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What sort of peripherals do Kissu friends use? Anything interesting that you think other people should or shouldn't use?

I used to have a nice mechanical keyboard before it broke, and now just use a standard cheapo keyboard. Paradoxically I feel a bit more at home with the cheapo because I feel like I can be a bit more rough with it in case it does happen to break. I've been thinking about getting a bluetooth keyboard too. Does anyone have experience with one? I got a nice bluetooth headphones and found that the claims of dealing with latency are wildly blown out of proportion so I wonder how it would be with a keyboard.


File:1581050245481.png (900.03 KB,602x602)

I use a mechanical keyboard since it doesn't feel like I'm actually typing unless I can hear the tappity tap tap from my keypresses.

Also I've been wondering if I should use an ergonomic mouse (especially after a bunch of Diablo), but for now I just use regular.


I think I've had my mechanical keyboard for about 3 years now. It's good, but I kind of hate it at the same time because it's so wide. They didn't have the 'regular' model, so it sticks out to the left with a bunch of macro buttons that I never use. I'm not sure if anyone uses them.
Wait, I guess I do use one of them. My ] hey stopped working after I spilled water on it, so I mapped it to a macro button on the left which is quite annoying, but better than opening character map or something.


I have one of those wireless portable chargers that can attach magnetically to the back of my phone. It’s pretty convenient after I had to carry a portable charger and a cable for years. This just snaps on and starts charging. One other thing is that when they are attached together, if I plug my charging cable either to my phone or the charger, it will wirelessly charge the other. If you can justify the $99 pricetag, I think it’s worth it.


>I got a nice bluetooth headphones

I've been considering getting wireless headphones for quite a while but back when I researched how bad the latency was(which was, granted, quite a few years ago) I've gained the impression that they were basically unusable for anything other than listening to pure music. So you don't feel any video audio sync issues while watching stuff?


Have a newly bought (~3 months old) bluetooth keyboard and a 2+ year old gaming mouse which I love the fact that its lasted 2+ years already! My monitor's speakers have started dying, everytime the volume goes above 50%, I hear static. Thinking of buying a Pebble 2.0.
>Does anyone have experience with one?
While usually there is no noticable latency problem, sometimes I have to reposition my keyboard to point towards the dongle better. Though I think its because my keyboard is dumb. Its nice not having any wires attached, would buy a wireless mouse as well but I'm loving the one I have right now. Also, apparently, mice use up their batteries faster than keyboards. Used to have wireless mouse and keyboard before, changed the mouse's batteries twice but never the keyboard's battery.

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