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File:1484364032512.jpg (1.55 MB,1500x1125)

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weather sure has improved from summer


ate frozen banana ysterday


Bought some of the components for the PC I'm going to build. I'm not sure if I should go for the i5-12600K, or just build one with an i5-11600K instead. Also vaguely uneasy about picking a GPU, but mainly because they're out of stock everywhere or price gouged to hell.


made some hot cocoa n chicken cheese sandwhich




i blog


the blogger


im blogging

im blogging

flip yeah im blogging

blogging blogging blogging

oh yeah

blogging pissssss blogging

hell yeah flippin blogging

oh yeah flippin pissssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSssssssss


File:[AnimeNOW] Danshi Koukouse….jpg (774.01 KB,1920x1080)

i blog therefore i am


could use the igpu for a while


File:yukarin.png (319.66 KB,623x670)

When I turn the heater up a notch it gets too hot.
When I turn the heater down a notch it gets too cold.


Unless for gaming, igpu is nice, doesn't heat up the system. Turned off the dedicated GPU on my laptop and the device that got hot as the sun and required external fans to cool now runs warm at hottest.


spermed again


Yeah, I think I'm going to do this for a little bit until I manage to get ahold of a slightly reasonably priced GPU, or maybe however long it takes for me to crack and succumb to scalping prices...


Does the weather affect the consistency of your sperm?


i failed


File:pr.jpg (1.91 MB,2016x1512)

bought a small projector
projected image to the angled rooftop above my bed and now i can watch stuffs on a 60 inch screen while lying comfy


wow, that's pretty cool!


as i sit in my chair
lifes questions come to me
like why the hell
people drink decaf coffee


hehe pet sleeping cat and he kneaded the air


File:1541787718096.webm (140.13 KB,1280x720)

I would love to own a dog again, but the landlord won't allow it. And even if pets were allowed, I think my apartment would be too small for a dog, except for those expensive tiny critter that women always carry instead of letting them use their own feet for whatever reason.

By the way it's getting warmer again, which sucks. December is supposed to be cold and snowy.


Changed my mind and decided I'll just go for the i7-11700K instead since it offers around the same performance as the i5-12600K, is cheaper, and wouldn't require me to get a more expensive Z690 motherboard. Amazon and Newegg reviews also seem to suggest that some of the Z690 motherboards have some issues so maybe I'm dodging a bullet there.


drank coffee and now have a headache this always happens


I just came off being really sick and was starting to feel a lot better but now I feel slightly miserable and sick again.



File:1451751119405.jpg (18.68 KB,411x348)

My Tenga Spinner arrived today and it sucked.


power keeps blinking out for a few seconds, and then the internet goes down for like 5-10 minutes until my ISP modem reconnects...

I can feel this is gonna be a bad month.


In a bad way, I take it?


File:1453766007169.jpg (76.96 KB,960x540)

Yeah. The coil spring thingie that makes it twist felt hard and uncomfortable. Just a big waste of money.

Anyone here want to buy a used onahole for the oh so low price of 30 euros? Only used once!


Just took a really satisfying dump


typed pissu into the search bar


went to throw out my trash and got hit with a facefull of ice pellets. Swear it's the windiest I've ever seen my area.


went over to the toilet to pee but decided to let out my "white pee" instead


sounds like one sexy toilet


why would you do it in the bathroom, thats not a nice place to do that.


saw a page from a manga that looked cool and detailed and then decided to check out the source and found that it went on hiatus came back and got canned


I keep overthinking everything and it just gets worse. In many cases I even find it difficult to play games that I would otherwise find enjoyable because I am always thinking far into the future. This happens most often with open world type games that don't have a story, I'll think 'okay so I get theses resources and upgrade these skills and then I can get stronger and get better resources and equipment and upgrade more skills but why? What's the point? What do I do after that?' and so I stop playing.


File:1301839720218.jpg (8.64 KB,246x250)

neethood successfully extended


sold flashlight on Craigslist in Toronto, probably safe enough to do the same elsewhere.


I misread that as fleshlight and got very concerned for a minute.


File:1546109790703.jpg (51.43 KB,397x393)

did 10 knee push ups

could have done more but i don't want to go overboard with my gains


3DS corrupted my SD card again somehow
the 3DS stays cracked thankfully, but all my save data and games...


sleep deprivation is maddeningly painful


why dont you sleep?


bout to poop


just pooped


File:1638253567278.png (198.23 KB,449x478)

>wake up
>sit down to post on /qa/
>gotta poop again
Am I sick?


Kissu's a bit slow today.


the post rate or performance?


are you calling kissu retarded?


uhhh actually Kissu is special!


Maybe people are leaving because of how American and 4chan like it is becoming.


*slaps anonymous with a large fishbot*


You're just saying that because you're mad about weed existing.


File:1638999224292.png (536.23 KB,682x676)

You in the middle.


File:__alice_margatroid_hakurei….jpg (21.26 KB,466x340)

Sometimes... people just aren't feeling social


Funnily enough it's speeding back up now.


File:1639267883667.jpg (167.82 KB,500x500)

all thanks to my valiant efforts


And being talked about literally everywhere even on sites that are supposed to be about Japanese media, media that has nothing to do with it and from a country that shuns it.

They are scum, they are everywhere and they ruin everything. Hell, talking about casual sex would be preferable to this, I'm not saying I would like it but it's still a far sight better than that and more related too.


File:57529458_p0.jpg (112.17 KB,724x1024)

I really just can't understand your burning hatred towards them. Maybe I just don't see them everywhere, or the ones I've encountered have never seemed to be that annoying. On the other hand I want to kill everyone that talks relationships.


Not anti-weed Anonymous, but the amount of it is seriously pissing me off now... once or twice, ok, but come on... Dragging it out over the course of an entire day is just asking to make people angry.


You're mad at nothing. Just chill out and have fun.


They are scum to begin with and as I say they are everywhere. Numerous times in a single day I will see people on you tube make references to it in completely unrelated videos about fantasy games, comments on completely unrelated videos will have mentions of it, you make a comment yourself about a completely unrelated topic in an unrelated video, somebody replies with references to them. You play the JAST release of Eiyuu Enki, they make references to it in their translation even when you can tell by the audio track it's not that at all. And then as I said, you come to an image board completely unrelated and there are references to it again. It's everywhere.

The people posting it are terrible posters as well, they either make dumb 4chan posts and or they just make posts saying 'lol drugs haha lol, I love them lol'.

But that actually rarely happens with relationships and even then it might just be an ex reference or a your mum joke and we are all the product of a relationship and Japanese media contains plenty of them(not the same kinds though) so I don't like it but it is nowhere near as bad and of course, if you say that here and on many other boards you get banned, That doesn't happen for drugs, at least there are places free from sex talk.


File:20a0877f6cd64437f92349032f….jpg (374.44 KB,800x880)

lol drugs haha lol, I love them lol


I think the general indifference comes from both groups having been social outcasts at some point so neither group on the whole really cares about or is bothered too much by the other.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (148.64 KB,1280x720)

tryin to snatch my crops

I successfully re-populated my 3DS (actually a "new 2DS") with games and the GBA-to-CIA converter.
The program I mentioned in games thread worked really well and I think I'll convert some more games


Well they really should be, not only is it completely unrelated too but it is against the values of the media they are pretending to be fans off. They insult it.

Both being outcasts is no excuse and they were outcasts for a very good reason.


what gameboy games are you playing?


File:19133e1c07ee84ac7677fc94cf….png (224.13 KB,486x562)

Fuck anime values. Smoke weed. I only pretend to watch anime to piss dorks like you off


File:5ad6d779be75136cd29668ba86….jpg (224.89 KB,604x753)

You weednorms can enjoy your mind-altering, mind-rotting drugs. I'll be over here enjoying my superior E-Liquids.


File:709632_maxresdefault.jpg (157.46 KB,1280x720)

"Pokemon Girls Hunter", it's a lewd romhack of FireRed on GBA and.. actually I'll make a post in ero game thread even though it's not very erotic


Is it just a sprite change like moemon? Does it change any of the gameplay?


check the thread I just bumped


spongebob really has nice lessons at times


wish everything wasn't so fucking gay


what's the lesson there?


Every frigging time with this...


dont sit on fish hooks, duh


Wanted to get a job. Immediately got fired before starting a single hour. I guess I am condemned to NEETdom......


what did you do....


Norhing. I just told the truth about how long I would be able to work, and then after getting hired last week they decided to fire me because, "it just wouldn't be worth it."


No reason to give them a heads up before you get the job, you just leave when you want after you get it, right? Or is that not how working works?


File:1453920653662.png (77.16 KB,253x431)

for how long have you been NEET and how are you able to NEET? Autismbux?
I'll have to get a job sooner or later, too


was trying to listen in on a conversation happening near me until i realized there was nothing there
i should probably sleep....


made janny steamed the other day


rain storm in december...in minnesota. what the hell is going on




relearning how to work with openGL and shaders... remembering how finicky it all was


I was dead tired earlier today around midnight but now it's 5 in the morning and I can't sleep.


think if i ever get a job it'll be for the sake of helping others rather than money for myself
can't get myself motivated for the sake of self-preservation


Pfft. What a loser.


you'll stop feeling like that when you realize most people are a pos like the anon above good luck


woke with unexplained cat scratch


my one cat is obsessed with trying to get near my other cat even though he's beaten up each time he gets near her think he's tard


File:mmfxka3T3X1s8i1jyo3_1280.jpg (128.65 KB,1005x765)

Sadly, your cat is experiencing the hedgehog's dilemma.


That's a nice thought. Jobs for helping people are generally the lowest paid, if not purely charity, so you do need a big heart for them.


Huh. I was about to make this exact post, only my new cat keeps actively attacking the others and then getting beaten up. He doesn't even making any noises, he just sits there watching them, they get angry and growl at him for a few minutes and then he will suddenly leap at them and then get beaten up.


I think this is just general cat behavior. Mine do the same thing too.


went to the konbini and bought an 89 cent pretzel and it was pretty good and filling could afford to get these more often


opened a bag of doritos and there was a huge nugget of the spice in the bag. should I eat it?


ate too much soup. tummy feels bad.


don't you hate it when you can't sleep at all


File:82775597_p0.jpg (2.02 MB,1670x2362)

Chamomile tea and dried figs go really well together.


tummy hort
gonna go eat a bowl of multigrain cheerios and hibernate through the rest of tomorrow


File:30042d2bc505f34415f81a1eb9….jpg (278.55 KB,1260x1867)

argh i wanna play Bloodborne but I don't want to boot up my ps4 and pay money for playing online. PC release any day now.


You ever write something passionately and then finally finish and then with slight amazement and pride re-read it several times over because of how well you think you did? Hopefully I write more good things in the future to feel prideful about.


All the time when I'm shitposting



File:1609232617032.png (33.12 KB,600x600)

ate christmas dinner and dessert


File:__original_drawn_by_kokono….jpg (322.87 KB,1200x750)

my humidifier's automatic turn off setting goes all the way up to 90%
are there people out there living in 88% humidity that want it higher?
time for a tropical christmas


watched the new spiderman movie and it was pretty good
best nostalgia-bait fanservice movie out there probably


no real christmas for me this year
ate half a pound of mashed potatoes so at least it kind of tastes like christmas



didn't mean to sound bummed out or anything


i have returned to my beloved pc


File:298.jpg (124.82 KB,447x469)

The thrill of planting a seed full of promise.
The effort of nurturing such a seed into a fully-fledged creation.


ate banana pudding
not the real stuff, the crappy powder-based kind
it's still good


scratched my pp and now it HURTS to jo


Just play it without online, if you can get past the booting up the ps4 part


The cherry chocolates taste horrible, especially the last part. Never did I expect that a big company would put something which tastes like a fruit peel into a processed product.


this sounds like a quote from some hentai


File:20211227_191211.jpg (2.99 MB,4032x3024)

Luck is turning up. I found two brand new paper towel dispensers being thrown away. One is a hand-operated version and the other is automatic and even came in the box! The other was new too, although it didn't come in a box, although the fact that it still had the mounting screws taped to the bottom made it pretty obvious it hadn't been used.

