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weather sure has improved from summer
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File:scared.gif (1.56 MB,400x225)

computer had a breakdown, no program was responding and the music was reduced to one chord over and over


your computer sounds depressed


It was especially scary because the music was a recording of a piano piece.


it's starting to get warm again


File:1613671793056.png (393.88 KB,599x563)

When the seagulls cry I go to bed.
Fuck seagulls.


found out my state banned nonreusable bags after i went to the store to get food sigh they should have special notices for neets


Word to the wise: Never get a nice lawn


Why not?


Because landscaping is a fucking pain in the ass


lawns in general are an excess to show status.


It's not that hard. Even though I'm afraid of lawnmowers so I only use the pusher one that has no engine, it just takes maybe 10-30 minutes each Sunday.


I'm not talking about grass...


Just get turf


What do you mean? What else constitutes a lawn?


lawnkeeping is such a bullshit culture it's just nothing but a time and money sink for a sterile green square.


File:62487f24e053bc4084294eb36c….jpg (253.31 KB,594x905)

I just let whatever grows grow and mow it when it gets too tall. Some lawn service guy came by the other day trying to sell their service but honestly I think the wildflowers look nicer anyways and they're better for the bees and butterflies. Neighbors are probably dumping a bunch of pesticides on their lawns that are killing them though...


Trees, bushes, gardens you need to weed, and lots of different agriculture that needs to be dealt with whenever spring comes around each year


>Even though I'm afraid of lawnmowers
Everyone, imagine rolling this guy down a hill and chasing after him with five of your buddies pushing lawnmowers at full throttle.


I genuinly like having a nice lawn, and I don't give a crap about social status. I like having a place that's outdoors but still relatively controlled and clean. I find it very relaxing.


That's not really part of the lawn, but yes that's annoying.


Today I learned all default carrot cakes come with nuts and for some reason all key lime pies come with meringue


ate raw garlic and now my breath smells bad


feelin relaxed


File:35344181_p0.jpg (304.95 KB,980x750)

feelin hella fresh


whoever's talking in the middle of the detroit techno collection


I cant decide if I'll play eroge with an actual story and characters im invested in that I've just started reached the point where you choose a path or one which is relatively short and follows the pattern of sol scene with selected girl then h-scene which also appeals to my imouto moe


You'll only feel disappointment if you don't go the story eroge route.


all I wanted to do was enjoy some comfy sol scenes and maybe sperm a little but it turns out the game I was playing immediately launched into a really important arc that settles the main conflict of the game up to this point. It was pretty good and now I can enjoy the romance and h scenes that will hopefully follow from everything being settled


File:w18551unrmc61.png (577.48 KB,1365x624)

Any tile nerds in the chat?


made some boson cream of wheat and tea


showered with a spider


stood up too quickly but instead of a headrush i lost partial sight in my right eye for about 30 seconds
what the fug
am i going blind


File:93e34dcd1ff73dcb36e5dbf375….jpg (398.69 KB,1800x1901)

boredom is gnawing away at my life


maybe you had low blood pressure, I have a pretty low standing blood pressure so I get the headrush where everything goes sort of black often. Sometimes everything goes completely black for a few seconds, its a similar sensation to when you start to pass out


so bored....


File:898571cdf3f9f36b62ad197b4….webm (2.86 MB,608x1080)

wish korone would beat me up


don't have a single shred of happyness in me right now


so bored...


do something


File:Screenshot_20220516-025314….jpg (Spoiler Image,263.3 KB,720x1052)

im paste


File:chessle.png (Spoiler Image,112.37 KB,704x959)



watching spooky youtube videos to put me to bed


woke up feeling a bit less bored


There was heavy rain which gave reason to open the windows. Rain stopped shortly and now it's again the almost summerly atmosphere shimatta.


went on a bike ride and got caught in the rain
it was really cold on the way back


stepped on a spider
it died


File:1639276912229.jpg (126.27 KB,500x500)

I have about a month where I have no real reason to go outside which is great, but I got this time through having a remote job which is the type of thing where I need to do 4 hours a day pretending to be working because there really isnt much to do for it at all. I'd rather actually have work to do, it would make the time pass faster. On top of this I need to study for a test I am taking at the end of this period which could potentially get me a job that could potentially have me live in Japan in the future.
Its a bittersweet month of being a lazy shut-in but never being able to fully enjoy it.


File:KotokoComputer.jpg (269.46 KB,1920x1080)

Can you make up something? I used build spreadsheets and stuff back when I was an intern with nothing to do. Not that anyone ever used them for anything, but I learned a lot about the finer details of excel and it was easy to look busy.


the job is more of a literature review sort of thing, the way I make it look like I'm busy is by opening loosely related stuff that I know wont work and having it slowly autoscroll down. It works but I need to be sort of paying attention for when it ends and then to find new stuff.
The issue is I think the timeclock program is rather invasive and lets them see what sites I go on, for how long, and what I do. So I need to be able to make it look like I was actually making progress instead of looking busy.


very rude
what did the spider do to you

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