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File:1.how_light_pollution_affe….jpg (193.64 KB,947x519)


Has /qa/ ever seen a shooting star before? All things considered they're supposed to be pretty common, but I've never seen one before. I can barely see any stars, only just the bright stars that make up major constellations because of all the light pollution from where I live.


I've seen maybe one shooting star I think, but I also live where light pollution is medium, but still just as bad for seeing anything.


Yeah, I used to watch the meteor showers during certain events like the uhh... Pleneids meteor shower or something? Usually happens around August. I've probably seen about 100 or so total over the years.
In that image I'm close to suburban, but it used to be a lot closer to rural since this area has been built up over the decades. I hate cities for many reasons...


Seeing a decent sky is one of my simple pleasures when I visit my Dad in the boonies.
I've seen shooting stars, ephermerally beautiful moon colors, eclipses, and even a UFO so I feel satisfied enough although seeing the milky way would be quite nice.
cities really do cheapen the human experience.


>cities really do cheapen the human experience.
Yeah, I don't know how people do it, but I'm glad they do. It's definitely far better for the planet for people to be clumped together and that's generally been the trend since the beginning. Japan might be the best example with Tokyo being so massive yet the country itself has so much open land outside of it. Unfortunately with pandemic people are starting to work at home more and that opens up opportunities to them to spread out, which uses far more resources.


I don't know that it actually is better for the planet. If we spread out there is much more of a limit to the amount of humans that can exist and therefore the resources they need and the damage they do. Just think of the enormous damage a place like Tokyo actually does to the environment due to all the people that live there and all the resources they consume. And construction(particularly concrete) is one of the largest polluters as well.


Oh, the nature in and around the city is certainly screwed (except for some species that adapt like pigeons) but it reduces the resources used to transport material to sustain them all. Then with apartment buildings or office buildings you have many people occupying the same amount of land horizontally which lowers the amount of land used. It's definitely beneficial.


I like cities :(


That's good! I'm glad there's lots of people do, but it's just not for me


Even if the transport itself is more efficient you still have to transport far more of it than you otherwise would have because there are far more people. You have to mine far more of it, produce far more, etc as well. This applies to food as well, you are not really using less land because you are using the land in the countryside to feed the population(and importing food from other lands as well). Fitting more people in a given area is not actually a good thing in that regard. I would not even agree that it lowers the residential land used, not with the way things like this tend to work, it will change how they fit people into the land that will be used to house people not how much of that land will be used to house people. Cities are good for economies but little else.


I work an eight hour drive into the desert from the nearest real town and do night shift as well
seen a shooting star or two, feel sorry for you lads if you can't get away from the big smoke out to somewhere you can get a good look at the real night sky


The only reason Japan has such great nature outside of Tokyo is because it's mountainous, not good for farming or living for a realistic community. Same story for most of Japan's locale really. They would've razed their country like England, Ireland, or large parts of America if they had the reason to use that land.

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