Now to find paper towel rolls for them... They seem to sell them just fine, but you need to buy a pack of 6 instead of just one... So, the hand one is like $60 for 6 rolls of like 1000 feet worth of paper towel, and the other is like $90 for 6 rolls of 900 feet. Surprising I couldn't find that many people selling paper towel rolls for cheap on ebay.


Wow, how much do these cost?
How do you plan to set them up?


oh my god when did custom udon start releasing minutes long videos
i totally missed it


Surprisingly, they don't cost very much, but as you might expect most places require you to place a bulk order. From what I can tell the hand-operated version goes for about $30 and the automatic one goes for about $50.

The place I currently live doesn't let me drill into the walls, so I think my next best option would be getting a pack of command hooks, sticking those to wall and seeing if multiple would be able to support the weight of one of them. Thinking about placing them in the bathroom, but maybe it would work to have them in the kitchen.


Since... Forever? Have you seriously been limiting yourself and only watching the seconds long loops?...


hadnt watched him in a while, what can i say


oh my gaaawd the cloth physics


spermed in the toilet to relieve my nutbladder



File:giveup.JPG (80.2 KB,947x664)

extra lazy today


i dont know where to put this but it is hilarious


hate thy neighbor and brother, but show kindness to guests


feeling cold, stressed, scared, dread, and like there's something i have to be doing that i'm not and i don't know what caused these feelings aaaaaaaaaaa


File:1633214731140.jpg (80.88 KB,803x505)

Take it easy, fren


watched the aqours concert yesterday, felt like the built up energy of 2 years of cancelations burst forth. definitely watching day 2 now


File:1640350737720.png (1.23 MB,1821x2368)

omg i drew this a couple of years ago and someone posted this in the /ic/ humor thread!!! im so happy


thirty seven centigrade aaaaaaa


I wish it was -37C here and snowing... I miss cold and snowy winters.


I unironically love feeling horny


File:[danganronpa][group][artis….png (1.43 MB,1200x1200)

I finally got a gf


File:kon1.png (139.32 KB,281x252)

How does one ironically love something?


File:__absinthe_arknights_drawn….jpg (157.43 KB,854x1668)

Today I received my recorder i ordered. (not the instrument, a Tascam DR-05X). I'll use it for field recordings/music stuff


you don't want to know...


southern hemisphere?


gamer hardware snobs annoy me. they'll say things like "1080p doesn't make sense" or something like that, and imply things like everyone uses 1440p or 4k displays despite 1080p monitors actually making up around 70% of all monitors in actuality... Literally 1366 x 768 has more than double the amount of people using those than people with 4K displays.

I just can't help but wonder what makes people have these thoughts that are so completely detached from reality.


laid in a couch drinking soda for two days that wasn't healthy...


Just because more people use it doesn't mean it makes sense. But also 1080 monitors are extremely cheap so they often get used for Office PCs(which make up a very large portion of monitors really) or for other non-gaming PCs. You get some very high frame rate 1080p gaming monitors too.


>Just because more people use it doesn't mean it makes sense.
This isn't a very convincing argument.


Would be really nice if NYE was accompanied by heavy rain and lightning.


Been reading old Go Nagai manga. It's amazing how much we know of the medium today came from him.


it's all in who you talk to. you get the same numpties anywhere: not fully informed, simply parrots, or even ego-tied to the thing and ignore facts/circumstances to justify/elevate themselves.

besides - as the other anon mentioned framerate - isn't it a more typical gamer take that fps makes the biggest difference? i'd think that the actual snobbish stance would be that higher res is mostly for casuals since many modern 3d games are too demanding (/poorly optimized) on low settings for even top-end gpus to hold a consistent 120+ fps at 1440p (or at 1080p in some cases), with the exception being pixel-hunting sniping in some shooters that benefit from extra sharpness. of course, that's ignorant even from an elitist standpoint, ignoring a vast swath of so-called hardcore-gamer games that don't really benefit from >60fps or higher res, like shmups (and i assume fighters, rhythm games, and tetris/puyo/etc, among others).

still, i get the annoyance... but what can you do? try to tune it out to a dull drone, that's about it.

the actual unfortunate thing, to me, is that the push for higher res means you can't find a good modern monitor in 720p. 120+ fps, ips, 720p: that's the dream (well, 16:10 instead, but that'd just be delusion). i'd take more than double the performance over not being able to see the pixels when i put my nose to the screen.


>720p. 120+ fps, ips, 720p: that's the dream (well, 16:10 instead, but that'd just be delusion)
I think the Steam Deck is actually 1280 x 800, but obviously that's a 7 inch display on a handheld.

If you do really want to play at 720p, however, I think you'd be fine getting a 1440p monitor. 1440p is 4x 720p, so in theory the monitor should do lossless integer scaling instead of blurry scaling like most resolutions do.


interesting. perhaps valve has implemented a better version of integer scaling... or maybe a little blurriness doesn't matter on a handheld-sized screen.

had typed out most of a post lamenting the lack of advancement in integrated integer scaling, since that would make 1440p a better choice for gaming compatibility, then i realized that maybe things had advanced over the past year-ish since i last looked into it. my understanding was that gpu makers had basic implementations that still needed a lot of work, while external programs had a performance tax and often other issues (and sometimes weren't compatible at all), and it seemed that game engines themselves were a complicating factor in developing an across-the-board solution. but hey, if things are better now, or if they get better in the near future, then that's awesome. for 1080p, too.

sorry if that comes off as a half-assed reply, since it kind of is. started re-researching, then remembered current gpu prices, and eh. would rather not spend the effort to get up to speed now when i'm just going to have to do it again whenever i'm ready to upgrade.


I don't think Valve has done anything particularly new with the screen. It runs at 16:10, but then if there's a game that doesn't support 16:10 resolution, it just runs at 1280 x 720 with black bars. 4:3 games would probably do the same thing and run at 960 x 720 instead of the full screen resolution of 1066 x 800. It is after all just a Linux PC. Although, I think one thing they showed off potentially doing is running games in 16:9 and then using the remaining space to have a status bar at the top of the screen to show stuff like notifications, WiFi, and battery life, much in the same way Android does it -- maybe that's a false memory, but I think they showed something like that in one of the trailers.

>my understanding was that gpu makers had basic implementations that still needed a lot of work, while external programs had a performance tax and often other issues (and sometimes weren't compatible at all)
I'm really not sure what you mean? In my experience, it is certainly true that more modern games tend not to run in true fullscreen mode, and instead in a borderless window, as actual fullscreen involves changing the actual output resolution, whereas some just change the resolution of the game, but stretched to the set resolution (i.e. 720p stretched to 1080p instead of changing the output resolution to 720p). Either way, I don't understand what you mean about GPUs and external programs. GPUs are perfectly capable of switching resolutions. I don't believe that is an issue. What is an issue, as far as I understand it, is that displays themselves, monitors and TVs may not properly scale resolutions. For instance, a TV may be dumb and instead of integer scaling 1080p to 4K, it would do a bilinear scale and then it would look all blurry.


... It really should be as most people are stupid and don't do things that make sense, most people are overweight now and that makes no sense either and it would be ludicrous to claim otherwise. The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.


I wholeheartedly disagree on all accounts.


File:better tvs.jpg (107.91 KB,750x783)

>I don't understand what you mean about GPUs
well, i'm not sure that i do either. it used to be that they'd always interpolate when not at native res, and it seemed like implementation of lossless scaling into drivers was slow and buggy (and only being done with the newest gpus). so i assumed that there was more to it than just doing it, otherwise it would have been done quickly and painlessly. for game engines, another one of the "get involved" points on that tanalin site was to request the feature from game engines, so that might be part why i remembered that. but i guess that was a couple years ago now, not just a year ago, so i was just way behind the times.

as far as programs go, a lossless scaling program i use was recently updated, and performance issues were noted by the dev, regarding some changed methods that should improve performance, and by various posters, noting instances of reduced fps and other issues with specific games. so i surmised that whatever needs to be done is better done via gpu/driver (or game engine itself, i guess) than via a program, although a program is probably just fine for older games and anything else that doesn't really push the gpu.

but yeah, i'm no authority, so i'll shut up about it. certainly seems like you're right in that the biggest thing we need now is better monitors and tvs.


Why are you here then? Shouldn't you just be following along with the herd because that makes the most sense to you? Shouldn't you be on Facebook because that's where most of them are?


Anonymous please stop venting about things I haven't said. Take it easy.


You did say it though...


Frame rates are odd, there is a clear difference between 1080p and 1440p, you get far more detail with the latter. But in my expereince3 at least I don't actually notice much of improvement with high framerates, only if it drops to even 70-80 fps or so then I almost feel sick. I think that you get used to it and really notice when it drops but if it never goes up you don't have that issue which is why I can play games that sit at 70 fps to begin with just fine it's only sudden drops that cause issues.


That's funny. I've never been ahead of the curve with high frame rates, so I can pretty easily tolerate framerates in the 30s, even in VR...


i've only ever had 60 fps so i can live with it, but flicks and rocket jumping becomes obvious slideshow territory. so, i'd love to upgrade just to see what the high fps life is like since i know i'd notice it at least someplace.
i haven't tf2'd or otherwise fps'd in ages so it doesn't matter now, but someday...


File:1557464960623.jpg (14 KB,250x250)

I miss christmas.


I've been talking to my family on the phone over the holidays, and they were telling me about how my nephew who is turning 9 this year is really into Naruto and Pokemon, and wants me to "teach him Japanese" the next time I visit.

I get Pokemon, but I seriously had no idea Naruto was still popular with kids. It's been what, 7 years since it ended?


Naruto is a true classic


I've been seeing a lot of kids in the streets wearing Naruto stuff. I imagine it's because of Boruto.


File:1555710112183.gif (1.81 MB,364x414)

when im crossing the street and there's cars i pretend im not crossing the street so they drive past and i dont have to negotiate with them
sometimes it gets ridiculous and i have to sit at a bus stop or tie my shoelaces or something, especially if they slow down and i need to signal super super hard that im not crossing the road


maybe try living in nyc where drivers press their horns while rushing though in front of you when they see you're going to cross


that sounds much more soothing for my anxiety


since some people don't like background images, put this into CustomCSS

    background-image:unset !important;


was listening to r/a/dio and thought that older songs seem more high energy than newer ones is it just me


you just have a stronger attachment to the older stuff because that's when anime was a bigger influence on you if I had to guess.
I still like some new anisongs.


my veins in the soft part of my arm are so prominent it gives me intrusive thoughts
it looks like you could gouge them out with your fingernails
i imagine its really satisfying, like they would squeeze out like squishy rubber hoses, and would tug the whole network of veins and arteries out of my arm intact with a pop. they'd be stretchy

kind of like removing a rubber gasket from something


theres a road next to where I live that I cross almost every day and its really fun because its really inconvenient to cross at the crosswalk so I run across to the median and cross in 2 parts, it feels like frogger irl but upgraded because sometimes ill run at an angle and start running as a car is passing so I go across right after the cars and before the ones further down the road have time to catch up. I have yet to get hit and I will not stop.


File:42e68c0c63cae6f544d0bf4ea1….jpg (169.76 KB,1920x1080)

sometimes when i'm driving and see a pedestrian approaching a crosswalk I stop even if I could driven past so they quicken their step or even run to approach the crosswalk faster which always makes me a little bit embarrassed inconveniencing someone like that

i think once i actually even made a lady cross the road who wasn't even planning to cross it because i stopped and looked at her


Denpa as a genre is dead, but was prominent in anison made around 15 years ago. That's probably it, I think there was a change of style. Even denpa-like comedy, i.e. super crazy comedy: see pani poni dash, is pretty much dead giving way to more slow-paced anime.


File:1537198986137.webm (1.15 MB,720x404)

I wouldn't quite call it dead. We got two seasons of Jashin-chan, and a third one is on the way. And from what I have seen, there are some people who still produce denpa music, although the genre has taken a more "kawaii" approach now.


