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The trailer for the 4th Matrix movie is out.
I think it seems decent enough, although the atmosphere is definitely very different. I liked the unique green haze look of the original trilogy, but this seems a lot brighter. I guess this could be explained in the story somehow. The originals prioneered a lot of technology, but I'm not sure anything in this trailer looks groundbreaking.
What do you think?


Keanu still does really good in action movies (John Wick), so I guess he'd still do good here? I guess I wasn't so amazed with the Matrix sequels to really care about a fourth.


Seems like Cyberpunk 2077 the movie, but Matrix themed.


Yeah, instead of ripping-off Mamoru Oshii and 90s music videos it's now ripping-off John Wick and Cyberpunk 2077. Bet the soundtrack will also be synthwave to keep with the trends of the now.


File:no thank you.png (402.67 KB,875x639)

not interested. I'm tired of all those sequels, remakes, remasters, reboots and other crap. they should try making something original for once.


Funny how with American media most people can easily relate to this sentiment, but I always end up wanting the opposite from anime... At least when it comes to sequels.


File:EoFFDuD.jpg (316.58 KB,1920x1080)

another cringe reboot no doubt to be filled with cringe social commentary and meta references lacking any sort of nuance

also trinity is a kinda ugg now tbh

john wick 5 (cyber wick)


Could you not...


Creativity is dead


The trailer has so many references to red-pill blue-pill that I can't help but feel this is marketted towards the political memer youth and schizo old guys.


Oh. I was thinking that Keanu taking mouthfuls of blue pills was somehow related to him "seeing things" as he said in the trailer, so I figured it would be somewhat in line with Cyberpunk 2077's main theme of mental deterioration.

That's my headcanon at least, but I guess we'll see when the movie comes out.


In the original I figured the blue pill was just a placebo because it's just really saying "no". Hell, the red one could be a placebo, too, and just a symbolic contract of sorts.

Well, a sequel 20 years after the trilogy, so yeah.


looked like a reboot to me


Well I mean that's what most people remember the matrix for nowadays. Of course they're going to plaster it all over their marketing


completely missed the boat with matrix; I was already jaded as heck when I watched it, I found it barely average and I didn't even bother to watch its two sequels.


File:1631300893075.webm (352.41 KB,566x478)



such a funny concept, he could have just moved out of the way or teleported behind them.


Hollywood wants literally everything to be a massive upfront hit. The easiest way to have that is to make something based off an existing property.

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