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File:1484364032512.jpg (1.55 MB,1500x1125)

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weather sure has improved from summer


ate frozen banana ysterday


Bought some of the components for the PC I'm going to build. I'm not sure if I should go for the i5-12600K, or just build one with an i5-11600K instead. Also vaguely uneasy about picking a GPU, but mainly because they're out of stock everywhere or price gouged to hell.


made some hot cocoa n chicken cheese sandwhich




i blog


the blogger


im blogging

im blogging

flip yeah im blogging

blogging blogging blogging

oh yeah

blogging pissssss blogging

hell yeah flippin blogging

oh yeah flippin pissssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSssssssss


File:[AnimeNOW] Danshi Koukouse….jpg (774.01 KB,1920x1080)

i blog therefore i am


could use the igpu for a while


File:yukarin.png (319.66 KB,623x670)

When I turn the heater up a notch it gets too hot.
When I turn the heater down a notch it gets too cold.


Unless for gaming, igpu is nice, doesn't heat up the system. Turned off the dedicated GPU on my laptop and the device that got hot as the sun and required external fans to cool now runs warm at hottest.


spermed again


Yeah, I think I'm going to do this for a little bit until I manage to get ahold of a slightly reasonably priced GPU, or maybe however long it takes for me to crack and succumb to scalping prices...


Does the weather affect the consistency of your sperm?


i failed


File:pr.jpg (1.91 MB,2016x1512)

bought a small projector
projected image to the angled rooftop above my bed and now i can watch stuffs on a 60 inch screen while lying comfy


wow, that's pretty cool!


as i sit in my chair
lifes questions come to me
like why the hell
people drink decaf coffee


hehe pet sleeping cat and he kneaded the air


File:1541787718096.webm (140.13 KB,1280x720)

I would love to own a dog again, but the landlord won't allow it. And even if pets were allowed, I think my apartment would be too small for a dog, except for those expensive tiny critter that women always carry instead of letting them use their own feet for whatever reason.

By the way it's getting warmer again, which sucks. December is supposed to be cold and snowy.


Changed my mind and decided I'll just go for the i7-11700K instead since it offers around the same performance as the i5-12600K, is cheaper, and wouldn't require me to get a more expensive Z690 motherboard. Amazon and Newegg reviews also seem to suggest that some of the Z690 motherboards have some issues so maybe I'm dodging a bullet there.


drank coffee and now have a headache this always happens


I just came off being really sick and was starting to feel a lot better but now I feel slightly miserable and sick again.



File:1451751119405.jpg (18.68 KB,411x348)

My Tenga Spinner arrived today and it sucked.


power keeps blinking out for a few seconds, and then the internet goes down for like 5-10 minutes until my ISP modem reconnects...

I can feel this is gonna be a bad month.


In a bad way, I take it?


File:1453766007169.jpg (76.96 KB,960x540)

Yeah. The coil spring thingie that makes it twist felt hard and uncomfortable. Just a big waste of money.

Anyone here want to buy a used onahole for the oh so low price of 30 euros? Only used once!


Just took a really satisfying dump


typed pissu into the search bar


went to throw out my trash and got hit with a facefull of ice pellets. Swear it's the windiest I've ever seen my area.


went over to the toilet to pee but decided to let out my "white pee" instead


sounds like one sexy toilet


why would you do it in the bathroom, thats not a nice place to do that.


saw a page from a manga that looked cool and detailed and then decided to check out the source and found that it went on hiatus came back and got canned


I keep overthinking everything and it just gets worse. In many cases I even find it difficult to play games that I would otherwise find enjoyable because I am always thinking far into the future. This happens most often with open world type games that don't have a story, I'll think 'okay so I get theses resources and upgrade these skills and then I can get stronger and get better resources and equipment and upgrade more skills but why? What's the point? What do I do after that?' and so I stop playing.


File:1301839720218.jpg (8.64 KB,246x250)

neethood successfully extended


sold flashlight on Craigslist in Toronto, probably safe enough to do the same elsewhere.


I misread that as fleshlight and got very concerned for a minute.


File:1546109790703.jpg (51.43 KB,397x393)

did 10 knee push ups

could have done more but i don't want to go overboard with my gains


3DS corrupted my SD card again somehow
the 3DS stays cracked thankfully, but all my save data and games...


sleep deprivation is maddeningly painful


why dont you sleep?


bout to poop


just pooped


File:1638253567278.png (198.23 KB,449x478)

>wake up
>sit down to post on /qa/
>gotta poop again
Am I sick?