Please stay safe, Anonymous.


you are ruining lifes, please stop!


its still a little bit here


File:lesbian_girl_breathing_har….gif (1.93 MB,488x476)

i someone with a really cute profile picture schizoposting below a obscure OS video so i started e-stalking them hehe
at first all the links and trails ran cold. but now i have all their new fediverse identities and neocitities page

i wonder if they know somehow. that they have a secret admirer


there's something lonesome about estalking
i will never be close to this person
only admire them
they seem amazing! im not worthy to interact with them

whats my fantasy here? that they notice me and shockingly come to like me??? I wouldnt even want that because i dont want to be disappointed and see them lower themsleves to my level. i want them to be some kind of amazing

there was this cute poster who would post mysterious messages below my youtube videos. these playful, even flirty comments that really appealed to me. I built them up in my head, wondering who it was for years. Until I eventually cracked and we emailed them to come join a discord server so I could speak to them.

the sad ending: they had nothing to say to me

thats my sad story of e-stalking


I e-stalk people that annoy me in order to confirm that I hate them. This brings me nothing but misery, but for some reason I continue doing it.


its really thrilling when you break through and suddenly find a flood of info about them


File:1541787220566.jpg (107.51 KB,921x894)

...note to self, never create an e-persona or reuse a username. who knew kway was full of such weirdos


i will find you!!
you accidentally used the same email to sign up for two websites


File:1510163746686.jpg (694.31 KB,1101x1440)

I wonder if girls in the 2D universe stalk 3D loser NEETs on the internet.


cat is zooming around


File:Crusher.Joe[1989].-.OVA02.….jpg (367.75 KB,1440x1080)

they found a way to keep me from trying to understand their nonsense computer screens...


doing server maintince


File:d4b35d19f81c5ee24cc87f68d2….jpg (71.4 KB,600x800)

Ah, nothing beats a good morning (afternoon) cuppa (coffee)~


stupid cockroaches on the walls


Dashed lines in the right plot show how fast various particles (muons, pi and K mesons, protons, deuterons, and alpha rays) lose energy as they travel through some material, as a function of their current energy. The material may be lead-82 since it says ₈₂Pb in the corner.


And the solid lines are how far the particles get before coming to a stop. Or more precisely, since the units are in grams per square centimeter, it's how much material you'd need to stop the particle. Bottom axis isn't labeled but I'm guessing it's momentum in GeV/c. (I looked at a few similar plots, and although I haven't found where they took the exact plot from, the plots tend to use momentum instead of energy.)


Watched an interview. Got the impression that interviewers should have a psychology/psychiatry degree.


falling back down the unabomber rabbit hole and getting jaded towards everything (again)


File:Di Gi Charat - 10.avi_snap….jpg (64.76 KB,720x480)

Whenever you're feeling extremely jaded it's a good idea to seek out voices of reason and rationality to illuminate that society isn't entirely lost.


It's strange how quickly things fall into disrepair without humans around.


I installed koreader on my 10yo ereader and I feel like it works better than when it was brand new. turns out it wasn't just me, the OS on kobo ereaders is really trash


buddy in japan told me he needs to clear up his storage area so he's sending me a cz-75 airsoft gun




my ears hort


found out about findoms
shockingly not finnish


made the mistake of visiting /vr/ today. god, why is everyone such a faggot? i wish these people would all die and go away forever.


cat is being greedy.


File:1517782366154.gif (494.84 KB,320x292)

Waiting warmly for my jar of marmite to arrive.


You need to show that cat who is boss by eating its food in front of it!


I actually did this!! Sort of... My one cat ran into the other one and pushed them out of the way to get treats, so I gave them a bap and gave their treats to the other cat instead.


i recommend www.working!! if you want a comedy about that


jod too hard


been sneezing a lot recently, and I'm not sure why. hopefully all the blessings I've received contribute to my improving my luck and magic stats.


Just looked it up. I... don't get it? Is this real or some kind of elaborate satire??


It all comes down to the sorts of services that people with mental illnesses have access to.


File:1601394530947.jpg (22.49 KB,312x387)

the ringing in my left ear still hasnt gone away and Ive found that its been caused by water stuck in my ear which is good because it will eventually go away but for now the water is STILL stuck in there and im typing this because its loud and I hate this


can you use something like a cotton bud to dry inside? if you do try that be very careful


I think im just going to go back to the doctor and ask him to sort it out, after having dealt with this for about a month there is no way im taking any risks with my ears. never listening to music at max volume ever again


Good luck with the doctor. I hope you can get your ear sorted out.


think im gonno reheat a pizza and then think about what to do after that


you should try eating the pizza after


came 3 times to mindbreak hentai
everyone just looks so happy and fun


did you mindbroke yourself?


I still feel bad if a girl is raped


been going to sleep just before the sun rises lately at 6 am...
really need to fix my schedule somehow


I'm staying up all night to try to fix mine.


maine coons really have a lot of play energy in them


One day I decided to spend all day fantasizing about HOT YURI SEX in bed. And I fixed my sleep schedule because I spent all day in bed.


love it when that happens


Had some eggnog cake which was really delicious. But I expected the eggnog to be in more than one thin layer.


Got imouto a sewing machine a few days ago, but missed a few parts from it and got those with her today. Tried it out and it seems to be working, although for some reason thread keeps bunching up on the underside of the fabric she tried sowing. We're not really sure why that's happening. Adjusting the thread tension helped somewhat, but even at it's maximum setting it still seems to be happening. It was working for a minute, but then it started doing it again. I really, really hope it's just user error and us not knowing how to use it, and not that I ended up buying her a lemon of a sewing machine...


Oh, I asked her if she would use it to make cosplay outfits or why she wanted one, but she said she wouldn't use it for that. sad ;_;


good for you
imouto wanting to sew is mezurashi these days


Every so often, Youtube will randomly decide that it thinks I'm a redditor and starts recommending me godawful nonsense. I don't get why it does this, since I don't watch anything even remotely like that, even when it's being suggested to me.


It's because Youtube gives the masse the ability to make videos for a wide audience, and the masses are moulded by memes so you end up with large number of memers on Youtube spreading their filth and it's guaranteed you will be recommanded them form time to time. They should have never been given a voice.


youtube recommendation has absolutely zero value now that dislike is removed
i only watch videos from some selected good channels and stopped exploring new ones completely years ago


I hope everything works out for you and your imouto


File:1599360326983.png (504.92 KB,668x900)

Thank you, Anonymous.


it's -25C outside ;_;


hope you freeze nerd


feel when you were saving a doujin for a special occasion but it turns out to be not as good as expected


File:ssib.jpg (464.33 KB,913x1300)

I have been really into armpits lately and I believe the shrine maiden of paradise is the one who flipped the switch for me.


half of the city's lights went out
forced to phonepost...


what are your thoughts on becoming a medical cadaver?


If they wait until after I die, sure


omg henreader follows me on twitter.


wonder how people fall asleep to scary stories and why is this so common


File:Touhou Hong Meiling 177.jpg (1.38 MB,2588x2985)

I've never watched a scary movie or listened to scary stories before but I think I would fall asleep as well. Chainsaws and wood axes don't make effective weapons, they are too unwieldy. If somebody was trying to attack me like that I would easily defeat them.


File:1565548992609.jpg (18.92 KB,246x314)

Marmite is not very good.


File:59b8189b87.png (257.29 KB,600x484)

Windows is reminding me I'm a pervert


You can remove all those widgets just so you know. I think you right click them and there should be an option to remove them.


paizuri with handholding and eye contact


i don't even use the windows menu ever so it doesn't bother me


the audacity!


File:1578453479741.jpg (156.61 KB,1377x1377)

I use Classic Shell to make w10 look more like 7.

I really don't like having huge mobile phone widgets on my non-mobile devices.


File:441.jpg (31.21 KB,328x474)

the feeling of new sheets


chopped a cockroach in half with the litter box shovel
no cock can escape me


File:20220114_152108.jpg (7.58 MB,4032x3024)

Art for the /qa/ boys.


File:god.png (279.45 KB,611x608)

Me on the right witnessing the immense sperm-inducing, nutbladder-lubricating, penis wire-sorting beauty of head_back art.


lusty fools!


it's snowing!!! IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!
We had an unreasonably hot December so it's nice that it's been cold again and now there's actually snow


It's usually a result getting it wrong the first time around then trying to course correct later.




Finished setting up room. Moving is over.


File:1630235053777.gif (331.04 KB,320x320)

Got recommended an account on Pixiv of someone whose art I recognized.


-23c up here


was thinking that i'd cool off from hollow knight by playing some monhun
but forgot how much that game kicks my ass


my skin has been really itchy and dry lately after getting out of the shower. maybe i need to to get some soap with moisturizer in it


perfectly slept through daylight


File:cd9e54998cb7cbbe7be2ddb81f….png (116.4 KB,452x485)

Not a super big fan of the place I moved into. There's a huge window with a view of nothing but the side of another building and it acts like a giant heatsink and pulls the heat out of my room. There's just a crappy radiator that's just warm, not hot -- of course, there's no thermostat to adjust it -- so my room gets pretty cold. Unfortunately, my computer doesn't put out enough heat to significantly warm the place.


Buy a space heater. You'd be amazed how much they help.


I'm a little weary of space heaters. Just recently there was an apartment fire that killed a bunch of people because of a faulty, malfunctioning space heater that caught fire...


you going to let a small fact like that get in your way?


Well... the outdoors are cold, and I don't think I'd trust anything bought from Amazon, so... Yes. I am going to let that fact get in my way.


Oh. I just read my contract again and space heaters are prohibited anyways... Not that I would've gotten one anyways.


snowing here too. supposed to turn into yucky freezing rain, though.


supposed to get 15cm/hr of snow tonight


all the snow melted...


File:95532878_p0.jpg (1.01 MB,2000x1000)

bored. hungry. no food.


I caught the delta variant of covid I feel like shit but overall it's been manageable.


delta is so last year


My dick smells like a fishtank.


Why did you feel the need to mention that? Savage.


I love winter.


found a pocket radio and tuned it around. I think I found a pirate radio, but it's broadcasting on top of two adjacent frequencies and the signal is very weak and easily lost. unfortunately it seemed to be just a single loop of some chiptune song.


Gonna stop posting, and doing things that I enjoy probably for quite a long time. Sigh... The real world sucks. Wish I could just NEET and take it easy.


it's 31°C where I live, I want to see the snow once in my life.


You shouldn't just quit the things you enjoy when you become unNEET, you just need to learn to find time for what you like in-between work. It makes things much more manageable that way, and normally there's a lot of time to do enjoyable things even with a job, how do you think all those norms enjoy binging netflix?


Always tired and never hungry.


I have no self control. If I allow myself any time doing the things I enjoy, I'll just end up wasting all my time and shrugging off my responsibilities. Maybe on the weekends when no one is posting.


File:manga.jpg (1.5 MB,1948x2888)

There's really nothing like reading autobiographical manga to remind yourself how little you know about Japanese culture. Like the fuck is this shit, and why am I expected to care?


Yoshimoto itself is pretty famous, I figure most people who are aware of Japanese comedy have at least heard the name. I don't really have any interest in this stuff, though, so I don't know any of these guys.


proctologist fingered by butt aaaaaa
said i was fine


File:1465222871578.jpg (59.43 KB,640x480)

Yes, but if you don't do things you enjoy you'll want to die.


File:image.png (125.88 KB,500x281)

I was going to wait for the definitive edition but I have a covid primal subscription so I can upgrade from this electric bogaloo for free at a later date.


File:1510970929344.png (198.79 KB,640x640)

Get well soon and remember to take it easy


Will do luckily the worse is over now at least I hope I'm in the runny nose, tight chest, light cough and minor nausea phase.


File:db1ede84f2.png (1.5 KB,93x124)



at least the sun will be out.


the clouds are very important to warmness...


saw a hummingbird in the garden


saw a discarded body pillow in the trash.


