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File:aikawarazu mircopage tanab….jpg (2.98 MB,4749x1353)


Post an image that you have saved but can't remember why you saved it


File:low-hanging-fruit.jpg (177.52 KB,334x500)



File:032_Nidoran_DW_Shiny.png (42.73 KB,200x256)


File:Lord Hiroshi of Burgundy.jpg (22.91 KB,166x281)


File:The Queen of Heart'99.png (995.14 KB,775x630)


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,2067x1447)


File:1530206517014.jpg (103.49 KB,601x665)


File:ebda456dd33f21a482ae98d18f….png (56.53 KB,740x1010)


File:1630209501028.gif (73.07 KB,500x290)


File:1nMYX3r.jpg (764.99 KB,2419x1814)


File:Screenshot_20191212-124848….jpg (1.05 MB,2537x1440)


File:x40.png (223.08 KB,1088x1600)


Slightly unprofessional, should have censored with heart symbols and not some clovers.


File:beat1.jpg (387.7 KB,786x1100)


File:main-qimg-0583208fdd2d5b3….jpeg (296.91 KB,1200x800)


File:nico 9818118.jpg (1.03 MB,1280x720)


Where's the other basil... or the mozzarella...


File:buboorly.jpg (27.98 KB,400x400)


File:the avatar.gif (997.93 KB,200x233)

I suppose I saved it because I thought it was funny, but I don't know which situation I would ever get a use for it.


File:1373426379573.jpg (187.84 KB,829x1200)

Miraculously when looking through my unsorted images, I found the old monk image I wanted to find earlier. These guys (or someone dressed just like them) were in that Heike Monogotari show.


Those sandals seem uncomfortable.


I wonder why they're not flat bottoms. Wouldn't those slats get stuck in mud?


At any rate that definitely does not seem like pragmatic footwear for combat.


I was thinking it was for rituals or training or something like that and not active combat


Probably to keep the feet elevated from the ground, if it was flat he would get mud and dirt over his feet when he walked.


File:1434222583986.png (764.82 KB,672x1020)

There's a lot of stuff I have saved that I don't know where I'd use it in...


File:squirrel salvation.jpg (24.02 KB,400x432)

same for pic related, I really like this macro but I never get to post it


I think it's pretty obvious why you saved this image.


File:image0-104.gif (1.81 MB,370x428)


File:1605970434248.png (379.67 KB,466x592)

This was in my reaction image folder


File:1611593439538.png (814.32 KB,720x1024)


>can't remember why you saved it
I think we all know why you saved that.


File:1631104858269.gif (2.09 MB,200x262)

Some people dislike these because I guess they come from ifunny, but I find some of them rather amusing. Just modern day filename threads.

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