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File:2a2766dc2ed19eee84ee0585bd….png (6.13 MB,3840x1800)


Has /qa/ ever camped out for like a day or more before? The style camping that's not the kind where you bring a laptop or PSP with you.


no the great outdoors sucks!


I think I once did it in my backyard as a kid, but that's the closest I've ever managed. I don't really have any desire to sleep outside, but hanging around outside without that stuff and then sleeping inside a cabin? Sure.


a lot actually
in the wild it's awesome but dedicated parks suck. they're full of dumb kids, norms, retired norms, and red faced socks and sandal wearing dutch norms. Still it's way cheaper than an hotel and sometimes it's handy .


File:20180619_022722.jpg (2.39 MB,2880x2160)

a few times


10 days of camping this year


Only when I was forced to for school.


Didn't know Akari was a fan of the wilderness


Really? I've always seen her on some sort of road trip with Anonymous. Makes perfect sense she'd enjoying camping out too.


for over a year in total (over many trips), doing a bit of everything outdoors-y aside from hunting and various beach/ocean-related stuff. was great, but it feels like a lifetime ago.


do it again so you can live two lifetimes


She spends loads of time out there, you probably just don't notice her.


File:1516819865352.jpg (252.1 KB,619x720)



File:[Asenshi] Yuru Camp - 05 [….png (1.45 MB,1280x720)

How wild? Are there dirt paths at least? How far away were you from civilization, or at least electricity and running water?


File:387e2d6b6f13b04c82e94b4c0f….jpg (3.97 MB,4203x2968)

shes a great hunter, she blends right in


File:20210623_191404.jpg (4 MB,4608x2592)

does going to a cabin on the lake count as camping? that was all I did this year. I slept in my tent for one of the nights.


File:20977749_p0.jpg (300.8 KB,800x800)

I camp in front of my computer. There's lots of wildlife here such as spiders, woodlice and silverfish.


>Are there dirt paths at least?
yes of course, by the wild I meant away from established campgrounds, not necessarily far from civilisation. Although you don't really have access to running water and electricity even if you're camping near a town when you do that.


that grass is HUUUGE someone needs to mow it already!


Those aren't glasses it's a :3 face


File:83877787_p0.png (392.09 KB,560x800)

let's go silverfishing, fren!

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