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File:BBCF_kp3yoThq5t.jpg (1.47 MB,3840x2160)

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Slow days are best spent gaming


File:BBCF_O0pOPyqUR1.jpg (814.16 KB,3840x2160)

And when you have a vermin problem call an exterminator.


is blazblue fun? would kissu anons play it with me if i bought it?


File:shinji-gasolina.jpg (32.78 KB,500x370)

sperming days


File:BBCF_ppywjwBCdo.jpg (1.52 MB,3840x2160)

bb is pretty fun and the characters are really sexy so >>82100 can play too
not sure how regularly though


although don't buy it now because that's retarded it'll probably go on sale during the winter sale


I can play. If you're in na it will probably be playable, if it's eu it'll be perfect.
Get it steam chat if you ever decide to give it a try.


File:[ANE] Ef - a Tale of Memor….jpg (922.96 KB,1920x1080)


I mustn't sperm away... I mustn't sperm away... I mustn't sperm away!


File:meow4.gif (191 KB,500x253)

Ill be gaming all kissumas long


do you have any games that you replay every kurisumasu?


Christmas is the time for playing new games!


Trying to beat all the Dark Souls games in a single day. So far it's not going good because I messed up the early game in DS1 and wasted like 2 hours...


Pikmin 2. It has a very christmassy vibe, especially since there's a christmas themed dungeon


I was thinking, DS2 would probably heavily benefit from having a fragrant branch of yore as a starting gift. Would open it up even more.


>Invaded by Dark Spirit Armourer Denis
>Invaded by Dark Spirit Forlorn
Now I remember why I don't play DS2 often...


Whore you?


File:20211227145605_1.jpg (1.11 MB,2560x1440)

The game.


File:1559081347882.png (216.24 KB,381x543)


File:20211228212209_1.jpg (1.55 MB,3200x1800)

epic bug


game's calling you a duummmmyy


File:20211229013201_1.jpg (958.12 KB,3200x1800)

DS3: Sadist mode


File:20211229014012_1.jpg (1.04 MB,3200x1800)

Apparently I just needed to run around more


Does gaming ever stress anyone out instead of calm them like it's supposed to?


yes, a lot of people. Just Play league in ranked and you are done.


Yeah. . . Online stuff really stresses me out. Especially twitch shooters where you might die suddenly from an enemy you could not see - that really scares me sometimes.


I have severe OCD so yes, all the time... There is always something that will bother me and make me re load a save, I will think that I might not have read something or that I didn't click something properly, or I have to avoid doing certain things or it might make the game have issues or I will develop habits that if I don't follow will mean that I have to reload a save. And then something might come up that make makes me restart the game entirely or even restart the whole computer. So I am constantly on edge and it's really not as fun as it should be.


Has /qa/ got any games they like to play when they don't really feel like posting anywhere? Been feeling really antisocial today so I think I'll finally set up the PS4 and replay Bloodborne for the remainder of it.


File:MegamiQuest2.png (6.06 KB,100x100)


the trick is to play really hard games and get stressed out over those, then when you've had enough of that you force yourself to take it easy on easy games.


Do you mean games you can completely immerse yourself in?


File:20211230205015_1.jpg (367.7 KB,1920x1027)

Neo Scavenger is a very fun survival roguelike. I would highly recommend playing it.



File:doge.jpg (11.12 KB,550x550)

Played through Undertale for the first time and got the good ending. It was a nice game. I liked it a lot.


File:[ESL] Gabriel DropOut - 09….jpg (492.73 KB,1280x720)

Now do it again and get the bad ending.



File:Screenshot_2022-01-02 62,4….png (56.24 KB,310x407)

this game is like cookie clicker but with some thread bare progression.

also best character right here.


can't play these games without getting really fidgety and annoyed by their concept


embla (starter green haired girl) has a post-game use because of her quick level up


File:steam_3r0sbYRoO9.png (902.93 KB,895x465)

Monster Hunter Rise on PC in 3 days. The launch for World and also its expansion were not very smooth, with the original being very poor for a couple months so I'm skeptical of multiplayer at the least.
Still, looking forward to playing it!


File:20220109204620_1.jpg (287.92 KB,1920x1080)

Been playing Hollow Knight. I like the art, and the world and story is nice too. The sound effects are good too, but some enemies and places have noises I'm not too found of. It's a little bit strange that all of the characters are bugs. Took me a little while to put it together that the character you play as is a beetle, I think.


loved this game
i have no doubt silksong will be just as good


File:whats the deal with zote ….jpeg (32.25 KB,1280x720)

just to suck off this game a little more, exploration is done so immensely well. everything you do in this game matters and works towards your progression. it's rare to find open-world exploration games that are so tightly designed, Hollow Knight is such a gem.


File:53823481_p0.png (1011.09 KB,900x1334)

Very exciting.
Actually I wanted to wait until sunbreak but it seems I'll be having a job next month so I won't be able to game as hard then as I can now.
So maybe I'll go for it now after all.


File:20220112044816_1.jpg (589.2 KB,3840x2160)

So I began this game today and pretty much can reciprocate all of your praises. Just want to add that I think that combat is amazing as well. Having just come off Bloodborne I was looking for some satisfying action and this filled that hole perfectly.


File:steam_yMUTNCrlNh.png (125.51 KB,809x184)

*projectile vomits all over /qa/*
looking forward to cheats/mods to unlock this stuff


File:20220113214650_1.jpg (744.36 KB,3840x2160)

It's a bit shameful how many hours in I am and I still get beat up because I panic heal... Need to play aggressive and know my opportunities.


File:20220114081427_1.jpg (699.21 KB,3840x2160)

In the final stretch of hell that is the white palace I swapped out my charms for these, Longnail, Quick Slash, Grubsong, and Hiveblood. Maybe it doesn't make for the most honorable platforming but it got me through and that's good enough for me.


File:20170301001031_1.jpg (246.52 KB,1920x1080)

Did something similar when I played too. I wish this game had more areas like white palace, game has really precise controls and that's just the way I like it for platformers.


Not a videogame, but I've been having weekly D&D 5e sessions on Roll20 for the last five months.
I'm playing a lawful evil gnome, great old one warlock with -1 to STR. Pact of the tome for extra cantrips and rituals like find familiar. Combat-wise I made an awful first build, but the telepathy has helped us a lot. I just got animate dead, which I plan to use to its fullest extent. (So far the zombie legs have been dancing an Irish jig and kicking down doors.)

