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File:SP9u5uF.png (416.49 KB,893x506)


anyone know the symbolism of these two items? The bone from a balloon dog and the necklace of the priest.

Shinsekai Yori ep 5

Idaten ep 1


File:1.png (1.28 MB,803x1200)

worth noting that this symbolism is anime only, manga makes direct comparison to Christianity


I feel like I've seen this used as an element symbol in a game before...


reminds me of a norse triple horn but its probably just supposed to be a generic religious symbol


File:1920px-Flag_of_the_Isle_of….png (90.53 KB,1920x960)

Isle of Mann flag


Are they a soccer country or something?


Looks like a hindu symbol

This is the Treskele, I found this at first, but it's meaning doesn't make sense for a story.


File:1024px-Seal_of_the_United_….png (245.75 KB,1024x1024)

actually am not too sure it's a hindu symbol since that's representing a 3D object...

it looks more like the US depertment of transportation's symbol...


I don't think it's a reference to shinsekai yori
i can't find it right now but i'm pretty sure that shape has shown up in other anime specifically as a weapon like it is in Shinsekai Yori. It's definitely some generic shape that just has some cultural meaning with certain cultures.


Well, some people do see the DMV as hell on Earth


File:0005096_victor-lee-cyclon….jpeg (122.38 KB,600x600)


was going to say I remembered some kind of ninja star from naruto that looked like this


Nice OBS logo in the center. Also, I have no idea how someone would throw that without slicing their hand open.

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