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File:(clipboard)1633503860229.png (20.79 KB,522x418)


How fast is /qa/'s typing speed?


Like 70 ish then I get tired of typing and get 50...


File:waterfox_ip2x36emUu.png (14.14 KB,460x428)

you mess up a space and it counts everything afterwards as an error


too low
there were many difficult words


Don't be shy, Anonymous. Post your score!


It was 55 before I gave up in the middle. And there were many difficulties with the connection and punctuation marks.


File:hehe.png (13.81 KB,667x503)

65 to 75 seems to be what I get depending on the day.


File:Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at ….png (31.96 KB,572x466)

I wish I could type faster


File:2021-10-09_01-11-15.png (23.35 KB,541x403)

You are way too good!
This is max I could get


This is the first typing speed test I've seen with punctuation, whole sentences and even numbers. It's probably 30-40 below what you'd get anywhere else.

dog cat the man woman girl
We rode the Number 5 electric train to New York.


File:firefox_r5rCFcasSb.png (26.25 KB,1529x649)

I get around 70-80 when I'm not messing up but then I do mess up and it all goes south and it's not like you can recover since there's nothing that really measures how slow you are to recover from a fuckup it's all really annoying and I hate this test. Not to mention if you ever accidentally space twice yo may as well just give up since there's no coming back from a few seconds lost.


File:Screenshot 2021-10-17 1352….png (19.46 KB,560x491)

Does anyone else struggle with these? I know I can type a lot faster than 60 if I'm not under pressure or having to copy words off of a screen. I also find myself getting stressed out after making one mistake which usually slows me down a lot...


I think this one is just somehow uniquely harder than others. I'm not really sure how or why, it just noticeably is. I can pretty easily get 70+ and occasionally even into the 80s on typeracer.com, but this one seems to put me in the 50s to 60s.


One difference between typeracer and humanbenchmark would be that typeracer does not always have paragraphs.

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