It's been very fun. In the first session, the druid morphed into a bear and blocked the entrance to the mine, so the fighter got on top of him and accidentally shot two arrows into the back of his head, while the bear ended up one proc away from dying of exhaustion. We later accidentally destroyed the key to the treasure vault.
When we went in search of an obscure map, the druid fell into a pyramid scheme and it became an in-joke. We had to go through a labyrinthine artisans' guild whose bureaucracy didn't work, because "Systems" had fallen off a flight of stairs. In the end, we got a platinum membership before the cartographer department closed.
Trekked up a mountain, fought some owlbears, defeated bugs in a mine and an undead elf arch-something hired us to find the pieces of a crystal dwarves had stolen from him.
Went to a port, almost died in the arena, bought shoddy spell scrolls, druid got drugged and was arrested, and the mercenary with negative charisma failed to flirt his way through the magic school until he got a nat 20 when talking to the headmaster.
Trekked up another mountain, bard who spoke giant found a giant and spoke to him, somehow convinced him of not eating us, entered another mine and man a lot of stuff happened there. We convinced the duergar to let us explore the haunted sections and last session ended with the mercenary kissing a succubus, which thankfully did not kill him.

All throughout this, at least half of the party fainted in every fight, our composition was and is absolute crap.


Oh, yeah, the lawful evil part has mostly come into play when interacting with the other players. When the mercenary tried to shit on the fainted rogue to "keep him warm", I paralyzed him and kicked him into a river.
Playing someone who is old, small and physically weak is also very fun, you fail a lot and need help. Lotsa stuff happens.


can i join?


I'd love that, but sadly no. We're full and it's in Spanish.


is a gnome just a magical dwarf?


Wow, what a nerd.


Dwarves are stocky, underground-living miners and generally gruff while gnomes are shorter, more cheerful tinkers.
Playing a grandpa gnome that sets muggers on fire and commutes with the outer spheres at midnight is part of the point.
Nah, 5e is as entry level as you can get.


File:MonsterHunterRise_pEaWpQa5….jpg (1.01 MB,3840x2160)

Wow these twins are cute! I already forgot about the $60 price tag.

Also the bgm's pretty good.


File:20220116025004_1.jpg (1.81 MB,3840x2160)

Some parts feel a bit streamlined but the combat is still perfectly intact and just as if not made more fun by the new mechanics. I really like how travel has been made more fluid and less of a hassle to do. Climbing to find secret stuff is pretty fun as well. Could see myself playing this a whole lot into the future, although it's monhun so I'd probably do that anyways.

Also I just hunted the EVA series.


>Also the bgm's pretty good.
There's an understatement. I sat in the buddy area to listen to this for a while. Good to see a more "tribal" feel back to the music as opposed to World's orchestral grandiose. Both are good, but I remember Monster Hunter for stuff like this (although not nearly as high quality with vocals and such)


File:MonsterHunterRise_7051bCLe….jpg (680.87 KB,1920x1080)

People haven't released the necessary tools for the common man (me) to unpack the files, but there's already neat engine hooks people have made.
REFramework looks like it has a VR thing, freecam, scripts, and other stuff like displaying internal object names which is very useful for modding.
Cool stuff.


I have no idea how to use those UI's either, but it looks pretty cool.


MH: Rise came out with like $200 of DLC on the first day. There's something called Koalamageddon and that's all I'll say, check that one Russian forum


It's kinda stupid that they made it so you need to pay twitch streamers of all people to unlock some of the dlc. That's just bleh


It would be to get people to watch streams so the streams become more popular so more people stream MH Rise so the game gets more expose so more people play the game.

There was another game I played that did something like this, they would have weekends where if you watched a stream for a long enough time you would get an item. I never did, I hate streams and streamers.


File:user1.zip (153.41 KB)

Stuck on Hornet in Ancient Basin in Hollow Knight. I've died too many times so I'm giving up. I guess if anyone cares, I've included my save file. Sigh...


File:20220121204320_1.jpg (305.38 KB,1920x1080)

Slow days are best spent with dog creation


File:hornet.mp4 (31.37 MB,640x360)

Took me like a dozen tries until I realized that you were using quickslash and then I swapped that out for Shaman Stone and beat it on the 3rd attempt after that. While quickslash is a really nice charm if you're really good at pacing out your greed and an expert at hitting with the nail, it really encourages you to stay and slam at the enemy's face. Regular slash allows you more time to think about your actions and if you want to commit to another strike while with quickslash there's no time to think since it's just hit hit hit hit.


File:20220122104009_1.jpg (263.42 KB,1920x1080)

The charms that increase nail range are pretty good in my experience, I'd try both of them on for this fight. This isn't a boss with a lot of healing spots mid-fight too, quickfocus and grubsong don't help much. And with quickslash you'd maybe hit her twice instead of once, not too bad with steady body if you don't like range, but riskier.
If you want heals mid-fight I'd take baldur shell and run into a corner.


File:795d2a6253a59b286064bdf72d….jpg (325.97 KB,650x867)

God I hate gamers. What an absolutely worthless group of people.


Why ?


File:1433672293506.jpg (122.99 KB,1280x800)

He can't gayme


I hate them too. You don't game a game you play a game so I don't like the word they use to describe themselves.


File:steam_9zZEv7o5M8.png (885.53 KB,965x503)

Game - > RL Dolls > Mod for Game > Game with Dolls
I wonder if this was made to capitalize on all those 10 year-olds crazy about fumos.

People haven't sincerely called themselves gamers for like 20 years


Miku and the rest of the gang is getting a Switch game that involves... eggs?... I'm not sure I get it.


It looks cute but very text intensive. I doubt itll get a translation unfortunately
Just give us [email protected] on the Switch already!


not just eggs but BIRDS!!


File:20220128025227_2.jpg (2.43 MB,3840x2160)

So I've been playing MH Rise and getting to the endgame I was expecting to just get gear and play GS as I usually do, but the weapon just feels so underwhelming right now without being able to fully max out damage while carrying tanky gear. I don't want to do little damage either so for the first time I'm trying out a new weapon, and the longsword isn't actually too bad. It seems like it may take a bit of learning but I take sever damage a whole lot less now and I can dish out a fair amount of damage in-between, which since my GS damage isn't the greatest thing ever as it used to be doesn't feel so bad. On the whole though the game's been great fun and the atmosphere's very nice to bask in. It'll probably go on to give me a good number of hours more of enjoyment, so if you're looking for something to spend your time on I recommend that /qa/ checks it out.


Has anyone tried the new Pokemon


File:Erika!.jpg (1.53 MB,1700x2338)

lost almost all my interest in pokemon other than following art accounts and the cards


Erika = FUMIKA


And also the art is what makes me want it


I lost again. Perhaps that's a sign that I shouldn't ever play multiplayer when it's between noon and evening in Eastern Asia.


