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File:waterfox_kYq9oFAHol.png (745.36 KB,640x485)


I heard about this SaltyBets-like site on 4chan the other day in a MUGEN thread and it seems pretty cool. The people said it's generally better than SaltyBets for some reasons I can't remember. Unfortunately it does require a Twitch account to participate, but it sounds like it'd be fun. Also, sadly for it, you just can't compete with the sheer momentum that Salty had so there's not as many people.
I wonder if many we can organize a hang-out and talk about it or something. It's kinda hard to do it in a thread, though.


I wonder why it exists. Saltybets has been around forever and never had an issue with it(unlike the Twitch Plays Pokemon knockoff that is chat controlled pokemon fights)


Does it have better tier placement? That was always a thing I think SaltyBet had a problem with.


Yeah, tiers is supposedly one of the things that caused the split


Does it still have exhibitions like this?


I don't think people really like watching those in this kind of format, so probably not. I'm sure there's still Ronald and the Colonel and stuff, but not the god mode spam stuff.


I found them amusing every once in a while, it's a nice change of pace from the usual matches to just be pure chaos on screen. Although if they last too long it does get annoying.


File:__komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….jpg (1.48 MB,1753x1116)

What's the ideal strategy to winning big in these games? I always go all in or make a huge bet and get screwed trying to get into the millions club everyone else always seems to be in


the time I won the most was by betting a lot on something unlikely


Cool. Salty is perfect for the second monitor on them lonely nights.

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