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What meds do you take?
Risperidone, lithium, wellbutrin and klonopin here.


File:SAGE-2.gif (12.35 KB,93x31)



take them



Can you break down what each one is for?

I've tried Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and Sertraline (Zoloft) for extended periods.


Too many, but I rather not talk about this sort of thing. I guess I can mention Vitamin D supplements; most people aren't getting enough of it because we spend so much time inside. And this was true pre-pandemic so I imagine even more people need it now.


File:1605210819685.jpg (381.28 KB,850x850)

lexapro, methylphenidate, alprazolam
though i dont actually take any of them right now
there was a time recently where id take double of everything and just kind of take pills and it was bad


File:1620473715887.png (534.77 KB,804x800)

multivitamins, omega 3-6-9, and probiotics!


Sage is not a downvote.


File:99a88186f8b128caaf963792f5….jpg (2.06 MB,2150x3035)

L-Arginine, Zinc, Pygeum, and Lecithin.


anti-vomit pills
stomach coal pills


so many med takers in /qa/...


Nice attention whoring trash thread. Same as >>78133 btw.


didn't know you hated blogging


I don't. I just don't care for bonding over "mental illness". It is basically on the same level as /r9k/ tier bullshit. Also, I'm pretty sure we had this thread months ago and it was deleted after two or three replies.


File:Alienware-Laptop-Transpare….png (401.76 KB,1200x798)

mods are asleep, post PCs


aspirin and paracetamol


I don't take anything nowadays I just gave up on trying to find something that works I do take the odd vitamin D and B12.

You should lay off the sodium tablets.


Don't know what pills those are but I hope you're doing ok.

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