File:89939861_p0.png (5.8 MB,2800x4200)

Friendly reminder that the new PoE league started and the shared /qa/ guild storage is available to anyone that wants to become a guild member.


Tell me if I should get Pokemon Legends


File:1523829245655.jpg (22.84 KB,279x220)

I am playing Persona 4 and I just locked myself out of Naoto's romance route... I feel so stupid right now.


yep still can't beat it...


Square-Enix still churning out the remakes/remasters
I do not like the new portraits, but I'm very curious about the "higher quality background music" as Chrono Cross remains one of the greatest game soundtracks to ever exist


That Live A Live remake that they showed during the Nintendo direct looked decent. Hopefully there will be a PC release, so it would be possible to turn off that disgusting bloom.


Huh, that old SNES RPG? That's one of the games that's been in my backlog for quite a while after I heard about a fan translation. I always got "Live a Live" and "Date a Live" confused since I think the timings were similar


File:t-engine_xZeRdjWyEW.jpg (373.09 KB,1920x1080)

I started playing some Tales of Maj'eyal again. I slogged through to unlock the Stone Warden class because it could dual wield shields which is right up my alley. It's nice and tanky which is a playstyle I really like, but she kept dying to spellcasters and I had to abandon her and start over. (I play the Adventure mode that gives you a set amount of lives rather than 1).
I really don't understand how people can get far with mages. I'd love to play one but even as a tank it's so easy for me to die


File:1439203240521.jpg (179.4 KB,743x750)

I did everything in every Monster Hunter since 3U but I still cant get past 2nd G Rajang.


File:93469339_p1.jpg (1.27 MB,1000x899)

Still bad at Hollow Knight


I have Live a Live in my backlog as well, hearing it getting remastered is no surprise but some of the other games upcoming for the switch look good as well... I'll never finish my backlog of media and that's overwhelming to me


>I'll never finish my backlog of media and that's overwhelming to me
The thing about backlogs is that they only get longer!


congrats, your hobby is now a chore


File:illust_96229157_20220221_0….png (1.27 MB,989x1511)



Its not a chore, I enjoy what I pick, its just a nagging FOMO over what I didnt


File:Screenshot_20220223-025922….jpg (168.18 KB,1080x627)

Very upset that I need to link a Microsoft account to keep playing Minecraft.



notch is sorry from his billion dollar mansion


File:steam_BQBhGT9J63.png (307.3 KB,815x284)

Found this interesting. Of course if anyone was going to release a patch like this it would be the Terraria devs.


File:image-93-1-1536x864.webp (1.05 MB,1536x864)

Pokemon Red was released 26 years ago to the day, and now and a new generation was announced.
The new one is set in Fantasy Spain


26 years is not enough to get the franchise to stop looking like a cheap mobile game apparently.


File:1590379834206.jpg (215.64 KB,1920x1080)

I liked Sword but I think I'm done. The character looks like those otaku dolls.


They need to give up the 3D designs and go back to 2D or 2.5D.


GameFreak/ The Pokemon company, despite their immense success, has never been known as particularly great game programmers.
Gen 1 and 2 had scores of issues known, and the Spaceworld beta leaks only added to the full picture of just how lucky they got.
Even Gen 4 kind of sucked to be honest, everything moved way too slowly.


File:Spr_5b_300.png (35.52 KB,96x96)

It's strange, when I was a kid I had such huge fantasies about Pokemon entering 3D, like Mario 64. Realistically nothing would match the expectations I had as a kid, but it really does seem like they're not trying very hard at all with the visuals after the move to 3D.
I really liked the sprites at the end, too, although you can tell they took shortcuts with the animation by moving pixel sets instead of drawing new frames.


Otaku dolls? Like a collector's doll, not an anime fig one right? Because that's the sense I get from this model too, it's just too offputting and not appealing to me.


File:999132.jpg (427.02 KB,1080x955)

So I decided to make a 3x3 with my favorite games and I'm gonna post it here since I don't use any /v/ boards.

From left to right in order of preference: Silent Hill 2, Castlevania SoTN, Demon's Souls, DMC3 SE, Zone of Enders 2, Ninja Gaiden Black, STALKER SoC, Vagrant Story, Warcraft 3 TFT.

If you wanna make one too but are lazy like me you can use: https://www.kapwing.com/explore/three-by-three-3x3-square-collage I had a better site than this one saved somewhere but can't find the link right now.


File:54562.jpg (456.06 KB,1920x1080)

Dead Cells on expert mode and above is really something else. Having a lot of trouble with the lack of healing flasks and the next difficulty removes them completely. This might be the first game that filters me with the higher difficulties unless I can find some cheesy ways of restoring my health without relying on flasks.


>Like a collector's doll
Yep. The 2D art might save some of the designs though but the models so far look uncanny and the new Arceus 'mon designs also look like fakemons/Yokai Watch.
All good things...


File:firefox_mjnT5e7yTX.jpg (285.26 KB,1032x1032)

Is this how it works? I have so many favorite games it's hard to really pick just 9...


...Get ruined by gamefreak who still can't come close the designs of an old N64 game on much more powerful hardware for some reason


Its a game about not getting hit once you get past the first 3 levels, I would just restart if I had to use a flask within the first 2 stages. I beat the 3rd level and stopped playing, maybe I should start again but I feel like its going to completely different than I remember it being. I had been playing since early access so the meta already felt strange to me by the time I stopped last year. One thing I will say is I will never forgive the developers for replacing the cool fantasyish ui with the drab transparent blocks, I hate modern ui design.


I played it a while ago but didn't bother with any of the higher difficulty levels. Decided to play it again since a heard a new DLC came out this January. Wish it didn't take so long to unlock everything. Upgrading the forge is a huge pain in the ass.


I wish I could make one of these, but I don't think I could even come up with 3 favorites, let alone 9. I've gotten so jaded recently, I think I've started to just view games as interchangeable commodity now.....


File:[naisho] PriPara - 05 [1EE….jpg (133.84 KB,867x715)

Surely you can recall from when you were younger which games entertained your impressionable self!


File:videogames.png (1.96 MB,1200x1200)

Yeah, it's really hard to choose. I could probably do a 3x3 of just N64 games...


Middle game?


Shadow Hearts


File:we did it.png (562.39 KB,1920x1080)

Thanks to my trusty Queen's Rapier with 60%+ dmg against bleeding targets I managed to complete Expert difficulty (with one health flask left!). It was mostly a matter of going slow, picking up all the scrolls and scroll fragments and trying not to lose too much hp on the clocktower boss.


File:shid.jpg (457.19 KB,1920x1080)

Now for the real deal...


