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File:[Exiled-Destiny]_Ghost_Sto….png (283.71 KB,640x480)


Would Kissu be up for watching the Ghost Stories dub next Thursday and Friday? It's 20 episodes total, so I figured it'd be better to split it over two days.

As for the time, probably 5PM EDT

Stream will be at:


Haven't seen this one in a while. Sure!
Man, what a crazy production that was.


sure, never felt like watching it.
would try with a stream


Sure, actually kinda wonder how well it holds up since a lot of the references were pretty timely.


File:1600208985322.jpg (473.61 KB,1280x720)

To whoever does the streams, would it be possible for us to watch Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi at some point? It's a new (dec 2020) movie.


Lots of different people do the streams, but I liked that movie so we could do.


count me in


I want to watch but have to go to sleep early for Thursday…


Sorry if you won't be able to catch a few episodes, but tune in at least to a few if you can! I'll leave them up until the next night's stream if you want to watch the episodes you'll miss.


I’ll try to be there, thanks!


Friendly reminder the stream is tonight!


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (138.18 KB,1280x720)

Have it done it before? Have you checked to see if the stuff is working?


I'm lurking with my handle in your room if there's some sort of problem, but I pulled an all nighter to watch age of empires sets and might die at any time.


Yeah, I checked the GitHub wiki for CyTybe and made nice JSON files for each episode so they're labelled and all that about a week ago. I'll check to make sure that none of the links have expired, but everything should be fine.


JSON files? Normally we just plop MP4s in it. What format are you using?


The JSON file is just to give the file a name, so that in the playlist it says "Ghost Stories Episode X", and then it also just points to a catbox link for the file source. Is there some simpler way to do that, that I overlooked?


Otherwise the file in the playlist just says "Raw Video" if I remember correctly.


For most things I get an option to name it manually. I can't remember which files don't offer the choice, but I know mp4 does. hmm..


Oh... I see it now...


Ghost Stories dub stream in 15 minutes!


I'm jumping in!


Ghost Stories dub stream starting soon!!


Stream starting!!


full theme of the ghost stories ending


Ghost stories dub stream in about an hour!


File:ezgif-3-ce40240d7f75.gif (815.55 KB,1000x560)

my body is ready


Ghost stories dub stream in about 20 minutes!


File:1616961971258.jpg (178.63 KB,1000x1000)

now's the time to grab some munchies if you haven't already. dis gonna b gud.


Ghost stories dub stream starting soon!!


Sorta realized that humor hasn't really changed much and most of it still holds up. Or maybe it's that current humor hasn't really moved beyond but just gotten a whole lot less varied.


File:0cc7265e2ed0e973780b2b12cd….gif (3.8 MB,950x720)

I think it's just that a lot of internet humor has gotten pretty stale since a lot of places turned into either constant flame wars or constant e-whoring. There's not really a lot of wiggle room for genuinely funny stuff, and it certainly doesn't help if people get upset and take offense over jokes.


Satsuki cute. Yeah, I feel like humor in certain areas just hasn't changed much. You could see it as a bad thing, but when I see the rest of the internet I don't really feel that I'm missing out on anything. I guess enough noobs are assimilating as a whole, even if they add stuff that sucks at the same time. I've never liked the "growing up" thing where people imply that your sense of humor should completely change.


Wish we could just joke around like the old days...


sexy sexy Satsuki butt


>dude panties lmao xd
Satsuki is my wife but Japan’s obsession with panty shots is so forced and stale


Well, this is from 21 years ago, but the panty shot is still quite nice I think. It's cute and alluring, although perhaps less popular these days with the internet inundating everyone with porn.


She is not your wife, stop insulting her and her creator.


What's wrong with having a waifu? If you've gotten this far, it's a little strange to be so repulsed.


Well it's a late response but Bulma in the original Dragonball actually showed a full butt shot and it blew my mind at the time; people really do take panty shots for granted.

Roshi basically got full cunny view.


File:753D84AC-62BD-4650-A395-9D….gif (466.54 KB,500x500)

that stream was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again soon. it’s hard to imagine a dub that tops the Ghost Stories dub though. I fucking LOVE Satsuki.


Because as I said, it is an insult to her and her creator. You are ruining the character.


Calm down Miyuzaki
lewding characters only devalues the character for the person lewding her


Lewding is separate and different and I don't actually care so much because it can be put down to parody. People that draw lewd images of characters are not literally saying that that is the character and what the character does or would do, whereas if you say that it's your wife you are.


File:1630072275410.jpg (47.95 KB,800x452)

I never once lewded Satsuki; I love her in a non-sexual way. besides, I don't think it's even possible to "insult her and her creator" more than the dub did lol

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