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File:DpbBjIMUcAAXtG3.jpg (45.84 KB,1280x736)


Let's draw the safety cat! You can draw the original cat, or you can draw something else in that form! For examples you can look at https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/%E7%8F%BE%E5%A0%B4%E7%8C%AB/artworks
Remember- you don't need to be good! Just draw something!


File:wtf.png (15.48 KB,900x900)

I tried to draw /qa/-tan and wow I suck. I'll try again with something different tomorrow


File:1631768725553.png (208.62 KB,1280x736)

I can't draw so I whipped up an auto template and cleaned it a bit.

https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91976678 cute one


>I can't draw
Neither can I, but I did it!


File:safety cat!.jpg (272.82 KB,1052x672)



very nice


I don't want to fail


File:gabbercat.png (155.68 KB,623x673)



File:86361288_p0-safety.jpg (1.57 MB,2067x1447)

better safe than sorry


File:1631771425988 copy.png (78.69 KB,1280x736)

Alright. Here, for the lazy people like >>78029


File:1631771425988asddas.png (64.58 KB,1280x736)

or if you prefer a background


File:Ghost Stories Safety Cat.png (28.55 KB,1700x780)


File:safety laura look at her g….png (809.45 KB,1280x720)



File:safetycat.png (255.21 KB,717x770)


File:e35.png (77.01 KB,1672x1348)


File:1631768725553.jpg (115.13 KB,1280x736)

I really don't think I can overcome my mental hurdles to draw in front of everyone... here's a connect the dots puzzle I made instead...


No offense, but I gave it a try and I must say that that is by far the most confusing connect-the-dots puzzle I've ever done. Why are there so many repeat numbers and dots with multiple labels?


File:1632010257912.png (51.91 KB,1280x736)

True, there's some repeating numbers and the numbers stop at 30 and start again at 40, but it was still fun to do. Kinda looks like Doraemon?


I really like this one.


was it not clear? If there's a repeat number that means it's a branching path.

The different shaded numbers indicate different routes


File:517ed07834.png (Spoiler Image,322.27 KB,1425x900)

here's the solution for you thick kindergartners



File:image_2021_09_18_14_50_17s….png (67.61 KB,1080x1851)

I'm not good at this drawing thing.
Attempt #1


File:image_2021_09_18_14_52_48s….png (43.62 KB,1080x1851)

Attempt #2. This was fun.


File:ladybern.png (4.36 MB,4000x4000)

cat of miracles



cute cat


File:Untitled-1.png (13.96 KB,900x900)

picasso cat


Very cute.

Unique. I like it.

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