File:boy meets cave - post-endi….png (11.72 KB,1920x1080)

dev of Strange Keyworld (and other neat, free games) made a blog post explaining why he pulled his most recent game, and it made my heart ache a little with how delusionally self-critical he was. creative types need to get a hug more often or something. and you have to know that, when you create a zero-instruction game, of course you'll get negative comments from the room-temps who can't figure things out. guy should be pleased with how solid his game was and instead he's feeling shitty because of shitheads (and from whatever else he's going through). guh, it's all wrong for the wrong reasons.

for anyone interested in the game, it's BoyMeetsCave, a short, 2d exploration game (metroid-like without combat). unfortunately i deleted it when i was done, but maybe someone on an indie game board has a copy. at least his other games are still up on itch and unityroom (and Strange Keyworld is great!).


accidentally made someone really angry
im sorry...


i'm always angry, it's alright


File:KF Fennec 023.jpg (63.4 KB,1200x1703)

Salam Alikum, it's 34c Here.


File:Konachan.com - 240150 samp….jpg (621.74 KB,1500x968)

The prediction improved. It's only going to be -29C
No big deal.


File:1411951436004.jpg (100.95 KB,864x717)

I've come to the conclusion that I strongly dislike men. They're gross, make bad noises, stomp around, act aloof, and are annoying.


I think I always have, I never really got along with them. They are animals, even here one constantly sees perverts talking about wanting to do lewd things with women.


You're right. I forgot to mention they're rude, and they're all gross perverts.




File:1499032350815.jpg (74.19 KB,581x546)

Jerking off to the thought of sperming inside >>83675 & co!


File:1565779176414.png (118.02 KB,789x671)

Woke up before 14:00 today.


bros car was jacked in -29C waather


Spite making men turn to rudeness. >>83774


It actually does happen more in winter
I know that most cars now can be heated while locked with the keys in them and remote started, but back in the day people would look out for cars unoccupied being heated.


i think it was one of those smart cars with the touch pad ignition.
Honda Cr-V
They get stolen all the time here.


above video was just to show the panel.I don't know the common vulnerabilities of the model.


ive just been made aware that neco arc is apparently the hottest meme of the month

how the heck did that happen


There is seemingly a quite large population of mouth breathers. I hope they figure out how to use their nose one day.


File:[Erai-raws] Sono Bisque Do….png (2.28 MB,1920x1080)

Saw a scene from an old movie on TV. A girl had gone to prom and her father tagged along. Some guy and her were talking outside and he said something to the effect of, "Why, everybody here loves your father -- You can believe if I ever have a daughter I wouldn't let her out of my sight either!" This took the girl, who had been on rebellious streak by surprise. He continued, "Believe me, it's fun to fool around, but I don't plan on ever settling down with a flapper. When it comes to that, I'll settle down with a nice proper girl." A little stunned the girl said, "My mother says the same thing..."

I suppose it's a story as old as time, but I wonder just how skewed the ratio between proper and flappers has gotten.


managed to crush two mating mosquitoes


File:1600447922220.jpg (147.59 KB,450x423)

Ordered pizza and there was barely any toppings on it, just bread and cheese.


File:1578453479741.jpg (156.61 KB,1377x1377)

In fact, I think it must have been the saddest pizza I have ever eaten. I'm getting a little depressed just by looking at the box it came in.


restaurant chains have been getting sadder and sadder.


got some mexican food n chips n cheese dip


been having coughing fits sporadically for the past few weeks so i got myself tested thinking i had covid but turns out i do NOT have it so i have no idea why im coughing so much hate this


File:Screenshot_20220128-033306….jpg (153.98 KB,720x840)

finally getting some proper winter weather


Snowed tonight


File:06d0ddaa8d7640d4fda1305e17….jpg (599.83 KB,1145x711)

It's snowing right now! A little bit. Went outside to go and salt the driveway so that it's not so bad in the morning, but to my surprise there wasn't much in the way of snow on the ground and instead I was treated to a lightly snowing winter wonderland. Even at midnight it was illuminated enough you could mistake it for day, if not for the dead silence. No wind outside either so it's quite pleasant if I ever wanted to step out again. In all, I'm quite glad that, at least for today, winter looks like it should.


Forecast here was projecting 4-7 inches. From what I can see it looks like we've gotten barely 2. Maybe we'll get more over the night.


every first snowfall of the year i personally am around for i take a walk and play the ED from the Kanon anime (kyoAni ver.)


cleaned snow off the front and it was all fuwafuwa snow that was easy to clean it's really nice out


File:1580568677932.png (405.87 KB,1024x610)

storm here


got a food bit out of my tonsils with a toothbrush
brush brush


File:144589116112.gif (986.03 KB,500x374)

man I wish I had someone to talk with, maybe about shabs or osmething. crazy how there's 8 billion people and yet no one to talk to.


Thought Yuni's (from Princess Connect S2) VA was also Chino's. And it turned out to be Chika's...
And Lala's


The /qa/ voice???? Yeah, I'm terrible at noticing voices and I've almost never been correct about my assumptions


File:[CommieRaws] Star☆Twinkle ….jpg (422.34 KB,1280x720)

I thought that was obvious


finding people to play video games with usually helps


But you have us to talk with!


just realized that when I first got my noise cancelling headphones that I used to hear a white noise sound, and now I don't hear it anymore. Hopefully they're not destroying my hearing...


Found another reason: they snore. How bothersome.


disassembled my hand vacuum but reassembled it without the suction fan




File:8cd98402a7983df52ba789d945….jpg (72.27 KB,1000x600)



File:angels egg.png (99.05 KB,800x800)

today first day at my first job
didnt sleep, how could it be different


Wish I was capable of sleeping


Mother got free NotMilk(it was part of some promotion which gives out free sample items) and I've wrecked my coffee with it. It neither froths nor does it have the soft taste of milk... instead it is a liquid with a few air bubbles and an acidic taste making my coffee into something unrecognizable nor very enjoyable.


Weird. By "NotMilk" do you mean it could have been almond milk or something? I've heard that stuff is okay, pretty good even.


>acidic taste

I have never had American Chocolate but apparently American Chocolate has a compound found in vomit which is said to give it an odd taste, they don't use fresh milk from the area to make it but instead they import powdered milk which has that compound and that is why. So it's probably that.


no, it's like they brand it as "ai synthesized blend" and it's a bunch of vegitables and other ingrediants that have been turned into a milk like thing.. yet the acidity and protein isn't actually milk so when you add it to things it just blends.

It's like the fake meat you hear about nowadays


Incredibly strange. It's not as if almond milk isn't already vegan or whatever. Must be done grifter company or something.


File:ZZY 0673.jpg (5.28 MB,3245x4237)

I quite dislike the term almond milk, almonds are not mammals they don't lactate!


Almond Milk
Banana Milk
Cashew Milk
Coconut Milk
Flax Milk
Hazelnut Milk
Hemp Milk
Macadamia Milk
Oat Milk
Pea Milk
Peanut Milk
Pecan Milk
Pistachio Milk
Quinoa Milk
Rice Milk
Soy Milk
Walnut Milk


milky nuts


And none of those are actually milk. Disgusting.


File:1425020034367.png (121.91 KB,750x750)

you forgot penis milk


What about pilk?


File:7638bb26-6828-4de3-bbe8-7d….jpg (193.02 KB,970x600)

i dunno, unlike almond probably not made for drinking, but instead to be more like a milk in cooking.


File:Chen 007.png (965.09 KB,783x810)

All milk is plant based, where do they think cows get the nutrients to make milk? From eating rocks? Idiots. I am disappointed in all the whole non-milk milk industry.


Looked up the ingredients of NotMilk and I am grossed out. The main ingredients are sunflower oil and pea protein. Pea protein is fine but tastes like ass, and sunflower oil isn't even remotely healthy. Just drink one of these >>84322


File:1473388251441.png (235.26 KB,735x975)

And JK milk.


File:82604c0863279253c21f3778a2….jpg (287.52 KB,2048x2048)

Another: excessively loud chewing. Bonus points if they chew with their mouth open. Double points if they make disgusting moans and grunts while eating too.


MMMM tastes good




Wait till you hear about women.




File:7d9e738fd6e587b7e19244aabf….png (144.23 KB,600x600)

>Image dimensions exceed max value(6000px) .
Curse you vermin.


He is really going to need to fix that for when we all have 20k monitors.


He is preventing me from uploading my high res yuri kisses to /ec/.


So tired...


very cute neetprincess pout


File:neo central park.jpg (366.54 KB,997x584)

Finished Hinamatsuri. Absolutely blessed. And proves everyone who says that Japan can't into humor wrong.


It ended?


File:hina problems.jpg (193.22 KB,1181x509)

the manga? yes, it did


File:1527881113851.png (267.03 KB,583x363)

Hinamatsuri has been in my backlog for a while now. I enjoyed the anime a lot, but it apparently didn't do the manga justice from what I have heard.


adapted the first 9 volumes of the manga, skipped a lot of stuff, and considering that every chapter of Hinamatsuri is good the adaptation feels a bit shallow


File:bf7017766fd84ff548920b647….jpeg (Spoiler Image,226.41 KB,800x753)

moo moo


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (225.25 KB,1280x720)

mentioned it in cooking thread, but I cut my finger while cutting carrots and it sucks
I really wanted to play some monster hunter today, but my cut would re-open every time I replaced bandage so it's definitely not ready to be used for gaming


a terrible thought crossed my mind
it would be really hot if someone made Shiro X Saber NTR porn


a terrible thought crossed my mind


sounds like it's really bad if it keeps opening like that hope it gets better


File:[HorribleSubs] Uchi no Mai….jpg (616.25 KB,1920x1080)

I have a close horse that I dry cloths on, yesterday I noticed some spider webs had attached to it from underneath my sideboard where my fumos are, I looked under the about 1 foot gab and saw a bunch of webs but no spiders, I sprayed it with fly spray and then washed my clothes. Then I hung my cloths up when they were done.

Today, not long ago I noticed a spider hanging under my trousers on the cloths horse, I got my torch and had a look at it and it was a HUGE redback, the biggest I had ever seen, I sprayed it and got rid of it but it could have gone very badly if I had not seen it and put the trousers it was hanging off of on. I feel quite faint now, I was not bitten I think it's just the feeling of how close I was to being bitten.


>According to NSW Health, redback spider bites were considered not life-threatening but capable of causing severe pain and systemic symptoms that could continue for hours to days.[2][144] In almost all cases, symptoms resolve within a week.[119] Fatalities are extremely unlikely.[145] In 2016, the death of a bushwalker from a redback spider bite was widely reported.[146] Apart from that, there have been no deaths due to redback bite since the introduction of antivenom.[e][147] Before this, redback spider bites had been implicated in at least 14 deaths in Australia, however these cases cannot be definitively linked to the redback bite as the sole cause.[131][148]

well that doesn't sound too bad but damn australia's a scary place love having the most venomous insects be very conspicuous things like bees and wasps in my temperate climate boring europe


Well I still don't want to be bitten by one...

I would not say Europe is boring, it's far more interesting than Australia.


wish the cat would bite me more


feels like I can't breathe as well as I was. I think I'm becoming sick.



a toxoplasmosis enjoyer!


made a big bowl of cereal and then went to go downstairs to eat it and didn't notice cat on the stairs and tripped and spilled cereal everywhere
at least cat's ok...


Good that the cat wasn't hurt. I would hope you weren't hurt either, Anonymous.


Really hate idiots who aren't aware of earbuds and blast things at max volume.


Methylphenidate's really fucking with me. I only managed to sleep two hours, though I'm not tired at all, and I keep throwing up. Might also be that I dropped quetiapine at the same time. Doc said it'd be a rough couple of weeks.






File:83944978bbdcd2f2f8b980b3d….jpeg (99.64 KB,1391x1011)

just microwaved some leftover rice and frozen karaage and finished up with ikura and konbu bonito dashi
a 3 minute karaage ikura don for my dinner


Decided to watch Happy Sugar Life. I got through the first half
of the first episode. Yup, they marry each other and live happily ever after in heaven. I don't see what's so bad about this anime
and I don't want to.


sometimes I like to rub and pet my cat's paws because they're so soft and cute and he gets increasingly annoyed and I stop, but I tell him that it's the cat tax he has to pay for food and shelter


ehehe I do the same.


mom keeps suggesting homeopathy


tell your mom she's a tard


ironically. Cults of belief have become way too common during the pandemic isolation


Someone's been necroing a bunch of threads :/


what the HELL do you think the purpose is of having more than one page if not to bump threads to it?


um... that sounded meaner than I meant to be... sorry...


that's pretty much the point of the suggested threads


people are replying to threads that aren't on the first page. This is a problem.


homopathy hehehe


thanks for the reminder about similar threads. I don't look at it very often and forgot to enable it on the server for new threads


I'm fine with people bumping threads if they feel like they have something important to add, but a post like >>>/jp/29395 isn't that.


learn to deal with other people liking things you don't. Life will be much easier that way.


