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File:__madotsuki_and_nasu_kinok….png (1008.5 KB,2500x2000)


I'm playing the best game of all: the imageboard game. I'm really good at it. I play 16 hours a day, everyday for the last 5 years nonestop. Yeah I think I'm winning. How about /qa/? Are you winning the imageboard game?


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)

I'm losing right now as I'm playing D2 too much.


File:1380648020660.jpg (129.77 KB,918x768)

Oh dear, it seems like you failed the chans'. Perhaps you should leave forever?


File:92951399_p0.png (5.28 MB,2048x2048)

I've been playing it less than I did during the 4chan novelty days, but I'm putting forth more effort. Is this the Dark Souls of imageboard posting?


File:1348360241438.png (216.73 KB,619x471)

I'm gamer, I game. That's all there is to it. You can play imageboards all you want while I own at video games... a much more important facet of human society...


Once played imageboards so hard it carried into the next day.


I started it on autoplay(far longer than many others), then I got more involved and now I'm back to getting more into autoplay; passively trying to get into other games.

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