Kissu's a bit slow today.


the post rate or performance?


are you calling kissu retarded?


uhhh actually Kissu is special!


Maybe people are leaving because of how American and 4chan like it is becoming.


*slaps anonymous with a large fishbot*


You're just saying that because you're mad about weed existing.


File:1638999224292.png (536.23 KB,682x676)

You in the middle.


File:__alice_margatroid_hakurei….jpg (21.26 KB,466x340)

Sometimes... people just aren't feeling social


Funnily enough it's speeding back up now.


File:1639267883667.jpg (167.82 KB,500x500)

all thanks to my valiant efforts


And being talked about literally everywhere even on sites that are supposed to be about Japanese media, media that has nothing to do with it and from a country that shuns it.

They are scum, they are everywhere and they ruin everything. Hell, talking about casual sex would be preferable to this, I'm not saying I would like it but it's still a far sight better than that and more related too.


File:57529458_p0.jpg (112.17 KB,724x1024)

I really just can't understand your burning hatred towards them. Maybe I just don't see them everywhere, or the ones I've encountered have never seemed to be that annoying. On the other hand I want to kill everyone that talks relationships.


Not anti-weed Anonymous, but the amount of it is seriously pissing me off now... once or twice, ok, but come on... Dragging it out over the course of an entire day is just asking to make people angry.


You're mad at nothing. Just chill out and have fun.


They are scum to begin with and as I say they are everywhere. Numerous times in a single day I will see people on you tube make references to it in completely unrelated videos about fantasy games, comments on completely unrelated videos will have mentions of it, you make a comment yourself about a completely unrelated topic in an unrelated video, somebody replies with references to them. You play the JAST release of Eiyuu Enki, they make references to it in their translation even when you can tell by the audio track it's not that at all. And then as I said, you come to an image board completely unrelated and there are references to it again. It's everywhere.

The people posting it are terrible posters as well, they either make dumb 4chan posts and or they just make posts saying 'lol drugs haha lol, I love them lol'.

But that actually rarely happens with relationships and even then it might just be an ex reference or a your mum joke and we are all the product of a relationship and Japanese media contains plenty of them(not the same kinds though) so I don't like it but it is nowhere near as bad and of course, if you say that here and on many other boards you get banned, That doesn't happen for drugs, at least there are places free from sex talk.


File:20a0877f6cd64437f92349032f….jpg (374.44 KB,800x880)

lol drugs haha lol, I love them lol


I think the general indifference comes from both groups having been social outcasts at some point so neither group on the whole really cares about or is bothered too much by the other.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (148.64 KB,1280x720)

tryin to snatch my crops

I successfully re-populated my 3DS (actually a "new 2DS") with games and the GBA-to-CIA converter.
The program I mentioned in games thread worked really well and I think I'll convert some more games


Well they really should be, not only is it completely unrelated too but it is against the values of the media they are pretending to be fans off. They insult it.

Both being outcasts is no excuse and they were outcasts for a very good reason.


what gameboy games are you playing?


File:19133e1c07ee84ac7677fc94cf….png (224.13 KB,486x562)

Fuck anime values. Smoke weed. I only pretend to watch anime to piss dorks like you off


File:5ad6d779be75136cd29668ba86….jpg (224.89 KB,604x753)

You weednorms can enjoy your mind-altering, mind-rotting drugs. I'll be over here enjoying my superior E-Liquids.


File:709632_maxresdefault.jpg (157.46 KB,1280x720)

"Pokemon Girls Hunter", it's a lewd romhack of FireRed on GBA and.. actually I'll make a post in ero game thread even though it's not very erotic


Is it just a sprite change like moemon? Does it change any of the gameplay?


check the thread I just bumped


spongebob really has nice lessons at times


wish everything wasn't so fucking gay


what's the lesson there?


Every frigging time with this...


dont sit on fish hooks, duh


Wanted to get a job. Immediately got fired before starting a single hour. I guess I am condemned to NEETdom......


what did you do....


Norhing. I just told the truth about how long I would be able to work, and then after getting hired last week they decided to fire me because, "it just wouldn't be worth it."


