expect that from this studio, Fallout suffers from similar issues.



It really was disappointing to see no interesting take on the genre from them. Maybe it's myself still holding too much stock in Bethesda over their older titles. I'm not sure why they made the UI look so modern and gross either, the simpler style of Fallout or Skyrim still holds up quite well. It makes me wonder if maybe this game is a response to Destiny since that's been so successful, but I don't think there were any MMO aspects in it were there?


while others think of Starcraft,for me sc2 always meant this; put alot of good hours in with Xianghua


where is the saying in StarCraft?


File:1356757994846.gif (247.74 KB,400x301)

Persona 3, 4 and 5 are coming to PC, although I don't feel like reading into it to see which storefront its using.
For P3 it's using the PSP version which adds the choice of a female main character, but it downgrades a lot of other stuff removing world navigation, anime cutscenes, and character models during scenes. It's not the version I would advise anyone to play if they want the best experience. Use an emulator, I'd say.

I don't think there's any great changes with the other games.


The forever-marketing game is actually getting released soon... Also it says "gameplay preview", but I thought that the game itself is already out to play on early access?


Aaaaaaa why is there so much shit on the screen? This reminds of those Elden Ring shoops where they make the HUD as obnoxious as possible. And I'm not a fan of the textures either.


Started playing RE2 remake today and every time I aim or shoot Leon says these things out loud: fuck, shit, fuck you, no way, stay down, what the fuck, etc. Is this a bug or a normal game design? I find this extremely stupid.


Ever since I was a kid I wanted the Bishamon unlock in early game for Onimusha 3, and ever since I was a kid I've failed at the hardest flippin minigame to ever exist on the PS2. I could probably more easily beat the entire game on hard than beat this one minigame...


File:Onimusha_3-_Demon_Siege_22….jpg (69.16 KB,640x480)

I don't remember having much trouble with this. I still have the savefile with the sword and everything. But the part about it being harder than beating it on hard is probably true. I could easily beat it on that difficulty without even needing to use a single healing item. Only the Nobunaga fight at the end gave me some trouble.


File:20220617_002543.jpg (4.29 MB,4000x3000)

Got to the final stage again and a couple poorly timed shots made me lose...


File:1641659872888.jpg (243.23 KB,1240x1754)

Are you sure you even need to do this to unlock the sword though? I'm not seeing anything about it here: https://www.chaptercheats.com/cheat/pc/22030/Onimusha-3-Demon-Siege/unlocks/6161/ You either need to beat the game with Onimusha ranking or collect all the orbs in the dark realm.


Ah, I must have mixed things up, pretty much the same anyways


File:49677720d5efe50a4946ddb25e….jpg (919.84 KB,990x1400)

Resident Evil 4 is apparently getting a remake, but the original RE4 holds up so well I honestly think they should just skip 4 and go straight for 5 instead. I love the setting in RE5 but I don't like the how it's just a pure action game with no horror elements whatsoever.


In the end I finished both scenarios and it is a very good game, especially if you know original game details well.


File:moe.jpg (592.75 KB,1920x1080)



File:jhghghgf.jpg (706.48 KB,1920x1080)

Clumsy dandere meganekko + tomboy combo. (●´∀`●)


Is this the Darling's Embrace one? Or Zero?
It's been a while since I read either one so it's kind of blurred together.
I never finished the darling one. Maybe I should one of these days...


File:1537046380099.jpg (1.04 MB,710x1000)

That's Darling's Embrace. I am switching between reading the light hearted Darling and the much more serious Linear Bounded Phenogram.

I wish the game was longer because it didn't get to spend nearly as much time with the cutest SG girl as I wanted to.


Suzunyan in a maid costume... This game really has it all


File:what.png (5.36 KB,307x59)

Rimworld is a great game


File:undermine_screenshot_6.png (933.65 KB,1500x844)

I've tried to get into it three separate times and it just never clicks. I think it's just not something I can appreciate.

I bought Undermine on switch store yesterday. It's an action rogue-like (lite?). Basically it plays like one of the old 2D Zelda games. Similar to Rogue Legacy, you lose your items on death, but not all of your gold and you use it to buy stat upgrades and other stuff.
Seems like there's a lot more stuff to buy with said gold, though, like familiars or shop things.
Pretty cool so far.


File:1587823937761.gif (106.79 KB,320x239)

Steam's summer sale has officially started, is there anything that /qa/'s ready to throw their money at?


File:75891441_p7.png (5.63 MB,3000x3000)

JAST is also having a sale and I think I might buy Demonbane from them.


Thanks, I purchased the first Flowers game.


I had to buy sunbreak so no summer sale for me.



File:94311294_p0.jpg (909.53 KB,905x1280)

I'm feeling quite tempted to get a Project Diva game that's finally on PC. I read it uses denovo and probably won't get cracked.
But, I think I'll just get Sunbreak like that other guy.
But... Miku...


Just get sunbreak, the miku game is inferior to future tone anyway and I'm pretty sure you can play future tone on PC.


Got a new controller for sunbreak since my old one started drifting.

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