File:e261d7d6f75e91f2432f272d9b….jpg (1.02 MB,1000x1412)

Gen 3 of pokemon is actually pretty underrated. I have been playing XD (for the first time) and played Emerald recently, and it feels like the sweet spot of the series where the technology, writing and design choices really lined up well and I think a lot of it still holds up. Even the official art feels like a mix of the modern anime style and the 90s pokemon art. I am saying all of this with no nostalgia for Gen III; to the point I am curious about non-game media from the time like the manga, some of the movies, spin-off games. I would watch the anime but it looks really hard to get into for a non-autist, only available dubbed, and I really dislike Ash. I feel like how most've you feel about herbivore male harem MCs, he is unbearable outside of the Orange Islands mini-series.


>Gen 3 of pokemon is actually pretty underrated.
I don't know if I'd say that. I feel like both the Hoenn games and the Kanto remakes are largely seen as staples of the series by most people.


I started at gen I but Hoenn is my favorite region too; it may have been what sparked my adoration of the sea actually, being so far from it. The way you described the design is spot on on I think, although I have a soft spot for the sprites in gen II as well they are excellent.

I actually never read too far into the Pokemon manga but I can tell you that the early arcs are good; /a/ had a read along recently I think.


File:tumblr_lviy6vmHbs1qjw4vc54….gif (372.65 KB,499x315)

Found this site:

Seems to have basically every GOG game for download.


File:nep.png (2.07 MB,1280x720)

everyone here looks like a pro playing pro games while im just taking it easy hanging out with nepu

the fact that gen3 gets the most amount of romhacks speaks for itself

that's a "legit" site so the downloads are safe
but isn't the whole library of gog only about 4000 or so games, without either aaa games or actual niche games, only stuffs in between?


>without either aaa games or actual niche games, only stuffs in between?
There's quite a bit of AAA stuff in their catalog, but a lot of AAA developers are scared away by the no-DRM policy that GOG has. The most recent AAA games that GOG are probably The Outer Worlds, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Control, not counting Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher 3 since those are first-party games since CDPR owns GOG. That said, they have an impressive library of older games and a lot indie developers also sell their stuff there too. They've put in a bit of legwork when it comes to certain older games like making sure to ship it with DOSBox pre-configured and patched to run on modern systems, but not all games have gotten that treatment I think.

But, yeah, if you only play the most up-to-date AAA games from EA, Ubisoft, or Activision-Blizzard, then it's probably not very appealing.


File:[Nep_Blanc] Hyperdimension….jpg (337.15 KB,1920x1080)

Someone here might be here to tell you how much they liked playing Nep games on Hard mode. I really like those games, although the repetitiveness not so much.
I really want to try the new stuff that wasn't on vita, but it's hard to start it outside of bed


>but it's hard to start it outside of bed
The Vita has PS4 remote play, right?


File:[Nep_Blanc] Hyperdimension….jpg (278.57 KB,1920x1080)

I think so? I don't have a PS4, however.


File:steam_5r9puxAILL.png (954.39 KB,960x630)

I remember it being crazy that there was a Titan Quest expansion a couple years ago. There was two after that one with the most recent in December and they're on sale.
What the heck?
I remember loving it and its first expansion back then, but what a bizarre business strategy.


File:VampireSurvivors_U5aOcb4Kp….png (715.04 KB,1920x1200)

Been playing the new popular roguelike Vampire Survivors, and despite having initally seen it as some sort of idler-like it's actually pretty fun and challenging. You get RNG upgrades as you level up, and do survival challenges that last up to 30 min, and you can get gold/complete challenges while in the run to upgrade your starting stats or unlock new items that'll become available in later runs. It's got a nice Castle-vania its look to it and it's not really at all intensive on clicks or precision movement, and for the $3 price tag I'd say it's worth it.


File:sailor survivor.webm (10.51 MB,720x450)

It's got a fun reference in it too.


File:confused saya.jpg (101.41 KB,1280x720)

What genre is this even? An endless pseudo-shmup?


Somewhat I'd say. It's even got shmup elements in parts.


File:tf2yuno.png (106.43 KB,1101x438)

Me and Yuno have been getting kills in tf2


File:1510251408417.jpg (321.75 KB,849x970)

I'm pretty sure that Yuno is the one doing all the killing.


haha yes she keeps getting those 195s(Random Crit)!


File:1528724048503.jpg (5.21 KB,250x179)

Random crits are an integral part of TF2 and the briny tears of her enemies only makes RNGesus favour her more.


People still play that game? How hard is it to find a match?


Yes a lot of people still play it unfortunately the casual mode is mostly full of bots so the best place to be is community servers


>casual mode is mostly full of bots
as in aimbots? or like CPUs to fill out a server?


Cheating aimbot snipers that arent real players


A bunch of players are hosting malicious bots that try to make the game not fun but they are only in the offical casual


Pro tip: go on uncletopia


tf2 is still very popular among a certain type of gamer. i'm not sure how i'd call them, but you can still get casual matches pretty much whenever. but yes, you need to pretty much only use community servers like uncletopia or the match will be infested with aimbotting micspamming snipers because sadly the game is f2p and the devs have left it behind years ago


File:catss.mp4 (13.54 MB,480x300)

They introduced a new update today that introduced a cat weapon, which is pretty good.


File:db76816dcd49ed0fb31cc4a33….jpeg (175.63 KB,1024x768)

welp, there seems to be some bugs that prevents me from unlocking enemies and items of some dungeons for some reason
guess no more post game stuffs for me
>but it's hard to start it outside of bed
i use a projector for this


holy ADHD those are some busy screens!


Wish there was a steam sale or something, immensely bored lately.


Was hoping the same thing, apparently it's spring break for kids as well so there should be something you'd think... For myself I really want to play the new Hitman game that just released on steam, but it's 60 dollars and there's no way I'm paying that much for a game that's not Elden Ring...


The next Steam sale is purportedly in 17 days, on May 2nd.



File:Grr.png (20.22 KB,640x460)

This is incredibly stupid. What the hell, Rimworld?


File:Mass Effect 3_2022.04.15-1….png (7.14 MB,2560x1440)

Been playing Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition and suddenly got thrown into this comic relief side mission.
I guess that was part of a DLC at some point? weird as hell.


File:doraemon-story-of-seasons….webp (65.6 KB,740x416)

Contemplating buying the Doraemon Story of Seasons game on Switch since it's on sale for $15. I've never watched Doraemon and it would obviously lack the romance and marriage component that I like in these games, but I want to do some more virtual farming in bed and I've exhausted the other options.
Well, I could look into indie stuff but I have no idea how to find a good one and there's 500 indie games released every day and Nintendo does not know how to properly tag games in its shop, like a Spongebob game was under Simulation and there's craploads of stuff under RPG that is most certainly not an RPG.