No reason to give them a heads up before you get the job, you just leave when you want after you get it, right? Or is that not how working works?


File:1453920653662.png (77.16 KB,253x431)

for how long have you been NEET and how are you able to NEET? Autismbux?
I'll have to get a job sooner or later, too


was trying to listen in on a conversation happening near me until i realized there was nothing there
i should probably sleep....


made janny steamed the other day


rain storm in december...in minnesota. what the hell is going on




relearning how to work with openGL and shaders... remembering how finicky it all was


I was dead tired earlier today around midnight but now it's 5 in the morning and I can't sleep.


think if i ever get a job it'll be for the sake of helping others rather than money for myself
can't get myself motivated for the sake of self-preservation


Pfft. What a loser.


you'll stop feeling like that when you realize most people are a pos like the anon above good luck


woke with unexplained cat scratch


my one cat is obsessed with trying to get near my other cat even though he's beaten up each time he gets near her think he's tard


File:mmfxka3T3X1s8i1jyo3_1280.jpg (128.65 KB,1005x765)

Sadly, your cat is experiencing the hedgehog's dilemma.


That's a nice thought. Jobs for helping people are generally the lowest paid, if not purely charity, so you do need a big heart for them.


Huh. I was about to make this exact post, only my new cat keeps actively attacking the others and then getting beaten up. He doesn't even making any noises, he just sits there watching them, they get angry and growl at him for a few minutes and then he will suddenly leap at them and then get beaten up.


I think this is just general cat behavior. Mine do the same thing too.


went to the konbini and bought an 89 cent pretzel and it was pretty good and filling could afford to get these more often


opened a bag of doritos and there was a huge nugget of the spice in the bag. should I eat it?


ate too much soup. tummy feels bad.


don't you hate it when you can't sleep at all


File:82775597_p0.jpg (2.02 MB,1670x2362)

Chamomile tea and dried figs go really well together.


tummy hort
gonna go eat a bowl of multigrain cheerios and hibernate through the rest of tomorrow


File:30042d2bc505f34415f81a1eb9….jpg (278.55 KB,1260x1867)

argh i wanna play Bloodborne but I don't want to boot up my ps4 and pay money for playing online. PC release any day now.


You ever write something passionately and then finally finish and then with slight amazement and pride re-read it several times over because of how well you think you did? Hopefully I write more good things in the future to feel prideful about.


All the time when I'm shitposting



File:1609232617032.png (33.12 KB,600x600)

ate christmas dinner and dessert


File:__original_drawn_by_kokono….jpg (322.87 KB,1200x750)

my humidifier's automatic turn off setting goes all the way up to 90%
are there people out there living in 88% humidity that want it higher?
time for a tropical christmas


watched the new spiderman movie and it was pretty good
best nostalgia-bait fanservice movie out there probably


no real christmas for me this year
ate half a pound of mashed potatoes so at least it kind of tastes like christmas



didn't mean to sound bummed out or anything


i have returned to my beloved pc


File:298.jpg (124.82 KB,447x469)

The thrill of planting a seed full of promise.
The effort of nurturing such a seed into a fully-fledged creation.


ate banana pudding
not the real stuff, the crappy powder-based kind
it's still good


scratched my pp and now it HURTS to jo


Just play it without online, if you can get past the booting up the ps4 part


The cherry chocolates taste horrible, especially the last part. Never did I expect that a big company would put something which tastes like a fruit peel into a processed product.


this sounds like a quote from some hentai


File:20211227_191211.jpg (2.99 MB,4032x3024)

Luck is turning up. I found two brand new paper towel dispensers being thrown away. One is a hand-operated version and the other is automatic and even came in the box! The other was new too, although it didn't come in a box, although the fact that it still had the mounting screws taped to the bottom made it pretty obvious it hadn't been used.

Now to find paper towel rolls for them... They seem to sell them just fine, but you need to buy a pack of 6 instead of just one... So, the hand one is like $60 for 6 rolls of like 1000 feet worth of paper towel, and the other is like $90 for 6 rolls of 900 feet. Surprising I couldn't find that many people selling paper towel rolls for cheap on ebay.


Wow, how much do these cost?
How do you plan to set them up?


oh my god when did custom udon start releasing minutes long videos
i totally missed it


Surprisingly, they don't cost very much, but as you might expect most places require you to place a bulk order. From what I can tell the hand-operated version goes for about $30 and the automatic one goes for about $50.

