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File:8cd5a6f86eaa9e32b01b636423….jpg (533.22 KB,848x1200)


Did you know that Diablo 2 Ressurected comes out in literally a day /qa/ and there's not a single thread about it even though we're all going to play it and fill up an 8 player lobby?


played it when i was a teen and gave up halfway through


File:1624760185878.jpg (1.87 MB,2000x1660)

Congrats man, you'll be beating it for the first time.


> fill up an 8 player lobby
that's like 75% of all /qa/ posters!


Actually it's 2/3rds. Trust me, I did the math. A shame 4 posters will be missing out on the big lobby but they can fill half of one on their own.


i feel ashamed that i can't do fractions....


I'm going to pirate it so I can't play with /qa/ anyway.


Only a week to beat inferno Diablo before everyone's playing Melty, that's a challenge.


I'm sure pirated will eventually have multiplayer, probably not for a while though, but if it has offline, then pirated can probably figure out a way.


What's different about it? I've never had issues replaying the original and I doubt there's anything great about this new one


Looks a whole lot better and there's shared stashes and auto-gold pickup.


Oh... That makes more sense. I was figuring that the reason they removed self-hosted multiplayer was for cynical monetization, but preventing pirated clients from playing is probably another reason to if you need to connect to authentication servers... I wouldn't be surprised if that's the sort of thing that's impossible for pirates to overcome since a server emulator would be necessary...

>shared stashes
Maybe I'm thinking of something else, but isn't that a bad thing? I would hope there's no one like this on Kissu, but doesn't that just open up for one person to rush in and take everything?... I thought the whole point of NOT having shared loot was so that everyone would be guaranteed something so no one has to bicker over getting left over junk, or not being fast enough to grab something that multiple people are looking at taking.


Well I mean when it comes to trading people would pick up all the good loot anyways so they could sell it... I don't think people with alts will be that interested in stealing from others.


I've never played any Diablo, although I certainly am old enough to have played it at peak hype.


i only play games with cute girls and occasionally cute boys


I'm pretty sure if the game functions offline then there's still a way to implement multiplayer. It's just really difficult and could take a few months.


It's worth trying if you've never played before, ARPGs are fun.


I just got the game and am downloading it. I use to play the game constantly in middleschool. my best moment was when a griffons dropped for me when I had a light sorc from some trash mobs on my way to a baal for a mf run.


File:D2R_iheoF66awd.png (73 KB,536x175)

Game up


I'll play when it gets cracked and cracked people can play online, but that might take a while. Is it always-online like D3?


why is the game name so long, can you not name your games?


new lobby:



still downloading...


gonna go take a shower for a bit then, lobby will still be up


oh its a pre expansion lobby?


Before I could even join a lobby for this I feel like I should at least watch a video of Diablo to figure out just what it is and how it plays so I'm not a noob of noobs.


its really easy early game and the build paths are pretty self explanatory


Yeah, thought I'd play a bit of classic before playing rune-inventory.


Post some screenshots. Is anyone playing necro? That was easily my favorite class


File:Screenshot005.png (6.33 MB,3840x2160)

Funnily enough I'm a necro main too. Nobody's joined yet, although at this point I think someone else should start the qa lobby and I can join it.


As fun as D2 while looking better. Bet if the original looked like this D3 would've never taken off since it'd have been in every way inferior.

Apso switched to expansion since it seems like that's what everyone will and wants to be playing on anyways.


too expensive for an online only game


All I can see from looking at that image is the red vs bluepill thing.


It's not online only


stream up and game is qa:friends

restarting since i respecced my necro into all strength


I've quickly come to the conclusion that Diablo games are not fun to watch. Thanks, though.


ARPGs are for LAN parties with friends. Watching someone else play is pointless.


D2 so fun it has me passing out while playing again....


It's still not pirateable yet... If it was on Steam I would buy it but it's not.

No game is fun to watch.


Eh, I like watching speedruns of games I played decades ago. It's good second-monitor fodder for when I'm doing something else and don't need to focus


File:Evangelion.3.0 1.01.Thrice….jpg (496.83 KB,1920x816)

thinking of starting the holy grail challenge (collecting all unique items in the game)
gonna use the classic version of the game though with the PlugY mod
there's also a neat online item tracker

does anyone want to do join me? we could post our finds and stuff


File:[SallySubs] Non Non Biyori….jpg (298.34 KB,1920x1080)

Grinding the same bosses hundreds or thousands of times? No way! It's a good game, but not THAT good.


File:hina 4.jpg (74.6 KB,554x673)

yeah, i understand you perfectly


I just remembered that I should have something like 60-70 blizzard bucks from selling a demon hunter chest in D3. I don't think I want to play this online, but the allure of a skeleton army necro is really appealing to me lately...


It's got offline mode to it, if you want to play that


Oh, nice. Yeah, I'd do that. Multiplayer is just too fast for me and it gets stressful


File:D2R_h1Y6V2B6Mt.jpg (317.45 KB,2124x1372)

this is the most disappointed i've ever been with boss drops...


File:D2R_2meMhnEeo9.png (1.44 MB,1192x775)

First try


That's almost as good as turning on Cheat Engine.


File:D2R_9rMZZop0Rw.png (2.47 MB,1239x2088)

Hit a hard wall on my sorc when entering Hell, in that immunities are really screwing with me. So in light of that I think I might try out the necro, and I think I've got a pretty good head start on the build I want to run for that already.


i have never seen a worse explanation


Had a laugh while looking at the summonmancer meta build as both it and the levelling strat for it are what I always have done naturally because I thought having a bunch of skeles was cool.


diablo 2 builds are very self explanatory


File:D2R_I87tlLyuzI.jpg (1.05 MB,3840x2160)

Diablo stood no chance.


File:002ac569ec.jpg (959.82 KB,3840x2160)

Army is getting really big now


Is there a cracked version yet?


Yeah there's been one out for a while, just no mp


File:D2R_RjyV0Wlla2.jpg (1.86 MB,3840x2160)

finally beat hell



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