*makes a new feels guy thread every week*
learn to deal with other people liking things you don't. Life will be much easier that way.


I have a distinct BGM track in my mind but I can't find it anywhere in the albums.


I can deal, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


hands you a deck of cards


i have something VERY important to add to the vtuber thread about choccy milk


There's a certain manga ending in a foreseeable time and I only watched the corresponding show seasons and I probably can't keep up with the pace. Especially the dead serious parts of the show(not even two percent of screen time, but maybe essentially the shady impact?) confuses me and I don't know what pitiful emotions it should have evoked in me, when everything else is fun and light-hearted.


thumb is healing up pretty well
hands really do heal fast, if it was on my foot it would have been a month before it was at this level
still hurts when I put any pressure on it, though, so no video games....


ear feels stuffy but there's nothing in it and it's driving me crazy


there's an earwig in it


scary pest


Earwigs are actually one of the only non-eusocial insects that parent their brood! That made them less scary to me


File:98876f6a3ff1d6582bc182ff47….jpg (86.47 KB,1280x720)

Now Centipedes, those are a scary pest


File:images-20.jpg (8.25 KB,212x238)

Except for house centipedes, they're cute!


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (196.34 KB,1280x720)

made this lentils recipe and I don't like it https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com/instant-pot-lentils/
why is healthy stuff so hard to enjoy


why not make chili or something? there's probably some recipes out there that don't use too much salt.


I made chili a couple weeks ago and it was alright. I might end up with some weird hybrid of the two since the carrots and celery in this were fine (ignorable) but the lentils were too chewy. I really can't eat tomato stuff very often though because of my stupid broken stomach valve (reflux)


File:IMG_20220209_123625.jpg (1.71 MB,2976x3968)

the me of the past set up a death trap which I triggered myself


uhhh... what is that


They're super scary!!!

It appears to be one of those magnetic rocks you can buy at tourist places covered in thumbtacks.


It feels like midnight, but it's only 3 pm...


I don't know if I should keep drawing nsfw or stick to sfw. If I keep doing both I think I'll just end up alienating people.


separate your accounts and mention that you do SFW work on account _____ every so often


What is your end goal? If you don't have one just do what you want it does not matter.

Also what kind of NSFW is it? that can change things as well.


I really don't see myself doing porn in the long run. I guess I'll just get rid of my nsfw drawings.

I really can't be bothered to manage two separate accounts.


porn is good to make money. always has


my hand hurts from typing


File:Untitled.png (4.91 KB,415x384)

Hanging out with my new friend he's very shy.


flan and candles (flandles?) world is sort of an odd place to have a hangout but i'm glad you're having fun


used speakers for a week and my ear now feels all clogged up and ringing it's killing me, but then i put my headphones back on and it's better...


I think you had them up too loud...


nonsense, never have my headphones above 50% volume
also it's only in one ear


My hand was ready for a Kokushi Musou...


are you a jong player, what platform/game?


麻魂 in the noobies room where the main goal is to not fall under the fierce penalties of the fourth place。


File:2aa26c44a8.png (11.47 KB,273x58)

add me


File:SmartSelect_20220210-13162….jpg (52.82 KB,904x282)

Well that's blunt.


PSU fan in computer has been making more noise than usual when doing 3D stuff. I think that just means it needs to be cleaned, but that sounds like a huge hassle


>>84710 (cont)
If you want to play a hanchan or two with kissu I can try and get something at a specific time. I know a few people who like the game but I have to get in touch with them on steamkissu


𓆝 𓆟 𓆜 𓆞


been able to fall asleep near instantly recently
I just go to bed after eating dinner and it works wonders


i'll join you guys, tell him to hang tight while i grab some chips and shit from the store


File:91999242_p9.png (65.79 KB,800x650)

Bought rum and vodka. Had to pay 74 bucks for it. That is why you always find Norwegians in a tax-free shop.


angry, tired, and i FUCKING hate recursion


sigh watched a couple MMORPG-in-development videos, got excited and now feel shame because I said I'd never go back
still don't plan to go back and it will likely fail to live up to expectations, but I shouldn't let myself get lured again at all


cat will NOT let me eat my bacon egg & cheese bagel


File:SVp9RDxJ.jpg (458.93 KB,706x1000)

nice news


blub blub


Apparently that's not good for you.


File:1531056009589.png (1.23 MB,1430x2000)

Ate a crisp sandwich and it was quite all right. I don't think it should be included in the list of bad British cuisine.


File:1403443602265.jpg (101.95 KB,429x600)

Every now and then I feel like replaying New Vegas, but I don't do it because I don't want to go through the trouble of installing a bunch of mods again. Agh, a new Obsidian Fallout game can't come soon enough.


I don't like Fallout but I think New Vegas was the best. Fallout is stupid, but at least Fallout with Romans is stupid in a funny way.


been sleep sperming a lot lately and its quite annoying. i havent even been getting any nice dreams to go along with them so i just wake up with soiled pants and need to change my sheets. im not very happy with my penis right now



sigh made soup and toast and the toast wasn't nearly toasted enough to mix perfectly with the soup


cat licked some salt that was left on the plate


If you heavily mod games its far less painless to just get an external drive for them that you only use when playing them


File:46718608_p0.png (724.56 KB,700x810)

made some meat sauce in instant pot
the chili from these guys had soy sauce and fish sauce in it which was weird, but it was actually really good
this meat sauce also has both of them in it so I hope it's good too
I used my special future camera to take a picture of me eating it in the future, hope it turned out well


I really like this image


File:1502426105369.jpg (131.28 KB,1280x720)

I don't think I have ever had a wet dream before. Possibly because I fap so much.


Did what I'd hope was a good deed. This world is so depressing. History will not look upon us favorably.


forgot spaghetti expands in stomach and I'm in koruri modo


Watch out for mom's sphagtti


saw a very nice picture of patchouli knowledge from Touhou project eating spaghet


I think the post cold-war history of the contemporary period (I think it will be called the microcomputer age) will mostly be based on technological advancement rather than social history really. We dont generally do things like animal abuse for fun anymore so I dont think history will care about how horrible we were


File:c59e3b58b5ba2f51547e9ee9d7….jpg (502.97 KB,2098x2651)

tried some marmite today
the salty and umami taste is very similar to soy sauce, but marmite has some extra malty taste of beer which makes a huge difference
for bread spreading, it's better than other stuffs like peanut butter, ketchup, or mayo, but i would still prefer cheese over any of these

overall, it tastes somewhat exotic but not bad at all, and pretty good for its intended purpose over its competitors, so i don't get why it's not sold in american groceries


Because you can just order it online because its already preserved.
Also, shelf space is already given to vegimite


I don't think I would agree, in many ways we are going through the biggest social change we ever have. But also, what a society thinks of the past is always depend on the views of that current society. In 500 years society might reach a point where it has become a self sustaining utopia where everything is recycled perfectly, industry is managed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, populations are low so there is not much burden on the earth, all energy is green and all people live in harmony. They would look back at our society and think it was horrible, they would lament over all the wildlife we killed, the forests we tore down, the farmland we turned into housing, the global climate crisis, pollution everywhere, global inequality, political infighting, etc. They would think we were terrible people, only caring about consumerism and ostracising anybody that didn't agree with our views.


there isn't vegimite either
also i don't think it's more preserved than other spreading, the marmite i ordered online expires in just a little over a month (there isn't even an expiration year on it)


I guess my grocery store having vegemite is probably because of the larger than average australian presence here. There's multiple rugby clubs too


>populations are low so there is not much burden on the earth
You're so weird Anonymous.


ate quiche for breakfast
does that mean i become a quiche eater?


A couple months ago i made a post about losing my best friend of several years who I talked to every day.
I wanted to update. He is now my boyfriend


File:1418330268696.png (Spoiler Image,79.67 KB,316x350)

Good to hear your back in touch. Hopefully your relationship is a steady and long-lasting one.


what the hell man




Got a foam mattress topper because my mattress was seriously all metal spring and bad to sleep on. Now it's better, although it's a bit too cushy so sleeping on my side puts a little too much pressure on my hips and lower back causing them to hurt instead. Oh well.


File:116_.5.jpg (99.75 KB,960x544)

Haven't spermed to my boyfriend Saika in a while. I should probably do something about that.


Some random woman tried speaking to me in German. I'm not sure how to feel. All she said, "Auf wiedersehen", which was all the more perplexing.


I was being dumb and speeding down stair by walking on the edges yesterday and I slipped, thankfully I didnt break my neck or anything but my leg, the end of my jaw, and the left shoulder have hurt since then
im a bit worried about the shoulder because I got an mri for it a bit ago because there was a tear in it from years ago and I felt it fully pop out when I fell, I think I just undid all the physical therapy of the past


Ow... I hope it's nothing serious.


felt empathetic pain when I read you slipped


Reached the point a while ago where I can only be focused in the dark of night... have to wonder if there's more productivity in the daylight.


so tired this month


File:1514429091821.png (407.13 KB,681x611)

I have befriended and dated someone from 4chan and two altchans I use. Now I can't blogpost freely on any of them in case they see it.

It's horrible.


awkward blog


thumb is almost fully healed and ready for elden ring
in some ways it was worse lately than in the days after because I forgot that it hurt and would use it




3D relationship blog


I have befriended and dated your mum and now I can't blog post on the parents of loser idiots board in case she see it.

It's horrible.




File:fAzi01Q.jpg (311.29 KB,1920x1080)

Did your mom tell you to clear your room and do your laundry yourself since I was over last time? You're an adult, dude. Grow up already. You're getting in the way of our relationship.


im trying to drink beer and game but i have a nosebleed thats lasting awhile
in other news im finally seeing a specialized doctor about the ringing in my ear, im hopeful that this is the end of months of nonstop noise and i can get some pure silence again. I also have a slight feeling of dread that they are just going to say there isnt anything wrong with my ear and its just going to be ringing for the rest of my life because thats just how it goes sometimes. I dont know how I would live as I really love silence and before felt like I needed some time in complete quiet every day to fully relax


uh oh norm alert


Are you talking about the beer? Because I'm pretty sure that's not a norm exclusive thing.


Been feeling a pain near my temple on the right side of my head. It's probably jaw related like from clenching my teeth or unconsciously grinding them at night. On the other hand, the worrywart side of me wonders if it could be something more serious like temporal arteritis since that side of my head also seems to have more pronounced veins compared to the other side of my head. Maybe worth it to get checked out by a doctor or something.


File:1507821514806.jpg (63.72 KB,765x576)

ate milk chocolate. it was very good.


File:TwQayv.jpg (83.56 KB,790x635)

i don't think you can eat a chocolate milk.


milk chocolate is gross. dark chocolate is good


Have you tried German milk chocolate? That stuff is divine.


As an enjoyer of german dark chocolate, I must say german milk chocolate is vile!


only time I've been able to enjoy dark chocolate is when my brother and his fanciness had me drink fancy beer with it and it seemed to compliment it
generally not a chocolate fan


File:godiva-dark-chocolate-liqu….jpg (79.32 KB,1280x1280)

Not sure. I have had German dark chocolate which was pretty good.

Also, speaking of alcohol and chocolate, this stuff is amazing and takes just like drinking liquid dark chocolate. The milk chocolate variant is not as good.


File:1549817775884.png (404.25 KB,708x492)

No way...


All milk chocolate is bad! Dark chocolate superiority!!


curse my "news junky" blood
I should be playing Elden Ring but old habits die hard


File:508dd6e92ec169be137a630acf….jpg (158.93 KB,1215x750)

The little stand thing on one of the corners of my keyboard fell off, and I thought I saw it under my bed. So, I sweeped my hand hand underneath my bed thinking that's what it was.