The place I currently live doesn't let me drill into the walls, so I think my next best option would be getting a pack of command hooks, sticking those to wall and seeing if multiple would be able to support the weight of one of them. Thinking about placing them in the bathroom, but maybe it would work to have them in the kitchen.


Since... Forever? Have you seriously been limiting yourself and only watching the seconds long loops?...


hadnt watched him in a while, what can i say


oh my gaaawd the cloth physics


spermed in the toilet to relieve my nutbladder



File:giveup.JPG (80.2 KB,947x664)

extra lazy today


i dont know where to put this but it is hilarious


hate thy neighbor and brother, but show kindness to guests


feeling cold, stressed, scared, dread, and like there's something i have to be doing that i'm not and i don't know what caused these feelings aaaaaaaaaaa


File:1633214731140.jpg (80.88 KB,803x505)

Take it easy, fren


watched the aqours concert yesterday, felt like the built up energy of 2 years of cancelations burst forth. definitely watching day 2 now


File:1640350737720.png (1.23 MB,1821x2368)

omg i drew this a couple of years ago and someone posted this in the /ic/ humor thread!!! im so happy


thirty seven centigrade aaaaaaa


I wish it was -37C here and snowing... I miss cold and snowy winters.


I unironically love feeling horny


File:[danganronpa][group][artis….png (1.43 MB,1200x1200)

I finally got a gf


File:kon1.png (139.32 KB,281x252)

How does one ironically love something?


File:__absinthe_arknights_drawn….jpg (157.43 KB,854x1668)

Today I received my recorder i ordered. (not the instrument, a Tascam DR-05X). I'll use it for field recordings/music stuff


you don't want to know...


southern hemisphere?


gamer hardware snobs annoy me. they'll say things like "1080p doesn't make sense" or something like that, and imply things like everyone uses 1440p or 4k displays despite 1080p monitors actually making up around 70% of all monitors in actuality... Literally 1366 x 768 has more than double the amount of people using those than people with 4K displays.

I just can't help but wonder what makes people have these thoughts that are so completely detached from reality.


laid in a couch drinking soda for two days that wasn't healthy...


Just because more people use it doesn't mean it makes sense. But also 1080 monitors are extremely cheap so they often get used for Office PCs(which make up a very large portion of monitors really) or for other non-gaming PCs. You get some very high frame rate 1080p gaming monitors too.


>Just because more people use it doesn't mean it makes sense.
This isn't a very convincing argument.


Would be really nice if NYE was accompanied by heavy rain and lightning.


Been reading old Go Nagai manga. It's amazing how much we know of the medium today came from him.


it's all in who you talk to. you get the same numpties anywhere: not fully informed, simply parrots, or even ego-tied to the thing and ignore facts/circumstances to justify/elevate themselves.

besides - as the other anon mentioned framerate - isn't it a more typical gamer take that fps makes the biggest difference? i'd think that the actual snobbish stance would be that higher res is mostly for casuals since many modern 3d games are too demanding (/poorly optimized) on low settings for even top-end gpus to hold a consistent 120+ fps at 1440p (or at 1080p in some cases), with the exception being pixel-hunting sniping in some shooters that benefit from extra sharpness. of course, that's ignorant even from an elitist standpoint, ignoring a vast swath of so-called hardcore-gamer games that don't really benefit from >60fps or higher res, like shmups (and i assume fighters, rhythm games, and tetris/puyo/etc, among others).

still, i get the annoyance... but what can you do? try to tune it out to a dull drone, that's about it.

the actual unfortunate thing, to me, is that the push for higher res means you can't find a good modern monitor in 720p. 120+ fps, ips, 720p: that's the dream (well, 16:10 instead, but that'd just be delusion). i'd take more than double the performance over not being able to see the pixels when i put my nose to the screen.


>720p. 120+ fps, ips, 720p: that's the dream (well, 16:10 instead, but that'd just be delusion)
I think the Steam Deck is actually 1280 x 800, but obviously that's a 7 inch display on a handheld.