Stardew Valley is pretty nice, but I'm sure you already know about that one.


Yeah, and it's not one I'd play in bed until I figure out some setup to play computer games in bed because it has tons of of mods to add content


If you have an Nvidia GPU and a hacked PS Vita you could always download Moonlight so you could stream your PC to your Vita and play it that way.


Yep, I've talked about doing that before. I need to get a new vita charger before I can use mine again, but I kind of want to avoid doing that since vita makes my hand cramp


File:ss_jonathan_08-04-19_14-55….jpg (768.29 KB,1920x1080)

This standalone mod looks pretty cool. Gonna check it out when I have some time later. Hopefully it's not the only STALKER 2 we get due to current events...



File:a76fec1ddc0cc2cd4f9fae27f5….jpg (70.16 KB,640x480)

I have played the SoC version of this mod before and it makes the game impossibly hard. Wouldn't recommend. Not sure if they tweaked it recently.


File:a340209ab52aee31571adcc96b….jpg (1.31 MB,1200x1450)

Isn't Anomaly the same as MISERY but much bigger? The combat in MISERY is tough as nails, but still doable if you flank your enemies. And in the early game, you can save up a fair amount of money by hunting mutants, searching for artifacts, and selling loot.


>it makes the game impossibly hard.
Lucky for me I'm a masochist, then.


File:73132ac109d9da3e88d50ff5a6….png (2.42 MB,2100x1650)

No, I don't think so. Anomaly is made by a different person last time I checked. It's not very enjoyable to make STALKER too hard because it will just cause you to savescum excessively.


>Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence is a celebration of games from a few loosely related genres: Roguelike, Roguelite, Souls-like, and Metroidvania. These games usually involve repeating parts of a game over and over until you master the section or gain enough experience to continue forward.

Doesn't sound very interesting to me. I guess I'll just keep waiting for the summer sale.


File:2455824315.png (975.5 KB,929x493)

Maine-sama's e-sports team...


File:a367a9748bfb65c493a629f953….jpg (1.92 MB,2700x1800)

I can't get enough of these STALKER parodies.


File:ss_87827d697c2bd49bba86129….jpg (331.83 KB,1920x1080)

Played and beat most of DemonsTier on the switch. It's on PC and other consoles, too. It's an overhead rogue-lite thingie, but it's unfortunately very short. You can play through it two more times on increasing difficulty for different endings, but I was really hoping the "Tiers" it mentioned were new dungeons with new enemies and bosses and not the same one again.
Well, it was made by one guy so I guess it's still quite good in that regard. The pixel portraits are really nice.
I'm going to try the "Enter the Gungeon" game now which I think is the same thing


File:spats1.jpg (574.54 KB,1920x1080)

I just started reading Linear Bounded Phenogram. It's fun hanging out with my friends in Akiba again.


File:spats2.jpg (569.86 KB,1920x1080)


File:ss_715ac39f4422b8488b22908….jpg (322.76 KB,1280x720)

Read Darling of Loving Vows/My Darling's Embrace next. It recently got a translation.


File:moe wave.jpg (332.68 KB,1280x720)

That's the plan. Just got to wait for the next steam sale.


File:ss_9a74ab65fb19e85cac6a64b….jpg (398.45 KB,1920x1080)

>I'm going to try the "Enter the Gungeon" game now which I think is the same thing
I've played this for a total of about 5 hours now. It's fun. The graphics are pretty nice, although the human characters are ugly.
Demon's Tier controls were better I think because the pushing the right analog stick in a direction would also fire while aiming, whereas you need to aim and fire in this one. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a pretty substantial difference and using the trigger buttons after a while does make my hand sore. Yeah, this game has comsumable ammo so that might justify the difference, but I'd rather not have it.
Anyway, it's fun. I'll report back after I've played it a couple more weeks


File:ApplicationFrameHost_coRR3….png (1.56 MB,1500x1125)

im gamer i game


There's a golden week sale going on steam right now.


File:steam_hBWDQeDzmT.png (663.67 KB,835x1096)

it's ya boy kongmin


These sales are ass. Koei Techmo is a huge scam, offering tons of Atelier games for barely 30 off. Some of them have been out for more than five years and they seriously can't cut the price a little further? Disgusting. Only decent sales I've seen are the Disgaea games but I'm not sure I want to dive into a JRPG as heavy as Disgaea right now. I just want something to play but they're making it very hard to justify spending money when they put no effort into their sales...


I didn't notice the big discount on Disgae until you pointed it out, they must've really wanted to hide it so that people didn't pick end up taking those really good deals.


It's funny, usually game prices in physical game stores actually drop quite a bit after a year or two even for new copies, yet they remain at the release price for years and years on steam.


File:steam_TIcWqKIryA.png (1.02 MB,939x752)

There's a rogue-like Steam sale now in addition to what stuff people mentioned earlier.
I've been waiting on Rogue Legacy 2 to leave early access for a while and it looks like it did, so I guess I know what I'm getting soon.
The buttons at the top don't actually do anything, though..


File:movie480_vp9.webm (12.23 MB,854x480)

Tried this Absented Age Squarebound game, it's a roguelike that's action RPG outside of combat or something. It seems pretty nice, and I think I'd like it, but...
The visual overload is just way too much I can't tell what the heck is going on.


File:Rogue_Legacy_2_mmy4zcpXLS.jpg (305.92 KB,1920x1080)

Bought it. It's really fun!
They did a good job expanding on the things that made it good, while increasing the gameplay variety. The classes actually play a bit differently now and there's quite a bit more stuff to collect for different buffs and trade-offs and stuff.
Also, it took me a couple hours to realize it's actually 3D. Shaders and other trickery are getting pretty good at this.


Did you try ronin yet? It's my favorite class so far.


Actually now that I look at your castle you didn't. I wonder how bad it is to spread early compared to focusing on a few classes, that's what I did because I wanted to try all of them. Leveling the castle really slowed down now but I don't think you're supposed to get it that far before ng.


That's kind of exactly what I want to do, too. Focusing could make you strong at a specific class, I guess, but I don't think putting one point in everything is that huge a deal.
I think in the first one it was the berserker-type character that I beat nearly everything with, but stuff like archer is pretty fun in this one.


I bought rune factory 4 on sale. Its really good, very addicting. I always feel like there's something I need to be doing, definitely a timesinker game.


File:2hu.jpg (272.73 KB,1280x720)

Started finally playing 2hu Luna Nights after forgetting about it for so long. It's from the same dev that also made the Record of Lodoss War Metroidvania that I have already played. I think those are the only games that they have made so far, so they have a good track record. Really wish the Lodossvania was a bit longer and with more content though.