File:1582747253355.jpg (142.75 KB,1440x1076)

That reminds me of that one time I drank coffee with a silverfish in it. I was just sipping on my coffee as usual when I suddenly felt something small and mushy get in my mouth. At first I thought it was breadcrumbs that had flown into my cup, but when I spat it out I saw that a silverfish had somehow managed to get in there before I unknowingly boiled it to death with hot coffee. I then took it out and continued drinking because I am just that awesome.


if I had roaches, I wouldn't be able to focus at all on anything else in my life until I became 100% certain I have exterminated every single one of them within my living space.
nasty bugs traumatized me as a kid.


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (148.41 KB,1280x720)

>Oh no, how badly did you cut it in the first place?
I cut it with a big knife used for carrots and meat and stuff, but it didn't need stitches or anything so it wasn't that bad. It's a strange dull "inner" pain as opposed to where the surface cut is. It's fine in normal use, but playing a game is really an unusual use of the thumb, isn't it?


Being productive makes me very sad. I'd rather waste my life away on anime but I do have to think about the future. Guess not even that's certain given what's been going on in the news.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (287.8 KB,1920x1080)

ate too much


makin oatmeal


cat got tail caught in a fishing hook and now he's got a little bald spot on his tail...


Got asked how old I was in a phone appointment and I realised that I don't actually remember. I had to work it out and I didn't like the answer...


File:steam_sWi0gtE4hT.png (14.62 KB,172x66)

have played a lot of elden ring lately (though some of this time is surely AFK time), and I STILL haven't beaten it


get some sleep more often bro


File:1293f3eea52a314b5430c2764c….jpg (165.01 KB,810x945)

ate cake


my younger sister tried to give me a early birthday present but I didnt realize it was a birthday present, gave it back to her, and said I didnt want it.


sucks forgetting when your birthday is sometimes


slipped and fell flat on my tailbone a few hours ago and now it hurts to walk or stand or do anything but lie down or sit un my chair aaaaaa


File:fa9c707ace168d14a49348a09a….jpg (435.49 KB,1200x1200)

ate 3 color dango
the green one has some grassy taste
the red one is slightly sweeter but maybe its just illusion


but what was the third color


File:a6d844d5ab3e4bddb2865ce574….jpg (631.71 KB,1200x1200)

its just white color and plain taste


bit into my sandwich and though this feels a bit off and the chicken isn’t even white but I swallowed anyway before immediately realizing it was severely undercooked, I finished cooking it but now I’m worried that one bite is going to give me food poisoning.


What buffs did you get?


the dango is already mildly sweet so i don't think about adding anything else


someone's being heckin awesome on kissu right now


File:1543802701275.jpg (144.42 KB,512x512)

drank too much last night


File:Classroom.of.the.Elite.S0….webm (1.71 MB,1920x1080)

liked this anime gonna watch the next season too


surprised it's already getting a third season too
the show ddin't seem like it was that popular and while i did like it, i didn't remember it was all that great


maybe it wasn't great, but it was entertaining to watch


I can hear a tree full of birds. Silly birds, it's not Spring yet.
Such a nice, happy sound.


rickroll kissu sux koruri.jpg i ate rice what is life? oj oj oj humans are 99% water windows 11 weinsperm


File:guide.png (175.48 KB,797x816)


File:1350709712416.png (543.31 KB,588x392)

Setting up sd card on phone


what are the other circles?


File:kissu-ven.jpg (2.3 MB,4495x3916)


File:1599122803054.png (996.96 KB,912x556)

Sink full
Washed dishes
Made dinner
Sink full


got a couple of inches of snow overnight
usually only get snow a few times a year and this winter was no exception, but March is very unusual
already saw some flowers starting to grow so that's bad for them needless to say


it was harder than it looked lol
feelin kinda tired


if you mean the ven i think it's neat, i just wanted to funpost a bit


no I didn't mean the ven, I didn't make that
the ven is linked to in the site rules if you're curious


oh then i regret nothing


File:81344596_p4.jpg (872.17 KB,992x1246)

Made pizza and it turned out pretty decent. Although I technically didn't make anything, I just put some pre-made ingredients together and threw it in the oven.


File:1628034837601.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

made mashed potatoes and forgot they're really filling like 20 minutes after eating them and bweeeeaaaalllgggghhhhhh


cat poked me in the eye while i was sleeping feeling PISSED


made baked potato slices in the oven topped with bacon onion capsicum broccoli and cheese and after eating all them felt like koruri-chan.
wish i still had my cat i love cats


File:1645448480784.png (3.06 MB,2500x1778)

made pizza again


File:w.png (3.43 MB,2500x1778)



just spermed to this book dedicated to girls in striped panties


Well are you going to share the book with us?


File:9FED7CF7-EB0F-48B2-A696-E….jpeg (3.84 MB,4032x3024)

I dont have a scanner so ill take some pictures with my phone. It’s mostly pictures of different girls wearing striped panties with 2 short stories in the middle centered around striped panties


File:8DA2B96C-434A-4E9A-BA19-0….jpeg (3.65 MB,4032x3024)


File:83EEB96D-9B7A-4053-91C1-6….jpeg (3.41 MB,4032x3024)


File:CEBD9B4C-79E9-47DA-8C61-7….jpeg (4.05 MB,4032x3024)


File:Screenshot_20220314-175521….jpg (351.64 KB,1600x900)

Samsung DeX is pretty neat. Too bad it's kinda tarded when it comes to resolution support for some reason. I guess the geniuses doing the developin' don't want to think too hard about how scaling works. Case in point, my monitor is 1280 x 1024, but it's running at 1600 x 900 instead of 1280 x 720. Oh well. At least when it works, it works pretty well.

cool ecchi hon.


nice classic digital artstyle


very spermable book. love shimapan


I never had a cat, but my grandparents on my father's side did. I often seen it in the enclosed area outside their house, but it somehow escaped over a 20 meter wall like 16 years ago and was never seen again.


gonna trying fasting for three days. haven't had anything today besides tea water and a lil lime water so far.


why would you do this


dunno about them but i've heard a fast can be healthy
not sure about waterless though that might be bad


day 3 today, think i can make it through to the end. not really hungry but kind of lethargic.


File:1633633438319.jpg (333.74 KB,900x900)

Celebrated my 5 hour fast with fried potatoes and wieners.


File:EUTu2npU0AAURW7.jpg (231.91 KB,1080x1080)

just fasted for an entire hour, gonna treat myself to this lil snack


I was in the mental ward of a hospital not long ago, I did not eat for 5 days because I didn't want to eat in that environment and I certainly did not want to use the toilets that those people use, but because all I was doing was lying in bed I did not feel hungry. I started to get worried so I asked to talk to the doctor and they started giving me liquid meal replacements after that.


toasted up some peanut butter toast was tasty


peanut butter is boson


made it through day 3, hunger wasn't too bad towards the end but had way too much trouble sleeping. don't think i'll go for another day this time. gonna treat myself to some tasty tasty fruit salad.


Please remember fasting for too long can be dangerous. At the very least, you should eat a small amount of food rather than nothing at all. As you fast, your stomach contracts so when you try to eat in normal portions your body is unable to digest everything as it would normally, typically resulting in diarrhea and stomach cramping. If you go from eating nothing back to eating, it's best to eat light foods or in smaller portions. Small soup portions would be good, for example. In the most extreme cases of prolonged fasting, refeeding syndrome can occur which may be fatal due to resulting electrolyte deficiencies as the body recalibrates metabolic functions. Please take care not to inadvertently put yourself in a dangerous situation out of some misguided belief of the "healthiness" of fasting if you plan to go for longer amounts of time without eating.


i kinda tried this spur of the moment since i'd been feeling pretty shitty for a while. i heard that going for a whole week enters you into some sort of "fasting high" where your mental state dramatically improves but i guess i wasn't really up to making it that long. i do feel a bit better today though. think i'm easing food back into my system alright, had a little chicken vegetable broth and a little pear+strawburry.


should I nightwalk I wonder
it's an ugly city but some sceneries with a bit of nature look like something I wish I'd see on a background drawing


hate imouto. asks of others what she's unwilling to do herself and then makes a scene when things aren't exactly as she likes them. literally unwilling to do the bare minimum and leaves fucking cat piss and vomit to dry on the floor for weeks. yet she has the gall to complain about mundane shit like having things put onto the counter after leaving the shower full of junk for the last three days. "I told mom to do it." "I was waiting for mom to do it." what a brat.

never get an imouto, anonymous.


File:Screenshot_20220320-070804….jpg (376.17 KB,1080x755)

The vertical hold broke. On a YouTube video... How is that even possible?...



has there ever been a thread about the advantages / disadvantages of having imouto? it sounds like an interesting subject


File:4e42081762f79a5999fe5eb460….jpg (61.43 KB,800x800)

I started day trading. I didn't want to do this because it's too much like work, but desperate times call for desperate measures...


Just remember to stick to the principles and you should be fine.


can you even earn minimal wage doing this


minimum goddammit


File:Toho Jo'on 005.jpg (456.65 KB,1200x1016)

I sort of am, I am working on creating my own strategy that enables me to make money as safely as possible and with as little work as possible.

Easily. But it depends on how much you put in and how good you are at it. So for example, today I made $98 from $5000, that's close to minimum wage already I think, and if I had doubled it I would have made $196. I might double it in a few days but I won't add more than that until I know this is safe.


I wish he would hurry up and finish Burning Meiling.


really hate it when my brain gets too stressed and i can't do anything


so gamer i won wordle in 2 guesses


I start off with CUTIE SHARD


i usually start with BASTE CHOIR

because i'm baste, flippin baste even.


File:1605606545150.jpg (3.03 MB,2560x2880)

stalling really hard on some writing I have to do, keep coming to kissu even though there havent been any new posts and I'm subconsciously doing everything I can to not do it. I hate it when this happens because it turns something that would take like 30 minutes-an hour and turns it into my whole night. This is why I havent had much time to game recently and I hate it.


File:1648166630221.jpg (1.22 MB,2560x2880)

I will make a new post sometime, so you better not miss it.


out of the 500 words of progress I told myself I would make today I have done 185, I will be back in probably like 200 words so you better have made that post by then


File:1602558759610.gif (499.52 KB,400x300)

you have failed me and I am incredibly disappointed


>keep coming to kissu even though there havent been any new posts

Me too, its weird


File:wha.jpg (42.06 KB,327x384)

You write too fast. It's not my fault.


It's a matter of compulsion. I used to do the same. Turning off post notifications greatly reduced my urge to constantly check for new posts.


makin a new post


File:side1.jpg (974.69 KB,4744x1072)

Got a slide rule. It's a neat little thing, but I'm still learning how to use it. The theory is that by aligning the center sliding bit, you can pretty effectively do multiplication, division, squares, cubes, roots, logarithms, and really quite easily do proportions.

It's a shame they're still not widely used. People talk a lot about how much of a help it is to have a mental model for doing math, like imagining an abacus. For one reason or another we've completely forsaken the slide rule in favor of calculators and have decided to ignore any benefits in terms of understanding that they might provide. It really seems a shame. One thing pointed out to me about these tools is how they train the user to get a feel for the approximate range they expect their answer to be, whereas a calculator is sort of mystifying and you lose out on really understanding any connection between things. Calculators also give a false sense of accuracy, whereas slide rules have literal "significant digits". Rather than giving an exact answer, they instead give an approximation so operations that aren't between whole numbers need to be estimated to the nearest marking.



face feeling itchy need to shave but feeling too lazy


File:26951a0cee4f7dec83078c6025….jpg (433.12 KB,700x700)

the state government just gave me $500 covid money because i'm considered an essential employee for some reason


You're needed for shaving the itchy-faced guy above you.


