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Have you watched the first few Spongebob seasons? It's such a great show. Sometimes I think it's only second to Simpsons when it comes to random references on the internet, including imageboards. With good reason, too, because it's just so clever and random. It's pretty much a good Western slice-of-life cartoon.
It debuted TWENTY TWO years ago (wtf) but the first few seasons are amazing to rewatch and there's really no reason they wouldn't be good for first-timers either.
Unfortunately, similarly to the Simpsons the later seasons took a massive plunge in quality. It replaced wit with grossness and it's just awful. After the creator passed away there's now two spin-off shows to milk the IP dry, which is really quite depressing. Maybe kids like them, though?
So... are you a Spongebob Otaku?


I thought it had close-up gross-out type shots from the very beginning. But I guess you mean they got more frequent and crowded out good humour. I only watched the early seasons as a kid and I liked it a lot.


Used to watch the german dub as a kid over satellite because my country literally had a total of three state owned terrestrial tv channels back in the day and there were barely any cartoons on them.

Really liked it, used to be my favorite show back then.

I was thinking of giving the show a rewatch for nostalgia's sake for a long time now but it's gotta be the german dub and I have no idea where to get it...


File:u804TF5.png (396.55 KB,480x368)

>I thought it had close-up gross-out type shots from the very beginning
As a whole, I don't think so. I googled it and I guess it did have some gross stuff, but it's not nearly as egregious as stuff later on. It's definitely not pretty. It did have the close-ups, they were meant more to look bizarre or alien than utterly repulsive. It was later on when they started added lots of gross skin defects instead of wrinkles or five o'clock shadow.

>german dub
This would be interesting for me to hear, too.


The problem with modern Spongebob is that the people making it think it's underwater Ren and Stimpy, when early Spongebob was really a more grounded version of Rocko's Modern Life (a show Stephen Hillenburg also worked on). Cartoony visual gags, grossout, and zany storylines were definitely present, but they mostly took a backseat to observational humor and broad social satire.


Most intelligent analysis of Spongebob I never thought I'd read on a forum/bbs


File:itscold-cold.gif (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB,480x360)

Huh, I didn't know he worked on Rocko. Interesting. I did like Rocko a lot, but after going back to it as an adult I really am grossed out by some episodes.
I've thought about it more and I guess early Spongebob did have some gross stuff in it that's unnecessary and takes away from it. I'm reminded of the Suds episode where he's sick, but while they show him dried out and with bulging eyes sometimes, they completely sidestepped the grossest part by using pretty pink bubbles instead of mucus. A modern version of that episode would be truly horrific.


I love Spongebob. Watched it all the time with my Dad growing up. I used to be able to recite entire episodes from memory. And I can still reply to almost anything with a quote from the show. The early seasons are a classic and will always be remembered fondly by most people. Like >>80931 pointed out, there was more mature humor in it that appealed to adults too, instead of just the absurd comedy typically found in kid's shows. There was stuff that my Dad laughed at that I never understood until years later. I think that's was a big part in why it was so popular. Parents enjoyed it too. I've heard The Amazing World of Gumball has similar feel, but I've never watched it.

Unfortunately it started to go downhill after Hillenburg left and now the show is an insult to the original concept. I guess it was to be expected when a company tries to wring out every dollar from a franchise they can. Oh well. I'll always have a love for the early seasons. Rest in peace, Hillenburg.


That's the sort of thing I mean. Suds had grossness in there kind of, but they depicted it in a way that took most of the edge off. It's really there as a means to make jokes about getting sick and not wanting to go to the doctor.


I hated spongebob when I was a kid, but then years later I tried watching it as an adult and I actually enjoyed some episodes. I still find spongebob and patrick annoying, but I like most of the other characters in the show.


Yep, definitely agree with the 'mature humor' part. Not necessarily references that only adults will recognize, but jokes that just need general context from being alive longer.

Spongebob and Patrick are generally supposed to be annoying, although I don't find them that bad. Cynical Squidward that's been crushed by the weight of the world is a good foil, but I feel so bad for them at times.

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