Oh hey I think I remember seeing someone posting about that game coming out a long while ago. How is it so far?


File:2.jpg (228.17 KB,1280x720)

Pretty cool. You play as Sakuya and the gameplay seems to be centered mainly on the time stop mechanic. Just beat the first boss (Meiling). She gave me a bit of trouble before I learned how to really use the time stop since I would constantly run out of MP in the fight.


File:second boss.jpg (293.82 KB,1280x720)

I wonder how long this game is. I hope it's a bit more than Lodoss.


File:20220516024559_1.jpg (248.6 KB,1920x1080)

gamed a suzu


File:[HorribleSubs] Steins Gate….jpg (300.77 KB,1280x720)

Suzuha's route was disappointing. I wanted to go on dates with her and do other fun stuff, but it was just full of drama and there was so much focus on Daru that it almost felt like it was his route at times. Makes me miss all the fun I had with Moeka's route.


slow day today gonna spend it gaming


File:Risk_of_Rain_2_bvtU146GHb.png (1.14 MB,1490x1648)

Playing RoR2 recently, and I remembered that I kinda like to play it, it's fun.

Also hilariously a godmode playthrough I was running got ended by a single lemurian elite.


Conflicting thoughts on how to feel about this Suzu...


File:__kirika_towa_alma_rinna_m….jpg (778.36 KB,1478x966)

I started playing Shining Resonance on Switch. It's... well, sadly it's really easy and the combat is simple, although they definitely tried for it not to be. I got sucked in by the character interactions and the quasi-dating system thing in it. I'm just a sucker for that stuff.
It's sad that the Shining series isn't the gameplay powerhouse it was in the 90s, but at least the worlds are still quite nice.


File:f472d3a0fd878fb900c41f039d….png (1.39 MB,1280x720)

I prefer the nekomeido one.


File:1524163322562.png (305.92 KB,560x563)

I'm more into the no-fun-allowed kind of Suzu.


File:20220519023821_1.jpg (716.79 KB,3840x2160)

Love the dead gameplay of this...


File:20220520015916_1.jpg (685.09 KB,3840x2160)

Big vermin damage


awaiting my sentence at the end of time


I wonder if anybody has seen the link and come here through playing games with kissumin.


i don't play enough online games with pubs, but it reminds people who already know of the site that it exists.


File:moehug.jpg (610.39 KB,1920x1080)

moeka huggy hug hug


File:20220527033819_1.jpg (669.36 KB,1920x1080)

I have achieved the legendary neko mimi modo.


Elden Ring multiplayer co-op mod is nearing release, so I'd like to mess around with it with some people here sometime.
Probably should wait a while for people to publicly test it and iron out bugs.


File:20220528211036_1.jpg (384.45 KB,1920x1080)

Neko miko modo (plus a gun)

I find it a little strange that I didn't really like Nioh all that much at first, but now I am having lots of fun with it. And it isn't nearly as difficult as I remember it being either. It's definitely easier than Dark Souls, which a lot of people like comparing it to.


Nioh's main difficulty comes at the beginning before you realize it's like diablo where you need to farm for gear, or after you get to Way of the Nioh/Abyss mode where you need to farm specifics builds to progress.


File:steam_IFOaGJUpk5.png (764.75 KB,593x660)

nice price


File:b7ff43e6e1cac3132c07dc062e….gif (1.58 MB,1288x576)

Apparently Terraria received a "Labor of Love" award in Steam Awards which it definitely deserved, and another content patch number 2 after the "no more content" patches thing is nearing release.

Sounds like Re-Logic is working on another game again, too. I still wonder what Terraria Underworld would have been like if they didn't cancel it.
>As our team is preparing to embark on the journey that will be our second game, we realize that there are some gaps in the team's skillset that we would like to fill - as well as the overall need for more quality folks in general. With all of that in mind, it is with great pleasure that we formally announce that long-time Terraria modder and core tModLoader Team member Chicken Bones to the Re-Logic family!


Gaming is best spent fapping


Apparently some guy properly hide Rune Factory 5 coming to steam, but didn't do it for DLC? I don't know how people find this stuff, but cool!


That was first. It's gone from steam store.


made me think of the old nyaa comment section




Some gameplay was released of the Space Skyrim game.

It doesn't look that great, it might be all right but not that good. One issue I have with it and an issue I have with most sci-fi are the ascetics of it. They don't look realistic at all, the guns look silly and are painted white for some reason and the animals look ridiculous as well. It would be nice if sci-fi was made with the idea of what things would actually look like in the future and what would alien fauna might actually look like. But then I should expect that from this studio, Fallout suffers from similar issues.



It really was disappointing to see no interesting take on the genre from them. Maybe it's myself still holding too much stock in Bethesda over their older titles. I'm not sure why they made the UI look so modern and gross either, the simpler style of Fallout or Skyrim still holds up quite well. It makes me wonder if maybe this game is a response to Destiny since that's been so successful, but I don't think there were any MMO aspects in it were there?


while others think of Starcraft,for me sc2 always meant this; put alot of good hours in with Xianghua


where is the saying in StarCraft?


File:1356757994846.gif (247.74 KB,400x301)

Persona 3, 4 and 5 are coming to PC, although I don't feel like reading into it to see which storefront its using.
For P3 it's using the PSP version which adds the choice of a female main character, but it downgrades a lot of other stuff removing world navigation, anime cutscenes, and character models during scenes. It's not the version I would advise anyone to play if they want the best experience. Use an emulator, I'd say.

I don't think there's any great changes with the other games.


The forever-marketing game is actually getting released soon... Also it says "gameplay preview", but I thought that the game itself is already out to play on early access?


Aaaaaaa why is there so much shit on the screen? This reminds of those Elden Ring shoops where they make the HUD as obnoxious as possible. And I'm not a fan of the textures either.


Started playing RE2 remake today and every time I aim or shoot Leon says these things out loud: fuck, shit, fuck you, no way, stay down, what the fuck, etc. Is this a bug or a normal game design? I find this extremely stupid.


Ever since I was a kid I wanted the Bishamon unlock in early game for Onimusha 3, and ever since I was a kid I've failed at the hardest flippin minigame to ever exist on the PS2. I could probably more easily beat the entire game on hard than beat this one minigame...


File:Onimusha_3-_Demon_Siege_22….jpg (69.16 KB,640x480)

I don't remember having much trouble with this. I still have the savefile with the sword and everything. But the part about it being harder than beating it on hard is probably true. I could easily beat it on that difficulty without even needing to use a single healing item. Only the Nobunaga fight at the end gave me some trouble.


