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File:AJW8_131980606750066976aF2….jpg (14.29 KB,640x480)


Have you ever used one of these handle accessories for a handheld gaming system? I really need to get one because the 2DS XL utterly wrecks my hands and makes them sore for the entirety of the next 3 days. Getting older sucks, but also this square design they've kept since the original gameboy sucks, too.
What about computer stuff? Do you use any special keyboard or mouse to avoid hand or wrist cramping? I feel like this is stuff I should buy before I need it and that time will probably arrive in less than a decade.


Don't really use my DS anymore, but I can say that investing into ergonomic stuff early like you guessed is well worth it. It can even help you to avoid contracting something major.


I have a grip thing for my vita that's decent, but it's not quite perfect for me. I really want to get the 2000 model so I can get the Hori remote play grip, since not only does it provide better ergonomics, but also provides extra triggers for the touchpad on the back so you can fully map all the buttons that would be on a console controller.

Outside of consoles, I think a small thing that might help a lot is using an ergonomic mouse that has contours for your thumb and fingers. I would imagine having your fingers fall more naturally like that is probably better for your hands than a standard mouse that just has flat sides.


File:916FCj53FjL._SL1500_.jpg (131.54 KB,1500x1500)

Do you know the name of the vita thing? I need to get one, also do you have small, average or big hands? Nature gave me little girl hands that don't fit onto my body...
In related news, more research into 2DS stuff and I see this thing. I don't understand how this is supposed to work. It's like 3-5x the price of the stuff that looks like OP image, but it doesn't seem very ergonomic at all


File:31T2Plx 3pL.jpg (13.65 KB,500x500)

Yeah, it's made by a company called "OSTENT". You should easily find it just searching, "OSTENT Vita 1000 grip". They're really cheap off of Amazon. Like $7. I have about medium-large hands, and I personally find it a little small for me. I would imagine if you have smaller hands than me, it might work well for you, but you might also have trouble reaching the back touchpad. The build quality is decent and doesn't feel like it'd ever fall off, but it's nothing to write home about. Leaving it off of the vita, however, I do worry about it's build quality where it goes across the back on the top and bottom, because the plastic there is a bit thin and seems like it might break if you placed something heavy on it.


File:nerf2.jpg (70.42 KB,900x674)

That reminds of a thing I had for my DS Lite. I got it as a kid, presumably because my parents didn't trust me not to break the thing. I would imagine that 2DS thing serves the same purpose: it's to ensure that the 2DS becomes certifiably indestructible, even more so than Nintendium already is, and ergonomics is probably just an afterthought.


Ohh, I forgot there's two Vita models. I have the 1000, too. Nice.

You're right about that. It's a grip/protector thing, but I think the grip part was just marketing talk because it's not ergonomic at all. It probably adds significant weight, too, which makes it even worse.
(My forearms do get more buff if I play vita for weeks at a time as it is)


File:CFBAD610-72FB-49D9-91F9-1….jpeg (39.47 KB,702x702)



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