File:chentlemen.png (26.15 KB,462x387)

i am an essential non employee


Hmm. I just realized something. With nuclear war, people talk about how bad fallout could be... but, during the 50s and 60s nuclear bombs were constantly being exploded and I can't really think of much that went awry with that aside from people really close by during military observations and stuff getting cancer. I've heard at least that the fallout caused a lot of film to get developed without exposure to light, but I can't recall a single mention that was also like, "and then the photographers across the country dropped dead from radiation poisoning." Obviously in terms of scale, nuclear testing pales in comparison to nuclear war, but the projections for global catastrophe probably aren't world-ending like the talk of "the ground will become unfarmable, plants, wildlife and fish will all die, and the earth will become fallow" probably is pretty unlikely.


It would just make a few generations develop cancer more often and die earlier. I think Chernobyl is a good example of that the effects would actually be. People were really worried about it and thought it would be wasteland forever, it's practically a nature park now.


That also reminds me. I heard some time ago that the idea that there would be a nuclear winter probably isn't very likely to happen either.


started watching the oscars and then i realized i absolutely do not care about the oscars


Doin my thing again. This time went for 4 days. Takin a little pinch of iodized salt every several hours made a pretty good difference fatigue-wise, but I think I fucked up by taking gummy vitamins and some lemon water on some of the earlier days. Can't decide what to break my fast with, keep getting mixed information from different places.


fell out of my chair (AND CAN'T STOP LAUGH) because my foot was asleep and didn't notice
it was as graceful and harmless a fall as there could have been, but it really surprised me


Wrote a bit of code today.


cant stop farting


File:[SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 1….jpg (108.34 KB,1280x720)

wanted to make some bread in Instant Pot, but I didn't see in the directions that I need a little metal pot to put in it, so I made a bunch of dough for no reason
it even smells like bread
I really wanted some bread.............................


I think I lost my umbrella


never mind I found it


proud of you


Spent an inordinate amount of time planning out, and then creating a sort of organizational spreadsheet, which I then printed out and filled in by hand. The conclusion: hobby collecting is expensive and there's no one thing that's definitively the best.


Was going to re-watch Honzuki for the third season but had to clean my room for three hours then scale and fillet a fish taking one more hour, now I don't think I can finish it in one day....


they did a one hour recap episode


Rode my bike for the first time since spring of 2019, I had to take a long break after the exortion of driving a big slope down.


Today I saw a pokemon card lying on the street so I picked it up to see what I would get, it was a human male character with the description: Move three turns.


House buying is way too stressful


so tired it hurts need to sleep soon...


hate sundays


think im gonna sperm tonight


head's feeling greasy time to take a shower
/qa/ remembers to keep their hair clean to not ruin their headphones too right?


Tard got in my way while I was riding my bike


sperm in me


i only sperm in flat chested 2D girls


dream't of rape


File:92ddc684124fa46a38b41dbccd….png (3.48 MB,1200x1662)

just made some wagyu shabu shabu and it was really umai!
the beef was so soft that it really felt like dissolving in my mouth!
then used the oil rich beef stock to make udon and it was also really good!
so this is the power of $99/lb meat...


cat decided it was time to chew on a plant, eat it and then vomit it up 10 minutes later
this is the fifth time he's done it
It's not toxic so he's not in any danger, but the plants are already angled to not grow outward so he must be jumping onto the dresser despite my attempts to block it all off
why is he so smart yet so dumb


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

made chicken and dumplings in instant pot
the dumplings are kind of meh, I think I messed up with them since it's 'whole grain' or something
also boy is it filling, I need to stop eating bread without remembering that it expands


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (137.26 KB,1280x720)

made a really dumb decision to click an english comment on a Japanese art post and clicked another from there and so on.
my curiosity has made me very angry and I need to not do that again
I need to remember the internet is very different from 2002 and to stay in my imageboard bubble


why that year in specific?


2002 was 20 years ago


File:despair.jpg (102.51 KB,693x608)


Yeah, I think I just said 2002 because it was 20 years ago. That was the year I started posting a lot on forums, though.


cat was sleeping in chair and i nearly sat on him that was close


People born in 2010 are 12 now.


File:[HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….png (1.05 MB,1280x720)

>Jashin-chan Dropkick X
>Summer 2022
yea im thinking the futures lookin pretty bright


had a really bad day


File:1597710056383.jpg (639 KB,2000x2664)

I hope your days are better from now on


Been working on project pretty non-stop for the last 4-5 days straight. Think I'm going to going to do some 3D printing tomorrow. The print time seems like it's going to be pretty rough, however. Something like 16-20 hours, and then over the next few days I'll need to get some smaller pieces printed too. Unfortunately, I think my impression of laser engraving was wrong. I had been under the impression that it would create grooves deep enough that I would be able to apply a thin layer of paint and then wipe away the excess with paint filling those grooves. But, from refering to some videos of people laser engraving plastic, it seems like 1. the grooves will be fairly superficial if there are any, and 2. the plastic may actually "bubble up" and create a raised area instead of a recession due to the plastic melting rather than evaporating. Also, I didn't consider that lasers will leave burn marks, so in effect if there are grooves they may already be "colored". The video I watched also mentioned that some plastics may experience diffusion which could make engraving difficult.

Lots to think about. It'll probably be in my interest, to 3D print several large blank sheets as test pieces before I consider how to best approach engraving if I go that route. If I don't/can't laser engrave, I'll need to revert back to my plan to "engrave" into my CAD models themselves before printing and assess how well those surface details come out instead.

In the meantime while my parts are being printed, hopefully tomorrow, I'll probably start working on some additional, non-vital accessory pieces that will go alongside the main thing I'm making.


File:Can-Cats-Eat-Sage.jpg (40.09 KB,940x470)

Bought some "rubbed sage" spice that comes in a little container. My cat is obsessed with it and I haven't even opened it. He rubs his head on the bottle a lot and even licks it.
According to multiple websites it's safe for cats to eat in small amounts, but I'm still hesitant, maybe a couple flakes just to see his reaction.
He's such a weirdo.


hope your printing goes well, would really suck if one thing messed up and you had to go through an extremely long printing process again


Yeah... I think it should be okay. SLA printing is pretty reliable compared to the more common FDM. The only thing that could potentially pose a problem would be if during curing the parts shrink and don't line up with each other. Or, if when I go to assemble everything find that my tolerances were way to high and need to be adjusted so that the parts fit together better.


fever, stomach cramps, chills, back pain
woke up every hour but now I'm well rested
don't feel like doing anything though


File:1607562765981.png (135.7 KB,412x455)

Get well soon.


ate lunch. feel like taking a nap now


File:98bd38249df0d591a530cdec2b….jpg (81.87 KB,1280x720)

city drivers are so scary


saw a very cute baby rabbit while mowing the lawn
I left a patch unmowed for it to hide in, although these guys, even as adults, never seem to have issues squeezing under or between fences


I'd be worried about mauling the poor little guy.


File:index.jpg (7.09 KB,275x183)

Yeah, of course, but their defense mechanism once out of immediate danger is to sit still, so once it ran away and reached the fence it just sat there. I checked for it each time I passed and it didn't move


world is slow again. might have to stop looking at it for a while


I think I'm losing my ability to focus, I've felt it weakening since around last July and now I can't even force myself through things without my eyes starting to glide.


brain problems


File:virg.jpg (120.96 KB,457x457)

I know I said some time ago that I didn't like marmite, but... I just now ordered 1kg of that wonderful umami substance.


File:steam_9RSKa1imsT.png (360.42 KB,1012x284)

gamed hard


It's interesting how much sound windows seem to block. My room has been a bit hotter lately so I've been opening the windows and it lets in a lot of noise that I otherwise wouldn't hear, or that would otherwise be a lot quieter with the window closed.


fresh from shower and now all sweaty again


File:1445642152570.png (35.97 KB,285x330)

There's no fucking water in my house. Help me, I'm gonna die of dehydration.


watched severance and really liked it


Okay, they fixed the pump now. Thank God.


thats good being out of water would be terrible


File:65372421_p21.jpg (489.84 KB,800x1130)

Making dinner at 02:30 in the morning.


File:2229040285b026c9616330a094….jpg (2.02 MB,1329x1920)

microwaved pav bhaji and leftover rice as dinner
vegetarian food can be tasty if not prepared by western vegans which means flavorless to disgusting raw vegetables, flavorless raw nuts, and sugary fruits and drinks


File:Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 2….png (201.3 KB,1240x365)

the hell blog


poured a glass of iced tea but was so thirsty i chugged it down in a second should've just poured water


feelin bad


watching seven hours of anime in a row is exhausting


crazy amount of nice uploaded art from artists I follow on pixiv today, even people that upload maybe three times a year
gotta find the right /ec/ threads now... hmmm


danbooru is being really slow today and its annoying


I've noticed that I often mirror the body language of people near me. I've known of this phenomenon as "mirroring" but it feels a bit strange recognizing it in myself. It's also got a fancy name: Gauchais Reaction.


hate when people do this


I think I lost my coat


That's pretty hard to lose


left it on the back of a chair and walked away forgetting I even had it until it was outside and I was cold, thankfully it was still there


I should clarify to defend my use of the word lost from semantics lovers that I left it in a really big building and there were 2 different places it could have been on different floors and usually its very likely someone would have sat in the chair i was in and moved my coat


Semantics lover here, I think your use of the word lost was adequate. Well done!




Did OP delete the NTR thread? Wtf!!!


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (136.35 KB,1280x720)

I had a couple paragraphs typed up and chose a nice peach boy image for it too
well, it was an ugly subject so I understand OP wanting to remove it


good OP


File:neurotic purple dork 6.png (326.68 KB,400x700)

please dont sigh… a bit of your happiness escapes every time you do one


a lot of my happiness escaped just before the sigh.


File:ふんす.png (138.04 KB,320x640)





Put Anki Japanese cards on my phone to learn vocabulary. Started getting into Japanese hypnosis erotic audio and I can only pick up the general idea.


been able to pick up on the general idea of spoken nipponjin but still haven't put any effort in at aftually learning. at this rate, I should be fully fluent by the time I'm 80.


everytime i see someone using a .xyz domain i ignore the website because i know he's not taking it seriously and the website will go down after less than a year


that's discrimination!


they get what they deserve for their shortsightedness for being lured by the $0.99 first year price not realizing its high renewal price


spent another afternoon wondering if power electronics was a real music genre


I had been thinking I was back to university on Monday (and that I had a test then too), but I just found out I actually have a whole extra week off. Today is a good day.


bought a big bottle of prune juice on a whim and drank it all
wondering what awaits me...


oh no i have that sour feeling in my nose - that feeling you get the night before getting sick.


must've been the prune juice


I have never felt what you're talking about in my entire life.


that was a mistake
would not recommend


Isn't prune juice a laxative?... why would you do that to yourself...


i thought it would make for a good one but it wasn't
it was also very tasty so i probably drank more than i should have


Hmm. I remember reading a while ago that a lot of things you'll find labeled "prune juice" at the grocery store or wherever are actually just prune juice flavored so you need to look for ones that have prune juice as the only ingredient.

Maybe that's why?


pure 100% prune juice
wasn't that bad, will probably buy more and drink smaller quantities


monitor had a dead pixel for a second, but it went away when I touched the screen. (´・ω・`)


File:97396738_p4.jpg (1.46 MB,1203x2000)

did a little exercise to try and fix my bad posture


played the kemono party 'recently updated artist' lottery and got precures farting and then pooping on a guy


Link? I am interested please.


https://kemono.party /fanbox/user/4411868

I broke the link so people need to make a conscious decision to see it


Thank you.


File:1479947896606.png (204.14 KB,852x487)

my throat is killing me owww


drink some water.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (298.54 KB,1920x1080)

My chair can rock back and every so often when I lean back to stretch it rocks back and I freak out thinking I'm about to fall backwards.


File:1617953029172.jpg (18.57 KB,171x179)

Don't tell me you're a loathsome dung eater...


was playing with cat and got a bit too playful and excited him a bit too much then he lunged at and bit my thumb and so i stopped but then i came back to my pc and realize there was a huge scratch on my arm i didn't notice oops


File:b.jpg (847.25 KB,1400x993)


made a root-beer float, now i'm a real chef


caffeine crash


scabs that itch must be some form of mild torture


i'd be too lazy to do this, but maybe icing them would help?


probably, but im in bed


watched The Lighthouse
it was good


Made myself a sandwich, put it for two minutes in the sandwich maker but then I realized there's nothing between the slices of bread.