File:20220617_002543.jpg (4.29 MB,4000x3000)

Got to the final stage again and a couple poorly timed shots made me lose...


File:1641659872888.jpg (243.23 KB,1240x1754)

Are you sure you even need to do this to unlock the sword though? I'm not seeing anything about it here: https://www.chaptercheats.com/cheat/pc/22030/Onimusha-3-Demon-Siege/unlocks/6161/ You either need to beat the game with Onimusha ranking or collect all the orbs in the dark realm.


Ah, I must have mixed things up, pretty much the same anyways


File:49677720d5efe50a4946ddb25e….jpg (919.84 KB,990x1400)

Resident Evil 4 is apparently getting a remake, but the original RE4 holds up so well I honestly think they should just skip 4 and go straight for 5 instead. I love the setting in RE5 but I don't like the how it's just a pure action game with no horror elements whatsoever.


In the end I finished both scenarios and it is a very good game, especially if you know original game details well.


File:moe.jpg (592.75 KB,1920x1080)



File:jhghghgf.jpg (706.48 KB,1920x1080)

Clumsy dandere meganekko + tomboy combo. (●´∀`●)


Is this the Darling's Embrace one? Or Zero?
It's been a while since I read either one so it's kind of blurred together.
I never finished the darling one. Maybe I should one of these days...


File:1537046380099.jpg (1.04 MB,710x1000)

That's Darling's Embrace. I am switching between reading the light hearted Darling and the much more serious Linear Bounded Phenogram.

I wish the game was longer because it didn't get to spend nearly as much time with the cutest SG girl as I wanted to.


Suzunyan in a maid costume... This game really has it all


File:what.png (5.36 KB,307x59)

Rimworld is a great game


File:undermine_screenshot_6.png (933.65 KB,1500x844)

I've tried to get into it three separate times and it just never clicks. I think it's just not something I can appreciate.

I bought Undermine on switch store yesterday. It's an action rogue-like (lite?). Basically it plays like one of the old 2D Zelda games. Similar to Rogue Legacy, you lose your items on death, but not all of your gold and you use it to buy stat upgrades and other stuff.
Seems like there's a lot more stuff to buy with said gold, though, like familiars or shop things.
Pretty cool so far.


File:1587823937761.gif (106.79 KB,320x239)

Steam's summer sale has officially started, is there anything that /qa/'s ready to throw their money at?


File:75891441_p7.png (5.63 MB,3000x3000)

JAST is also having a sale and I think I might buy Demonbane from them.


Thanks, I purchased the first Flowers game.


I had to buy sunbreak so no summer sale for me.



File:94311294_p0.jpg (909.53 KB,905x1280)

I'm feeling quite tempted to get a Project Diva game that's finally on PC. I read it uses denovo and probably won't get cracked.
But, I think I'll just get Sunbreak like that other guy.
But... Miku...


Just get sunbreak, the miku game is inferior to future tone anyway and I'm pretty sure you can play future tone on PC.


Got a new controller for sunbreak since my old one started drifting.


File:5dd855ed423ca957c8276b311….jpeg (431.48 KB,600x3195)

Been playing the new Hitman and this Shadow Tactics game that are on sale. Really good stealth games that are kinda like puzzles to figure out how to do in a near perfect way. I kinda prefer making the games as hard as possible, like in Hitman disabling the HUD and playing on Master, to make figuring out how to beat it with a Silent Assassin rank that much more fulfilling.


Started playing the elder nyans online


File:Touhou Remilia, Flandre an….jpg (164.81 KB,1210x896)

I decided to play some Battle Royal games again now. I must be bored.
I spent more time updating the games than actually playing them, PUBG is still as ugly and bad as ever.
Ring of Elysium is dead.
Cuisine Royal has ugly characters.

That's it. I'll play more Ring of Elysium for a bit and then find something else to do.


File:nnCKJFssyySVDziVfH4EGa.jpg (1.15 MB,1920x1080)

I'm still playing Undermine and it's really fun! It's basically Rogue Legacy, but in the 2D overhead Zelda format and I love it.
Seems like it has quite a bit more depth than Rogue Legacy, too, with far more curses and shops and even familiars!
I highly recommend this game if you like Zelda and roguelikes/lites/whatever.


Looking at the summer sale, I really don't see anything I'm interested in. Maybe it's time to take a break from video games a while.


Sunbreak is about to be released. I'm not going to play it right away, but I did already pre-order it. I didn't finish all the content back then so maybe I should do that first


File:MonsterHunterRise 2022-01-….png (6.69 MB,1920x1080)

It's out!
I actually will try to play it now, but not any of the new stuff. There's so much stuff I loved in the base version so I'll be trying to do that first


File:20220630211902_1.jpg (937.08 KB,2560x1440)

smashed crab


>There's so much stuff I loved in the base version
I hope this brain fail is because I haven't been getting enough sleep. I mean "missed".
How did I even manage that? Anyway, all the mods are broken and I can't even use ReShade so that's kind of sapping my motivation. Took me 2 hours to finally figure out how to get the game running- taking out a bunch of ambiguously-named files that must have been interfering somehow.


Playing more elder nyans online


File:wand of chtulhu.webm (1.4 MB,683x384)

Noita is a really weird game. You feel like playing it every once in a blue moon, pick it up, and then do a weird balance act between rage-quitting for a couple minutes each death and then picking it up again until either your nerves burn out or you drop 10 hours into an ultimate run (which ends unceremoniously by accidental suicide)
One way or another, you really need to play this with a robe on and some lit candles. It just doesn't feel right otherwise


Crying they're adding an island of friends to eorzea where you can live out your days with animal friends


File:__laundry_dragonmaid_and_e….jpg (6.88 MB,4007x4876)

Anyone here play Yu-Gi-Oh!?? Started playing Master Duel a couple days ago, I think I've managed to build an okay zombie world deck. Some fag made me discard fifteen cards but I was able to get an edge thanks to the undead resilience of the GOLDEN LORD, the DOOMKING, and the VAMPIRE SUCKER. Hoping to branch out into skull servants and shiranui, for more deathly goodness.

Though if stuff such as a golden Spanish necromancer isn't your kind of thing, there's also dragon maids. Here you can see the two of them getting along.


File:2022-07-01_23.23.16.png (32.23 KB,854x480)

Minecraft from 2011 very nice! These earlier versions from alpha to beta are my favorites to play the world gen is so neat looking. Also if you are wondering how my skin is working theres a proxy that works on older versions to fix skins, capes and sounds(if your launcher doesn't have that working). I believe its is called betacraft.uk and you use it by putting this in the java arguments "-Dhttp.proxyHost=betacraft.uk"


What do you mean exactly? Friends as in Kemono Friends???


