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Is life the pursuit of novelty? It seems like if all physical needs are met, novelty to entertain and stimulate your mind is the most important thing.
Although, then why is nostalgia so appreciated? But then people want new things featuring their old nostalgia stuff so maybe it's not far off?


I wouldn't say so, since people search out unchanging comfort in their lives more often than search for something new. Maybe what drives nostalgia is that it reminds people of when they had security in their lives, when they were free of worries. It's also probably why people like to be in communities of those they've known rather than let new people in.

Although I guess novelty is appreciated in a sense that something new and refreshing can break from the usual monotoney in a nice way, but if it's not good then I think some would say that they prefer things had just stayed the way they were.


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I would say yes though its more a question of tolerance which would explain nostalgia, you never have nostalgia for something you just experienced but instead further down the line because its no longer new until later when your "tolerance" wears off and you can look back at the thing in question as a novelty again.
life isnt the pursuit of novelty but the desperate escape from the mundane
of course this is mostly a modern problem where we are so surrounded by new and oftentimes excessive sensations that our tolerance to novelty is very high outside of stuff like tiktok which takes advantage of the desire to escape the mundane to trap you in its web of "novelties" that are just attention grabbers
if you ever wonder why it feels like innovation and new exciting things are slowing down thats why, im drawn to thinking about a headline i saw in i think time magazine that called the creation of the internet the end of history


File:77233171_p0.jpg (1.18 MB,1668x2224)

>life isnt the pursuit of novelty but the desperate escape from the mundane
Maybe that's a better way of putting it. It feels like more and more things are rendered uninteresting and dull to me as I get older. I think this is partly why 4chan gets dull to people over time, the same templates are repeated endlessly because it has a revolving door userbase that's continuously introduced (and entertained) by stuff I've seen far too many times.
What will I need to do to be entertained when I'm in my 70s?


File:__tennouji_rina_love_live_….png (4.98 MB,2896x4096)

I'm always in search of more novel cute anime girls to express myself through and feel the way I wosh I could

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