This sandwich maker is not made for men that need to use force in everything they do. It won’t break easily if you know how to use it. You can probably tell that all the reviews complaining that it broke were written by men. Men tend to use unnecessary force to use stuff when they don’t know what they are doing. You don’t need to be aggressive with this product! Just place your grilled cheese/sandwich and gently close it. No need to push hard for it to close and lock! Be gentle! To open, simply and gently press the unlock switch and it will open! Magic right? No need to use force at all. Very easy to clean and to use if you’re not an ogre.


File:1542206092978.jpg (305.17 KB,1000x708)

i caught the man flu so i have been man popping manly painkillers and drinking man tea with man honey out of my manly moomin mug to soothe my sore man throat for a few man days now


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (139.1 KB,1280x720)

hmm, think I might make a cooking blog thread, but not sure because I don't have a smartphone to take pictures
would anyone else participate? don't wanna be the only guy posting in it


i mean the last one went really well didn't it why not


File:1569793647268.jpg (581.37 KB,1200x1200)

I hoped that my Reimu thread would become the new cooking blog.

Maybe I'm not cool enough for this whole "thread creation" thing...


ano... thread doko


right here >>>/jp/31771


Ohhh now I remember. yeah I'll use that one, thanks


It's entirely necessary to use force with my sandwich maker.


its rude talk about your mom like that


I want to kill myself. I hate my life. I hate living. I'm sick of living I hate it I hate it.


stop being a norm


had my day sort of ruined because they announced they were adding 4 new characters to the group in love live superstar season 2
it was fine with 5...
even with a reduced amount of idols most of them needed more time to fill out their character, now half the season will be gone to introducing characters no one wanted
the unique part of liella with 5 instead of 9 is now gone and all the future songs are going to feel really crowded
I should be keeping my mind open because it will likely work out and I will likely still enjoy it but it will never be the same. why do big franchise make bad decisions that no one wanted and then just keep making them


maybe the girls will be good maybe their designs are just generic looking for now and they'll be really nice girls and everything will work out fine and it'll be nice


In previous years I would have certainly agreed that adding more id*ls to the world is a bad thing, but these days there are far greater evils...


yet there are still no fujo idols. Humanity still has many ways to go until it becomes truly terrible


File:e866a1be70663b43c0fe4ef45a….jpg (157.39 KB,699x1000)

slept too little and now i have a splitting headache


same hate sleep deprivation


What? Yes there are!


I sure hope so, I remember having doubts when the group was first announced about the new style of designs and how different it seemed but I became a big fan as soon as the first single came out. I think I (and the majority of people online) are being too negative and defeatist but theres also the chance that this could ruin something we already really liked.
I'm still going to keep supporting the group and I will watch and anime no matter what so I guess it doesnt really matter. Thinking about it this mindset is probably consistent over almost all current fans which is why they will get away with it. I will say that seeing pictures of people throwing away their merch in rage is always funny.


think I fell asleep biting my cheek last night. ouch.


why's szs' OST so good?


File:kafuka consider.png (35.38 KB,354x306)

because SZS is good


You ever lose sleep over a puzzle?
Anyway, I was thinking "too horrifying to comprehend" could mean silly things like epileptic flashing lights, or dangerously loud sounds, or a puzzle so cool your brain can't focus on anything else, or something that feels like a heroin injection. Explainable stuff.


for me, it's always been ringo


Continuing that idea, what about an eldritch demi-god that clumsily tries to fit in?
A stick figure with a :D face levitates towards you. "YOU LIKE FOOD? ME LIKE FOOD! IN SPACE, WE EAT EACH OTHER. VERY YUM. LIKE SEX BUT MORE GOOD. HAVE SEX NOW? ME TURN PRETTY" before morphing into a multi-boobie faced monster with tentacles and feet sticking out of their ears and vaginas full of tiny penises


File:Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at ….png (129.04 KB,610x433)

Migraine aura are kind of like that.


this is one of the few /a/ sings that isn't complete shit


Think I need to work on supporting my wrists better. The corner area of my palm towards the base of my thumb started hurting suddenly.


This is the biggest Japanese channel on Youtube. Let that sink in.


File:DzrjSU_VYAAQ9z-.jpg (110.15 KB,675x900)

I thought it was Hikakin. Both of their channels are clearly kid-oriented and this guy seems to be even more of a clown than Hikakin, so no wonder he got surpassed. And they're pretty small in comparison to Western channels since Japan only started using youtube recently.


No he has 10 million subscribers, this guy has 15m. But then then there is Hikakin gaming at 5m as well so it's close if you add them up.

Looking at the comments though, most comments for Junya are in English but most for Hikakin are in Japanese.


File:783f060782dc2663d0181effa6….png (79.86 KB,500x531)

installed hydrus to tag my files
now i can view my anime boobs collection without going through 100 folders


File:f4305a9d32dd7901e04bc27cd8….jpg (1.58 MB,2000x2956)

Love Hydrus. Makes it so much easier to catalog my anime titties.


I ended using it more for its downloading capabilities than for organizing my existing images.


File:Tastes like failure.jpg (80.72 KB,364x442)

eating kippers


File:1528308520857.png (361.93 KB,497x522)

ate kippers again


amazing how little stuff there is to do if you don't work


plenty of stuff i can think of to do
though maybe in the process of hobbying you turn said hobbies into work so is it really enjoying hobbies?


>plenty of stuff i can think of to do
yet none of them are interesting or rewarding


I've been a NEET for 10 years, almost 11 years now. I find that there is way too much to do and not enough time. Just keeping up with anime and games as they come out is a challenge let alone going back to what I have not seen yet and let alone starting a proper hobby. I never feel like there are enough hours in the day.


all that stuff feels so mundane... like i'm running on a treadmill


work wouldn't feel rewarding either, it'd just be that same treadmill feeling without the benefit of no time constraints
preferably one that can live as a NEET can hone whatever skill or work at any goal they want without having to compromise for a deadline or budget


Maybe instead of trying to live out the NEET life passively, be active in using your unlimited free time to make yourself better than those around you while becoming more of a voice in your hobbies rather than a listener.


Cheek is still sort of deformed. I thought that would go away after a day. Oh well. Cheek still hurts and a canker sore is forming now I think.


When I do this it feel like I'm consuming a stream of crap that only exists to occupy my mind. No stimulation, no revelations... such content is so rare that I'd rather not.

Well, I suppose there's a lot of Muv-Luv content which has artistic value that I could watch.


flippin faraway thunder spooked me into thinking someone was moving around in the house...


its nice when i open up danbooru and happen to find a new artist on the front page that i like and end up following


did some nice stretching for legs and I love the relaxed feeling afterwards
the main one is the tendons that go from the stomach area to the legs, it seems to go stiff for me sometimes



I cut my finger pretty bad!!!!


Nurse said I'll need stitches... bleeeeeeeeh.


what'd you do anonymous???


I cut myself with some wire strippers by accident. Waiting to get stitches...



hope your fingers are still intact


They are lol. Typing is definitely going to be inconvenient the next week, week and a half though.


File:1451571877575.gif (320.51 KB,500x284)



File:scared.gif (1.56 MB,400x225)

computer had a breakdown, no program was responding and the music was reduced to one chord over and over


your computer sounds depressed


It was especially scary because the music was a recording of a piano piece.


it's starting to get warm again


File:1613671793056.png (393.88 KB,599x563)

When the seagulls cry I go to bed.
Fuck seagulls.


found out my state banned nonreusable bags after i went to the store to get food sigh they should have special notices for neets


Word to the wise: Never get a nice lawn


Why not?


Because landscaping is a fucking pain in the ass


lawns in general are an excess to show status.


It's not that hard. Even though I'm afraid of lawnmowers so I only use the pusher one that has no engine, it just takes maybe 10-30 minutes each Sunday.


I'm not talking about grass...


Just get turf


What do you mean? What else constitutes a lawn?


lawnkeeping is such a bullshit culture it's just nothing but a time and money sink for a sterile green square.


File:62487f24e053bc4084294eb36c….jpg (253.31 KB,594x905)

I just let whatever grows grow and mow it when it gets too tall. Some lawn service guy came by the other day trying to sell their service but honestly I think the wildflowers look nicer anyways and they're better for the bees and butterflies. Neighbors are probably dumping a bunch of pesticides on their lawns that are killing them though...


Trees, bushes, gardens you need to weed, and lots of different agriculture that needs to be dealt with whenever spring comes around each year


>Even though I'm afraid of lawnmowers
Everyone, imagine rolling this guy down a hill and chasing after him with five of your buddies pushing lawnmowers at full throttle.


I genuinly like having a nice lawn, and I don't give a crap about social status. I like having a place that's outdoors but still relatively controlled and clean. I find it very relaxing.


That's not really part of the lawn, but yes that's annoying.


Today I learned all default carrot cakes come with nuts and for some reason all key lime pies come with meringue


ate raw garlic and now my breath smells bad


feelin relaxed


File:35344181_p0.jpg (304.95 KB,980x750)

feelin hella fresh


whoever's talking in the middle of the detroit techno collection


I cant decide if I'll play eroge with an actual story and characters im invested in that I've just started reached the point where you choose a path or one which is relatively short and follows the pattern of sol scene with selected girl then h-scene which also appeals to my imouto moe


You'll only feel disappointment if you don't go the story eroge route.


all I wanted to do was enjoy some comfy sol scenes and maybe sperm a little but it turns out the game I was playing immediately launched into a really important arc that settles the main conflict of the game up to this point. It was pretty good and now I can enjoy the romance and h scenes that will hopefully follow from everything being settled


File:w18551unrmc61.png (577.48 KB,1365x624)

Any tile nerds in the chat?


made some boson cream of wheat and tea


showered with a spider


stood up too quickly but instead of a headrush i lost partial sight in my right eye for about 30 seconds
what the fug
am i going blind


File:93e34dcd1ff73dcb36e5dbf375….jpg (398.69 KB,1800x1901)

boredom is gnawing away at my life


maybe you had low blood pressure, I have a pretty low standing blood pressure so I get the headrush where everything goes sort of black often. Sometimes everything goes completely black for a few seconds, its a similar sensation to when you start to pass out


so bored....


File:898571cdf3f9f36b62ad197b4….webm (2.86 MB,608x1080)

wish korone would beat me up


don't have a single shred of happyness in me right now


so bored...


do something


File:Screenshot_20220516-025314….jpg (Spoiler Image,263.3 KB,720x1052)

im paste


File:chessle.png (Spoiler Image,112.37 KB,704x959)



watching spooky youtube videos to put me to bed


woke up feeling a bit less bored


There was heavy rain which gave reason to open the windows. Rain stopped shortly and now it's again the almost summerly atmosphere shimatta.


went on a bike ride and got caught in the rain
it was really cold on the way back


stepped on a spider
it died


File:1639276912229.jpg (126.27 KB,500x500)

I have about a month where I have no real reason to go outside which is great, but I got this time through having a remote job which is the type of thing where I need to do 4 hours a day pretending to be working because there really isnt much to do for it at all. I'd rather actually have work to do, it would make the time pass faster. On top of this I need to study for a test I am taking at the end of this period which could potentially get me a job that could potentially have me live in Japan in the future.
Its a bittersweet month of being a lazy shut-in but never being able to fully enjoy it.


File:KotokoComputer.jpg (269.46 KB,1920x1080)

Can you make up something? I used build spreadsheets and stuff back when I was an intern with nothing to do. Not that anyone ever used them for anything, but I learned a lot about the finer details of excel and it was easy to look busy.


the job is more of a literature review sort of thing, the way I make it look like I'm busy is by opening loosely related stuff that I know wont work and having it slowly autoscroll down. It works but I need to be sort of paying attention for when it ends and then to find new stuff.
The issue is I think the timeclock program is rather invasive and lets them see what sites I go on, for how long, and what I do. So I need to be able to make it look like I was actually making progress instead of looking busy.


very rude
what did the spider do to you

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