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Games like DDR are pretty cool. It's a shame arcades don't exist in anywhere near the numbers they used to. Not to mention going to one isn't particularly easy given the current global situation, of course.


When I went to the local beaches over the summer I noticed the arcades were all still lively and full of people. Although beaches themselves are some of the least-caring places in the world about covid since if they did care, business would die.


File:the_clawwww.jpg (279.29 KB,1920x1080)

maybe it's different in your neck of the woods but in my part of america all the arcades are just boomers playing pacman at dave and busters and claw machines in movie theatres to make more money. I've seen a grand total of maybe two genuinely cool arcade machines outside of round one (which specializes in bringing japanese stuff to america) and one of those was broken. a shame, too, since I'd get out of the house way more often (pandemic notwithstanding) if there was a worthwhile arcade within a reasonable distance of me.


Never seen a cool arcade like they have in Japan over here in the states. Maybe it's because we don't really have that big of an arcade culture here, think bowling took off more.


File:sf2_cuties.jpg (349.32 KB,2048x1448)

assuming you can find one near enough to you, round one is the absolute best way of getting a taste. I went to one during one of the few times I've been to an anime con and it was staggering how much cool stuff they have. fighting games and ryhthm games eeeeverywhere. they even had the table flipping game, as well as that game where you make actual hand signs over a sensor bar to cast spells, and a few other formerly japan-only oddities. they're technically a bowling alley as well, but the arcade portion dwarfs that massively.


>table flipping game
What's this?


File:maxresdefault.jpg (126.28 KB,1280x720)

If I remember rightly, you basically play as an overworked salary man and you have to flip your table as hard as possible, causing as much mayhem as possible by having your desk knock into things as it goes flying.


Hah, a simulator to relieve stress so that it doesn't occur in a real work environment. How genious.

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