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File:canvas.png (1.87 MB,3000x3000)


I used a website to generate a wordcloud of /qa/! It's catalog view and I'm not sure how it's grabbing the words. Is it OP only? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I'll do the other boards tomorrow!


File:canvas2.png (427.67 KB,3000x3000)

actually /jp/ wasn't too hard to make
OPs on /jp/ don't have much text OR it had trouble scraping it or something.
I removed everything with 2 or less mentions and stuff that I'm sure was on the page itself like 'Copyright' or 'Tinyboard'.
Anyway the website is https://www.wordclouds.com/ and to get it to work I had to do original.kissu.moe/qa/catalog
Might try other websites, but this thing doesn't automatically trim useless stuff which is just too annoying to fix on stuff with lots of text like /qa/.


Oh, 'Image' there is probably used somewhere on the site itself. I don't think people capitalize 'Image' much, especially on /jp/... oh well


Where did MEFUCK come from?


File:hexchat_PeqVoC4U6y.png (3.57 KB,701x42)

I have no idea. It's not picked up with Ctrl+F and it doesn't sound like something that would be in the tinyboard code or whatever. Truly it is a mystery


File:canvas3.png (559.49 KB,3000x3000)

I removed everything with less than 3 mentions or boring connecting words except for a few that were funny. The "R'7" is actually R07 and I have no idea why it's displayed that way


Probably >>>/jp/23159. Each line ends with "ME" and begins with "FUCK", which I guess somehow got combined into one word.


File:7731dba5fc.png (53.08 KB,739x133)

my sentiments exactly


love pretty satoko uhh fucking satoko life satoko


File:86454119_p3.jpg (2.88 MB,2000x2000)

I love you too, Kissu desu wa.


File:waterfox_Cef2WjfAns.png (2.16 KB,123x54)

can't wait to build the new web


Why are there so many letter number combinations there? R 6, R 1, I 1, I 2, I 4, etc.


File:Screenshot 2021-09-27 0110….png (128.57 KB,860x301)

I think the R 1, R 2, R 3... is coming from threads like the blog thread with multiple pages, but I'm not sure where the I is coming from. seems like the catalog but it says index not just "I" so I'm not sure why it isn't index 1, index 2, etc.


File:waterfox_vIkpMlZVbA.png (39.41 KB,203x215)

It's the number of images and replies as showing in catalog. There was just far too many combinations for me to bother removing them all, alongside the common words




File:canvas4.png (5.48 MB,3000x3000)

Way, way, WAY too many words to go through the giant list to clean things up. Unfortunately website stuff like the post date shows up


File:;-;.png (6.44 KB,200x97)

no banana

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