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Somehow I managed to stumble upon this really beautiful piece of animation. Apparently, this was the intro and outro segments for a Russian TV show called "Goodnight, Kids", and was animated by Yuri Norstein. There are some still frames I can find that show the level of beauty and craftsmanship, but unfortunately I know zero Russian and so will likely never find a source higher quality than this one.

Does /qa/ have any animations they really like?


File:34_2(2).jpg (75.96 KB,620x413)

This is an example of what it would look like if the source wasn't so low quality, but alas... I've found some other examples as well from some online news sites posting about it, I believe, but other than that, I seem unable to find anything resembling actual film besides this dreadfully compressed stuff.


Kind of creepy actually. Looks like something from a creepypasta.
>Does /qa/ have any animations they really like?
Hm, can't really think of anything.


Oh, yeah... The rabbit, maybe. I thought the little cat girls were very cute, with their little hats.


This is nice, yeah. Although, that rabbit's smile is kind of scary.
Hmm... I'll try to think of something, but I'm not sure...


Didn't really pay attention to the cat girls but they are cute. I find the human(?) creepy too. Scary, actually. Even more so than the rabbit.


Oh... I found it all really nostalgic. It's got a very peculiar sort of story picture book style to it that reminds of the sort of stories I got read as a very little kid.


Probably a generational thing, like how people today call old dolls creepy when they were once toys beloved by children.


Jan Svankmajer used to make some interesting animations back in the day.


File:creepy-playgrounds8.jpg (169.9 KB,660x495)

unsettling as heck, as one would expect from anything involving poccnr and kids


I find Aleksandr Petrov's animations really neat for how they look so nice and fluid while being done with such an out there and really tough to master technique (paint-on-glass)


I really love the yellow submarine movie, probably my favorite piece of western animation. I think it really emphasizes drawing aspect of animation and as a result has many creative transitions and backgrounds.


Looking back on it there were a lot of good Western animation back in the day. It wasn't until relatively recently that it all died off.
David the Gnome was Spanish in origin, but I grew up watching it in the US.
I remember I always wanted to make some video edit with the line "Trolls, Wizards and Fairy Kings" for /qa/, but I was so lazy.
Man, such a sappy intro song and I still love it.


Now that I think about it, didn't someone post some North Korean animation here a few months ago? It looked pretty good.


Are you talking about the one where the American general was portrayed as a sexy fox lady?

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