If you do really want to play at 720p, however, I think you'd be fine getting a 1440p monitor. 1440p is 4x 720p, so in theory the monitor should do lossless integer scaling instead of blurry scaling like most resolutions do.


interesting. perhaps valve has implemented a better version of integer scaling... or maybe a little blurriness doesn't matter on a handheld-sized screen.

had typed out most of a post lamenting the lack of advancement in integrated integer scaling, since that would make 1440p a better choice for gaming compatibility, then i realized that maybe things had advanced over the past year-ish since i last looked into it. my understanding was that gpu makers had basic implementations that still needed a lot of work, while external programs had a performance tax and often other issues (and sometimes weren't compatible at all), and it seemed that game engines themselves were a complicating factor in developing an across-the-board solution. but hey, if things are better now, or if they get better in the near future, then that's awesome. for 1080p, too.

sorry if that comes off as a half-assed reply, since it kind of is. started re-researching, then remembered current gpu prices, and eh. would rather not spend the effort to get up to speed now when i'm just going to have to do it again whenever i'm ready to upgrade.


I don't think Valve has done anything particularly new with the screen. It runs at 16:10, but then if there's a game that doesn't support 16:10 resolution, it just runs at 1280 x 720 with black bars. 4:3 games would probably do the same thing and run at 960 x 720 instead of the full screen resolution of 1066 x 800. It is after all just a Linux PC. Although, I think one thing they showed off potentially doing is running games in 16:9 and then using the remaining space to have a status bar at the top of the screen to show stuff like notifications, WiFi, and battery life, much in the same way Android does it -- maybe that's a false memory, but I think they showed something like that in one of the trailers.

>my understanding was that gpu makers had basic implementations that still needed a lot of work, while external programs had a performance tax and often other issues (and sometimes weren't compatible at all)
I'm really not sure what you mean? In my experience, it is certainly true that more modern games tend not to run in true fullscreen mode, and instead in a borderless window, as actual fullscreen involves changing the actual output resolution, whereas some just change the resolution of the game, but stretched to the set resolution (i.e. 720p stretched to 1080p instead of changing the output resolution to 720p). Either way, I don't understand what you mean about GPUs and external programs. GPUs are perfectly capable of switching resolutions. I don't believe that is an issue. What is an issue, as far as I understand it, is that displays themselves, monitors and TVs may not properly scale resolutions. For instance, a TV may be dumb and instead of integer scaling 1080p to 4K, it would do a bilinear scale and then it would look all blurry.


... It really should be as most people are stupid and don't do things that make sense, most people are overweight now and that makes no sense either and it would be ludicrous to claim otherwise. The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.


I wholeheartedly disagree on all accounts.


File:better tvs.jpg (107.91 KB,750x783)

>I don't understand what you mean about GPUs
well, i'm not sure that i do either. it used to be that they'd always interpolate when not at native res, and it seemed like implementation of lossless scaling into drivers was slow and buggy (and only being done with the newest gpus). so i assumed that there was more to it than just doing it, otherwise it would have been done quickly and painlessly. for game engines, another one of the "get involved" points on that tanalin site was to request the feature from game engines, so that might be part why i remembered that. but i guess that was a couple years ago now, not just a year ago, so i was just way behind the times.

as far as programs go, a lossless scaling program i use was recently updated, and performance issues were noted by the dev, regarding some changed methods that should improve performance, and by various posters, noting instances of reduced fps and other issues with specific games. so i surmised that whatever needs to be done is better done via gpu/driver (or game engine itself, i guess) than via a program, although a program is probably just fine for older games and anything else that doesn't really push the gpu.

but yeah, i'm no authority, so i'll shut up about it. certainly seems like you're right in that the biggest thing we need now is better monitors and tvs.


Why are you here then? Shouldn't you just be following along with the herd because that makes the most sense to you? Shouldn't you be on Facebook because that's where most of them are?


Anonymous please stop venting about things I haven't said. Take it easy.


You did say it though...


Frame rates are odd, there is a clear difference between 1080p and 1440p, you get far more detail with the latter. But in my expereince3 at least I don't actually notice much of improvement with high framerates, only if it drops to even 70-80 fps or so then I almost feel sick. I think that you get used to it and really notice when it drops but if it never goes up you don't have that issue which is why I can play games that sit at 70 fps to begin with just fine it's only sudden drops that cause issues.


