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File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tense….jpg (333.73 KB,1920x1080)


Some smiles need protecting more than others...


File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tense….jpg (940.04 KB,1920x1080)

Eris needs to stay this cute


worst girl


Worried that after she learns her Grandfather was executed she'll lose some of her cute innocence... Really hoping that if not Rudeus, Ruijerd gives the scum aristocracy what they deserve.


everyone in mushoku is a scumbag in some way.


File:92182848_p0.jpg (7.01 MB,4877x5347)

How is Roxy a scumbag?


Old hag pretending to be a young girl.


File:87153269_p0.png (1013.27 KB,1760x1845)

She's still young in demon years, and that's what matters.


She can't help it, and she doesn't like being treated like a child.


Probably has her own baggage. I dunno if it's just how the world works or if things have changed, but she's a prejudiced against superds. It's not that different from Eris being brought up to be a brat, Roxy learned the customs of the demon continent.


File:Mushoku Tensei S01E10 [BD ….jpg (Spoiler Image,226.92 KB,1920x1080)

She's not exactly a scumbag for being afraid of Superds. While there are misunderstandings surrounding their race, some of those fears are rooted within a good foundation.


The picture isn't what could be called a good foundation. Having an extreme sense of morality that evil doers should be met with death is different from where the society's fears come from.
Fearing that a random person on the beach is a Superd is an extreme. That the mistakes of a race in the fictional universe have been turned into a tale to make children fear them is simple bigotry and simplification of a problem to make people follow in line.


There's a perfect reason for why they're as feared by everyone as they are, you'll get it once the show tells you. But basically, fearing a race of demons so thirsty for blood that they'd kill anyone, even their own family without a second thought is perfectly normal. Especially with the fact that they were manipulated being hidden from everyone.


capitalizing on misfurtune has no kind intention.


Nobody really tries to capitalize on them, except you could say Rudeus in a way since he uses Ruijerd's existence as a Superd to his advantage, even if he has good intentions. Most everyone else is scared shitless that they'll be killed given that it seems they tend to leave a blood trail in their wake.


rudeus is a different kind of scum. But him and rujerd are a sort of chaotic good that perform justice according to their own beliefs of what makes others happy.


File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tense….jpg (304.46 KB,1920x1080)



File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tens….webm (312.45 KB,1920x1080)

eris is PISSED


This was a really nice episode for parental relations


the keyframes for this scene were made by a western animator on twitter which was interesting because i wasn't aware of the level of outsourcing and that internet creators are even getting onto AAA animes now


On one hand I'm not sure how I feel about globalization of animation, but at the same time they've outsourced cheap korean animators for a while now and I'd rather people with a proven record of quality animation be used instead of some unknown korean.


kind of cool actually; let everyone in on the fun and not just some Vietnamese and Korean outsource studios


File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tense….jpg (329.87 KB,1920x1080)



I see, a random comment on a streaming site explained why Dad got pissed at pointing out that he would be lusting after the bikini armor girl. Also sort of answering the question why and why her companion looked feeble.

>It wasn't explained last Episode But the reason Viera wears that bikini armor was because during the Teleporation incident, she and her sister were both teleported and captured by the bandits and used as their play things... After getting rescued/escaping, her sister had deep trauma and would start to tremble when man would just look at her So that's why she wears such proactive armor so all the gaze go towards her

Couldn't find the thread where I asked the question of why. Glad I use streaming sites and not torrents.


Is the sideboob show


I'm not a fan. Most Westerners and especially Americans don't understand anime, even if they think they like it. If too many of them get into the industry it could have a very negative influence on anime going forward.


I dont think westerners doing animation grunt work will be any different if it was koreans doing it.


The foreigners they hire still need to conform to the Japanese QC.
If they try to throw that away and please mainstream Western audience instead, they will be competing directly with Hollywood, plus losing the Japanese market.


File:93975960_p0.jpg (501 KB,804x1295)

I've seen this discussion maybe hundreds of times.
When it doesnt become a the sky is falling "anime is dead" hoedown people usually come to two conclusions:
1. Even with substantial foreign investment, anime wouldn't radically change because its much harder to influence manga and other adaptation sources. Also the otaku who buy BDs probably dont want western cartoons, 'specially the types who will drop a show if a character isnt a virgin, etc.
2. Even with Crunchyroll investing, the west isnt starting studios in japan like China, even with that big of foreign investment, the effect isnt even noticed.

To me, its not that big of a deal. Mobage killing things like ADV is a much bigger issue, things like that.


File:4f680e963421b836c54f6407dd….png (1.4 MB,1757x1025)

Pls respond
Is this the The Sideboob show?


I really don't know what you're referencing so I don't know



Ah it was here >>80381


File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tense….jpg (105.14 KB,1920x1080)

I present to you: The God of Trolling


File:[SubsPlease] Mushoku Tens….webm (1.13 MB,1920x1080)

I love this big baka


cute derpy face

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