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File:[Shimatta] Katanagatari - ….png (5.99 MB,1920x1080)


Finished binge watching Katanagatari. I feel like I liked the show but towards the end I was totally lost as to what was happening. Part of it was because I didn't remember some of the in-world politics. But most of it was all the future/past/history/correction stuff going on in the show. Togame's death wasn't very impactful to me either. I pondered upon why it wasn't, and reached the conclusion that she seemed more like a supporting character than an MC. The story was mostly focused on Shichika and his antics, Togame felt like but a side character. How ironic that Togame, who was complaining about Shichika being a plain character, was very much forgetful to me. Maybe I'm just dumb, maybe I was influenced by Shichika's indifference towards Togame throughout the whole show, apart from the last few episodes, or maybe I'm just dumb. Though, quite conversely, I found myself quite fond of Hitei hime. So much so that I was hoping for the show to end the way it did and was glad about it.
Any Anons here who've watched Katanagatari? How was your experience?


The Atari series is something I've meant to watch, but never got around to. There's just so much talking I have trouble getting into it..
Umm, sorry but I guess I can't really offer my opinion. I hope someone that can replies, though!


I've apparently watched this three years ago according to my list but the only thing I remember about it besides your spoiler is how the white haired girl mispronounces chesto as cherio and how the katanas they are collecting aren't actually katanas. Wonder if that's normal or if I have a really shit memory.


File:[Elysium]Katanagatari.EP06….jpg (82.36 KB,1280x720)

Katanagatari is probably one of my favourite shows. Great visuals, OST and story. I also marathoned it the first time I've watched it and ended up being confused. I don't think that it's a good show for binge watching, it's too easy to miss things if you are not paying enough attention. I did not like Togame that much on my first watching, but she never felt like a side character to me and I've started to appreciate her much more after rewatching the series. Also snow loli was top cute.
Katanagatari is completely unrelated to the Monogatari series, so you can watch it without watching the others. It still has a lot of talking, though.


File:[ANE] Katanagatari - Ep07 ….jpg (91.95 KB,1280x720)

Maybe next time you shouldn't speedwatch the show so you can actually take in what's happening. Togame was most certainly a main character and her interactions/relationship with Shichika was far more than just him being "indifferent" towards her. If you really do believe that I think you'd have to have been half paying attention to not notice how she served to "soften" Shichika by making him less of just a simple tool and more into an actual individual. Maybe it wasn't blatantly romantic but it was quite obvious over time how Shichika'd come to depend on her and enjoy her company. And I mean I last watched it in full was years ago and I still remember all of this what the hell OP.


File:31900150_p0.jpg (259.85 KB,700x506)

Katanagatari is a sequel to Genjimonogatari and Kaguya-himemonogatari, it comes before Kizumonogatari, which then is proceeded Nekomonogatari followed by Bakemonogatari then Niseimonogatari. After those you can feel free to go and watch Oremonogatari and Monogatari second season, but make sure you've watched it all before starting Owarimonogatari s1 and then you can watch Koyomimonogatari followed by Owarimonogatari S2. Then after all this you can watch Fuujinmonogatari and Tsukimonogatari before moving onto Zoku Owarimonogatari then topping it off with Hanamonogatari. And then if you want you can watch the distant sequel Five Star Monogatari


Monogatari is a far reaching franchise that has been expanded on with stories over the millennium


That's about my memory of it too. Seemed like pretty standard Shounen fare trying to cash in on the Bakemonogatari success.


File:137154.jpg (432.4 KB,1158x1600)

Standard shounen? It was a deliberate subversion of the chanbara genre. As in it presents you with elements you expect would go one way but they go the complete opposite way just to spite you. The Sabi Hakusei fight, the strongest swords being the least sword like, the maiden dying and her killer succeeding with her plans, the final message of people that try so hard failing and achieving nothing but their demise in the end. There's also the bit how it parallels the real life failed assassination attempt of the Chinese Emperor that built the Great Wall of China which goes in line with the whole falsification of history plot point.

I hated Katanagatari at first but as I read into it it became apparent to me that there's more to it than meets the eye.


Yeah, I might have been too focused on finishing it that I forgot to focus on the main thing; the show itself. I tend to do that a lot... Though how Togame "softened" Shichika was something I had known about but had forgotten by the time I was writing this post. I am just dumb. I should probably re-watch it sometime in the future, but this time not in one sitting. Something I've come to notice as I started watching seasonal anime weekly is that it is much more enjoyable to watch weekly than to rush and try to finish it by the end of the day. Though I don't think I'd remember anything if I were to watch one episode every month.

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