That's funny. I've never been ahead of the curve with high frame rates, so I can pretty easily tolerate framerates in the 30s, even in VR...


i've only ever had 60 fps so i can live with it, but flicks and rocket jumping becomes obvious slideshow territory. so, i'd love to upgrade just to see what the high fps life is like since i know i'd notice it at least someplace.
i haven't tf2'd or otherwise fps'd in ages so it doesn't matter now, but someday...


File:1557464960623.jpg (14 KB,250x250)

I miss christmas.


I've been talking to my family on the phone over the holidays, and they were telling me about how my nephew who is turning 9 this year is really into Naruto and Pokemon, and wants me to "teach him Japanese" the next time I visit.

I get Pokemon, but I seriously had no idea Naruto was still popular with kids. It's been what, 7 years since it ended?


Naruto is a true classic


I've been seeing a lot of kids in the streets wearing Naruto stuff. I imagine it's because of Boruto.


File:1555710112183.gif (1.81 MB,364x414)

when im crossing the street and there's cars i pretend im not crossing the street so they drive past and i dont have to negotiate with them
sometimes it gets ridiculous and i have to sit at a bus stop or tie my shoelaces or something, especially if they slow down and i need to signal super super hard that im not crossing the road


maybe try living in nyc where drivers press their horns while rushing though in front of you when they see you're going to cross


that sounds much more soothing for my anxiety


since some people don't like background images, put this into CustomCSS

    background-image:unset !important;


was listening to r/a/dio and thought that older songs seem more high energy than newer ones is it just me


you just have a stronger attachment to the older stuff because that's when anime was a bigger influence on you if I had to guess.
I still like some new anisongs.


my veins in the soft part of my arm are so prominent it gives me intrusive thoughts
it looks like you could gouge them out with your fingernails
i imagine its really satisfying, like they would squeeze out like squishy rubber hoses, and would tug the whole network of veins and arteries out of my arm intact with a pop. they'd be stretchy

kind of like removing a rubber gasket from something


theres a road next to where I live that I cross almost every day and its really fun because its really inconvenient to cross at the crosswalk so I run across to the median and cross in 2 parts, it feels like frogger irl but upgraded because sometimes ill run at an angle and start running as a car is passing so I go across right after the cars and before the ones further down the road have time to catch up. I have yet to get hit and I will not stop.


File:42e68c0c63cae6f544d0bf4ea1….jpg (169.76 KB,1920x1080)

sometimes when i'm driving and see a pedestrian approaching a crosswalk I stop even if I could driven past so they quicken their step or even run to approach the crosswalk faster which always makes me a little bit embarrassed inconveniencing someone like that

i think once i actually even made a lady cross the road who wasn't even planning to cross it because i stopped and looked at her


Denpa as a genre is dead, but was prominent in anison made around 15 years ago. That's probably it, I think there was a change of style. Even denpa-like comedy, i.e. super crazy comedy: see pani poni dash, is pretty much dead giving way to more slow-paced anime.


File:1537198986137.webm (1.15 MB,720x404)

I wouldn't quite call it dead. We got two seasons of Jashin-chan, and a third one is on the way. And from what I have seen, there are some people who still produce denpa music, although the genre has taken a more "kawaii" approach now.


Please stay safe, Anonymous.


you are ruining lifes, please stop!


its still a little bit here


File:lesbian_girl_breathing_har….gif (1.93 MB,488x476)

i someone with a really cute profile picture schizoposting below a obscure OS video so i started e-stalking them hehe
at first all the links and trails ran cold. but now i have all their new fediverse identities and neocitities page

i wonder if they know somehow. that they have a secret admirer


there's something lonesome about estalking
i will never be close to this person
only admire them
they seem amazing! im not worthy to interact with them

whats my fantasy here? that they notice me and shockingly come to like me??? I wouldnt even want that because i dont want to be disappointed and see them lower themsleves to my level. i want them to be some kind of amazing

there was this cute poster who would post mysterious messages below my youtube videos. these playful, even flirty comments that really appealed to me. I built them up in my head, wondering who it was for years. Until I eventually cracked and we emailed them to come join a discord server so I could speak to them.

the sad ending: they had nothing to say to me

thats my sad story of e-stalking


I e-stalk people that annoy me in order to confirm that I hate them. This brings me nothing but misery, but for some reason I continue doing it.


its really thrilling when you break through and suddenly find a flood of info about them


File:1541787220566.jpg (107.51 KB,921x894)

