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Can mental exhaustion lead to physical exhaustion? And if so how are you supposed to fix it.


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Probably? And that's the million dollar question


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Well, um, stress and anxiety, and a variety of other mental conditions can all lead to varying physical manifests ranging from fatigue, muscle twitching, rapid heart rate, increased perspiration, loss of appetite, etc. and they even cause deadly conditions like heart attack and stroke.

Fixing mental issues is always tricky and I think comes down to the individual in question, what they're motivated by, and whether their stressors are innate (mental conditions) or environmental (intra-personal issues). I think generally some solid advice would be to remain persistent, and -- when possible -- avoid your stressors, or overcome them through therapy or through sheer force of will. Medication is technically always an option too, but I'm suspicious of the health impacts long-term usage implies, particularly for drugs that alter brain chemistry, and in such cases I would always recommend therapy first unless the condition in question is severe and requires treatment such as manic disorders, schizophrenia, or severe depression.


also, haven't we talked about this before?


File:1387710268673.jpg (47.5 KB,250x250)

Have we? I can't remember.


Either it's since fallen off the board, or I'm weakly clairvoyant, but I do think I remember making a post almost exactly like >>78362. There were some other things I mentioned then and didn't write the post exactly the same way. I could've sworn it was started with a different image from Neptunia too. I faintly recall it being on one of the seasonal boards, and/or it getting moved? I honestly can't remember all the details.

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