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File:1599327128360.webm (17.18 KB,640x360)


What even is #qa and how is it related to kissu?


irc channel on sageru


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (133.76 KB,1280x720)

A holdout from the tumultuous times of 4/qa/ *shudder*
Sometimes people make good remarks and conversations there that really would work better on kissu and it bums me out sometimes. I know things would receive more input and everyone would gain from it, but... bleh!

if ever the "diamond in the rough" phrase was accurate..


wait, I looked it up and "diamond in the rough" doesn't mean "a good thing among bad things" but rather something that hasn't yet reached its potential
huh, never knew


yeah lost the will to explain midpost honestly


File:1586455412600.png (487.02 KB,1250x500)

Once upon a time there was a place called /qa/ where many of the people who call Kissu home came from. The people there ushered in an era of prosperity and community moderation, but this angered the devious 4chan mods, and so they gradually made the board more and more intolerable to use, until one Summer a few years ago, their rage finally reached a fever-pitch and they then decided to ban a great many of the people here leaving them nowhere to go but Kissu. Before then and during that period of prosperity, the inhabitants of /qa/ used (and still do (very infrequently)) an IRC channel on Rizon called #qa, and at some point someone made an IRC channel on Sageru. The benefit of Sageru is that communication is anonymous, unlike Rizon where a username and pseudo-account is required. When a lot of people were banned, images were posted that basically said "Find your friends on kissu.moe, 4taba.net, qa.booru.org, etc". I believe #qa, either Sageru or Rizon was also in that list. Thought I might find one on qa booru, but I guess no one's posted one.


I have to eat my words on part of that image. /qa/ most certainly was murdered, but according to 4stats it's a top 20 board now.
Never again will I underestimate the power of that modern internet generic "shitposting" culture.


I wouldn't put too much credence towards that the growth of
"modern internet generic 'shitposting' culture" being organic, a fair bit of should be growth from mod promoted posting. 4chan is a large site and looking with just desuarchive they still seem to actively be using /qa/ as a trash dump; thus having a constant influx of new posters to the board. Also considering the market demand for random boards is generally high it only makes sense that once the original ecosystem collapsed on /qa/ a new one formed to occupy the niche.


I mean, what did you think was going to happen when another culture took hold of /qa/? It's not as though the board sprang back to life in any meaningful way. It just merged with the zeitgeist, which isn't by any means slow.


File:4E096759-7DB9-4FBC-B1AE-7….jpeg (394.47 KB,828x1331)

posting this here because I didn’t want to make a new thread

I just saw this on 4chan. /qa/ has a discord?


"We" never did, but since the userbase was replaced I wouldn't be surprised if there's one for their version of /qa/ today. Apart from the usual complaints people have with discord, it operates too much like an imageboard and was strongly opposed for the risk of community division.


good to know, thanks

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