...note to self, never create an e-persona or reuse a username. who knew kway was full of such weirdos


i will find you!!
you accidentally used the same email to sign up for two websites


File:1510163746686.jpg (694.31 KB,1101x1440)

I wonder if girls in the 2D universe stalk 3D loser NEETs on the internet.


cat is zooming around


File:Crusher.Joe[1989].-.OVA02.….jpg (367.75 KB,1440x1080)

they found a way to keep me from trying to understand their nonsense computer screens...


doing server maintince


File:d4b35d19f81c5ee24cc87f68d2….jpg (71.4 KB,600x800)

Ah, nothing beats a good morning (afternoon) cuppa (coffee)~


stupid cockroaches on the walls


Dashed lines in the right plot show how fast various particles (muons, pi and K mesons, protons, deuterons, and alpha rays) lose energy as they travel through some material, as a function of their current energy. The material may be lead-82 since it says ₈₂Pb in the corner.


And the solid lines are how far the particles get before coming to a stop. Or more precisely, since the units are in grams per square centimeter, it's how much material you'd need to stop the particle. Bottom axis isn't labeled but I'm guessing it's momentum in GeV/c. (I looked at a few similar plots, and although I haven't found where they took the exact plot from, the plots tend to use momentum instead of energy.)


Watched an interview. Got the impression that interviewers should have a psychology/psychiatry degree.


falling back down the unabomber rabbit hole and getting jaded towards everything (again)


File:Di Gi Charat - 10.avi_snap….jpg (64.76 KB,720x480)

Whenever you're feeling extremely jaded it's a good idea to seek out voices of reason and rationality to illuminate that society isn't entirely lost.


It's strange how quickly things fall into disrepair without humans around.


I installed koreader on my 10yo ereader and I feel like it works better than when it was brand new. turns out it wasn't just me, the OS on kobo ereaders is really trash


buddy in japan told me he needs to clear up his storage area so he's sending me a cz-75 airsoft gun




my ears hort


found out about findoms
shockingly not finnish


made the mistake of visiting /vr/ today. god, why is everyone such a faggot? i wish these people would all die and go away forever.


cat is being greedy.


File:1517782366154.gif (494.84 KB,320x292)

Waiting warmly for my jar of marmite to arrive.


You need to show that cat who is boss by eating its food in front of it!


I actually did this!! Sort of... My one cat ran into the other one and pushed them out of the way to get treats, so I gave them a bap and gave their treats to the other cat instead.


i recommend www.working!! if you want a comedy about that


jod too hard


been sneezing a lot recently, and I'm not sure why. hopefully all the blessings I've received contribute to my improving my luck and magic stats.


Just looked it up. I... don't get it? Is this real or some kind of elaborate satire??


It all comes down to the sorts of services that people with mental illnesses have access to.


File:1601394530947.jpg (22.49 KB,312x387)

the ringing in my left ear still hasnt gone away and Ive found that its been caused by water stuck in my ear which is good because it will eventually go away but for now the water is STILL stuck in there and im typing this because its loud and I hate this


can you use something like a cotton bud to dry inside? if you do try that be very careful


I think im just going to go back to the doctor and ask him to sort it out, after having dealt with this for about a month there is no way im taking any risks with my ears. never listening to music at max volume ever again


Good luck with the doctor. I hope you can get your ear sorted out.


think im gonno reheat a pizza and then think about what to do after that


you should try eating the pizza after


came 3 times to mindbreak hentai
everyone just looks so happy and fun


did you mindbroke yourself?


I still feel bad if a girl is raped


been going to sleep just before the sun rises lately at 6 am...
really need to fix my schedule somehow


I'm staying up all night to try to fix mine.


maine coons really have a lot of play energy in them


One day I decided to spend all day fantasizing about HOT YURI SEX in bed. And I fixed my sleep schedule because I spent all day in bed.


love it when that happens


Had some eggnog cake which was really delicious. But I expected the eggnog to be in more than one thin layer.


Got imouto a sewing machine a few days ago, but missed a few parts from it and got those with her today. Tried it out and it seems to be working, although for some reason thread keeps bunching up on the underside of the fabric she tried sowing. We're not really sure why that's happening. Adjusting the thread tension helped somewhat, but even at it's maximum setting it still seems to be happening. It was working for a minute, but then it started doing it again. I really, really hope it's just user error and us not knowing how to use it, and not that I ended up buying her a lemon of a sewing machine...


