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File:1.jpeg (95.93 KB,927x1024)


Dying without noticing must be nice.


Go to sleep on the edge of a cliff or sky scraper or go to sleep in Antarctica.


I think you'd notice you will die if you do that. Not so sure if it counts or not.


How? You would be asleep.


Have you never fallen asleep while sitting up? Inevitably, you wake up due to the sensation of falling.


All of life has been thoroughly programmed to evade death, but nobody knows about what the other side has up their sleeves.


File:1614694391103.jpg (25.54 KB,389x389)

I thought that was Madotsuki from the thumbnail.


that lil' bugger shouldn't sleep so close to the open drain!


Maybe, but I dread it too much for it to have been completely without notice. I'd rather be in full control of the way I die, or not die at all, than have the hand of fate decide my death for me. I don't like it one bit.


You summed up my opinion exactly. To the letter.


File:page_01.jpg (1.01 MB,1097x1600)

I don't have time to die. There is too much media to enjoy. Can't drink and eat good food either when you're dead.


If I ever were on the verge of dying I'd get so excited my heart'd start pumping with full force again.


File:__super_mutant_and_cait_fa….jpg (7.3 MB,2894x4093)

Don't pick the bad end! Don't pick the bad end!


Joining the unity is tantamount to death...

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