I know that the Touhou Mod only works with the older versions, maybe not that old though, it doesn't seem to have been updated. But then I don't really follow Minecraft.
I don't really understand Minecraft, I don't get the point. I always play until I get my base setup and get diamond and then give up because I run out of things to do.


I believe the last version for that mod was for Minecraft Release 1.7.10. Also I am also in a similar boat in terms of running out of things to do. I usually beat the ender dragon and then end up not really knowing what I want to do after that perhaps I lack creativity or something like that. I should really comeup with things to do when I play the game again like building a cool house or making a farm of some sort.


I've been thinking about going back to MC if they make a farming update to it...


File:barp.mp4 (15.89 MB,426x320)


Played more elder nyans


Man, that's hilarious. What is it?


File:C-1657140866892.jpeg (842.27 KB,2560x1440)

Hammer time with the beach boys and girls
I love this game so much


Going to play some more elder nyans tonight


how fun is elder nyaas compared to other mmos


I'm having fun exploring all the zones and doing some of the quests it's different enough that it keeps my interest. I'm not playing elder nyans until after I have a bath


File:steam_zzkSduBScP.png (224.59 KB,694x541)

Seems like Monster Hunter Rise's expansion uses a new type of Denuvo and the existing cracks to get free DLC no longer work. This sucks. It had some nice hairstyles and layered armor.
Capcom makes some truly great games, but I'd be lying if I said this doesn't annoy me


File:islandfriends.jpg (436.36 KB,1920x1080)

It's going to be an island with animal friends and gardens and it's going to be a lot of fun.


Sunbreak is a little underwhelming.


File:C-1657407413285.png (2.12 MB,1129x1353)

not true!


Oh, those are chocobos aren't they? The game you're talking about is FFXIV?


I think it is. I don't even know why, I enjoy the gameplay but I just can't help but feel like its really watered down. Maybe I'm just getting burnt out on this MR100 grind.


Playing elder nyans


File:C-1657477887508.png (10.23 MB,3840x2160)

I think the only way it's been underwhelming is that the quest giver is vastly inferior to Minoto, so I just moved back to the gathering hub when they let me. Aside from that I think all the new monsters are really fun and the returning ones are great additions too. And Rise as a whole has been really fluid with its combat and movement to where it becomes really satisfying (until you wirebug straight into an attack).


File:MonsterHunterRise_mLpBViz9….jpg (349.56 KB,1920x1080)

> the existing cracks to get free DLC no longer work.
Scratch that. It's working again.
Seems like it's prone to crashing at the starting screen, but if you get in it's fine.

Yeah, it's been great to me as well. I'm not far into MR, though, but I can't see it changing. I watched the preview video so I had some of the monsters spoiled, and I know they were some of my favorites.


Kind of pissed about DNF Duel's roster. They somehow managed to barely include any of the classes I played in DFO, even though I had a mountain of characters back in the day.


File:swordsoul match compressed.mp4 (30.31 MB,1280x720)

Close to diamond now, here's a decent match from today.
People say there's too much stuff going on, too many negates, and that folks play solitaire, but honestly that's what I'm here for. Yu-Gi-Oh went full anime, and I like it.


I wish games knew how to stay still, I was considering playing dead cells again but it's been a long time since I played and I feel like that game was constantly adding stuff and shuffling content around


I like new content being added...


I do too but sometimes I feel a development style of constant change makes games meta heavy and will end up overwriting stuff that was good and should have stayed. I just feel a little overwhelmed when it feels like I have to sort of relearn a game after being away for a bit, and I'm still mad that they took away the cool ui dead cells had really early in development to be replaced with generic transparent boxes


File:vs timelord burn compresse….mp4 (20.78 MB,1280x720)

Lawful evil mirror match, 3 turns.
I made two misplays, searching for huaquero instead of a counter, and activating eldland a second time.
Banish was arguably done too early, as well. Just didn't want to deal with timelords, honestly.


File:20220717225734_1.jpg (410.34 KB,1920x1080)



Cool dorfs.


File:20220720031210_1.jpg (539.54 KB,1920x1080)

Very cool dorfs.


File:20220723011526_1.jpg (615.02 KB,1920x1080)

Dorfs protecting a pointy-ear town.


File:20220723034133_1.jpg (625.41 KB,1920x1080)

Successfully reclaimed all of Moria. Gimli can now finally get his roaring fires, malt beer and ripe meat off the bone.


File:Starlight River - Another ….mp4 (859.43 KB,570x378)

This Terraria mod in development, Starlight River, is really impressive. Mentally, I'm not going to consider it a thing until it's released, but it's nice to see the things people are capable of, and out of enjoyment and not profit.
I don't want to upload 10 converted videos, so just check the twitter account for more: https://twitter.com/projectslr
There's some really beautiful sprite work in addition to the impressive mechanics on display.


File:20220725003950_1.jpg (414.15 KB,1920x1080)

Poor little gob gob.


File:[Erai-raws] Uchi no Maid g….jpg (382.29 KB,1280x720)

Bleh hate fighting against enemy artillery without any cavalry. Why can't the dwarves build mechanised horses or something?


File:[HorribleSubs] Uchi no Mai….jpg (138.7 KB,445x445)

Also pikemen suck in Medieval 2, even after they get "fixed" by modders.


File:VampireSurvivors_En1XX0nHz….png (865.58 KB,1920x1200)

Got back to playing Vampire Survivors after they put in limit break for the weapon levels and it's a lot of fun.



Steam's having a "Survivalfest", which also include a lot of rougelikes if anyone's interested.


Might game


Not sure what I'm going to play tonight but I know I'm going to game hard.


File:ZZY 0108.jpg (1.32 MB,1500x900)

I'm playing a game called Airmen, where you can make airships. It's okay so far but visually it's lacking.

They are fairly useful(and cheap) in multiplayer when making pike and shot armies.


I'm playing Escape from Tarkov now, that person in the other thread reminded me of it, I had looked at it years ago but decided to wait for it to release on Steam. It's still not on Steam so I gave up on waiting.


Splatoon 3 news on Wednesday.


I started playing runescape (3) for the first time in years as a curiousity. It has actually improved a lot from the highly maligned debut and the people are less standoffish and racial than OSRS but I cant shake the feeling its pointless, although less so than I did with other mmos. But as a NEET it gives me purpose and once you reach the endgame of grind mmos it gets less time intensive anyway.


Trailer for a bunch of the doujin games coming out this Comiket. Surprisingly, the original Alltynex for the FM Towns is getting rereleased, so maybe I can stop having to search around for its disk image.

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