Oh, I asked her if she would use it to make cosplay outfits or why she wanted one, but she said she wouldn't use it for that. sad ;_;


good for you
imouto wanting to sew is mezurashi these days


Every so often, Youtube will randomly decide that it thinks I'm a redditor and starts recommending me godawful nonsense. I don't get why it does this, since I don't watch anything even remotely like that, even when it's being suggested to me.


It's because Youtube gives the masse the ability to make videos for a wide audience, and the masses are moulded by memes so you end up with large number of memers on Youtube spreading their filth and it's guaranteed you will be recommanded them form time to time. They should have never been given a voice.


youtube recommendation has absolutely zero value now that dislike is removed
i only watch videos from some selected good channels and stopped exploring new ones completely years ago


I hope everything works out for you and your imouto


File:1599360326983.png (504.92 KB,668x900)

Thank you, Anonymous.


it's -25C outside ;_;


hope you freeze nerd


feel when you were saving a doujin for a special occasion but it turns out to be not as good as expected


File:ssib.jpg (464.33 KB,913x1300)

I have been really into armpits lately and I believe the shrine maiden of paradise is the one who flipped the switch for me.


half of the city's lights went out
forced to phonepost...


what are your thoughts on becoming a medical cadaver?


If they wait until after I die, sure


omg henreader follows me on twitter.


wonder how people fall asleep to scary stories and why is this so common


File:Touhou Hong Meiling 177.jpg (1.38 MB,2588x2985)

I've never watched a scary movie or listened to scary stories before but I think I would fall asleep as well. Chainsaws and wood axes don't make effective weapons, they are too unwieldy. If somebody was trying to attack me like that I would easily defeat them.


File:1565548992609.jpg (18.92 KB,246x314)

Marmite is not very good.


File:59b8189b87.png (257.29 KB,600x484)

Windows is reminding me I'm a pervert


You can remove all those widgets just so you know. I think you right click them and there should be an option to remove them.


paizuri with handholding and eye contact


i don't even use the windows menu ever so it doesn't bother me


the audacity!


File:1578453479741.jpg (156.61 KB,1377x1377)

I use Classic Shell to make w10 look more like 7.

I really don't like having huge mobile phone widgets on my non-mobile devices.


File:441.jpg (31.21 KB,328x474)

the feeling of new sheets


chopped a cockroach in half with the litter box shovel
no cock can escape me


File:20220114_152108.jpg (7.58 MB,4032x3024)

Art for the /qa/ boys.


File:god.png (279.45 KB,611x608)

Me on the right witnessing the immense sperm-inducing, nutbladder-lubricating, penis wire-sorting beauty of head_back art.


lusty fools!


it's snowing!!! IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!
We had an unreasonably hot December so it's nice that it's been cold again and now there's actually snow


It's usually a result getting it wrong the first time around then trying to course correct later.




Finished setting up room. Moving is over.


File:1630235053777.gif (331.04 KB,320x320)

Got recommended an account on Pixiv of someone whose art I recognized.


-23c up here


was thinking that i'd cool off from hollow knight by playing some monhun
but forgot how much that game kicks my ass


my skin has been really itchy and dry lately after getting out of the shower. maybe i need to to get some soap with moisturizer in it


perfectly slept through daylight


File:cd9e54998cb7cbbe7be2ddb81f….png (116.4 KB,452x485)

Not a super big fan of the place I moved into. There's a huge window with a view of nothing but the side of another building and it acts like a giant heatsink and pulls the heat out of my room. There's just a crappy radiator that's just warm, not hot -- of course, there's no thermostat to adjust it -- so my room gets pretty cold. Unfortunately, my computer doesn't put out enough heat to significantly warm the place.


Buy a space heater. You'd be amazed how much they help.


I'm a little weary of space heaters. Just recently there was an apartment fire that killed a bunch of people because of a faulty, malfunctioning space heater that caught fire...


you going to let a small fact like that get in your way?


Well... the outdoors are cold, and I don't think I'd trust anything bought from Amazon, so... Yes. I am going to let that fact get in my way.


Oh. I just read my contract again and space heaters are prohibited anyways... Not that I would've gotten one anyways.


snowing here too. supposed to turn into yucky freezing rain, though.


supposed to get 15cm/hr of snow tonight

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