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File:Touhou Remilia 013 E.png (1.27 MB,1080x1500)


I was thinking, if I was a magical being it is actually far more in my interests to hide that than to announce it. If I was a non threatening little magical girl I could appear before the king in medieval times and demand an income and house from him and refuse to live the castle until he accepts, even if he thought I was a demon he would eventually have to accept and maybe living with a non threatening little girl would convince him that I was not a demon. But there are bound to be people that would see me as a demon and the Pope might even call a crusade on me, I would never be able to live in peace. It is even worse these days, if I tried the same approach at parliament they might not even think I was a demon and they might accept or be made to accept but I would instantly become the most talked about person on earth and my entire life would be under the most attention that any life ever was, added to that you still have religious nut jobs and all it takes is one of them with a rifle to finish me off, or the government of a foreign nation may decide to send agents to kill me for fear hat I may be used against them, the government of the nation I live in may even do that. I would not get any peace in modern times either.

And what for? There is not actually much benefit to using my powers in public, sure the king may benefit from it but I will not so much. So approaching the king or Prime minister in private would be the better option, that way I could force them to give men an income but keep that hidden from the public. Or I could use clandestine actions to make money, like stealing, shorting companies and then sabotaging them, corporate espionage, using my powers of flight to fly around Papua new Guneia to look for Thylacines etc. So we would never know about these magic people, they would make sure to never be known about.


Maybe. It's a shame humans are so... mean.


File:Jeanne d'Arc Alter 015 E.png (1.02 MB,1200x1648)

I guess, if I was a magic girl I could pretend that I was a peasant hearing the voice of god and that he was telling me that I was to drive the English out of the country and I could use minor magic tricks to make them believe me, have them train and equip me as a knight, have them give me command of the army and then go forth and defeat the English, once they are gone for good I could come home and I would be able to live in luxury as a saint and a war hero.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (218.89 KB,1920x1080)

This sounds like a confession! We have little magical girls on kissu! Wow!
I'd definitely hide any powers I had, but I think most people wouldn't be capable of this just due to ego. It's like how the greatest conspiracy theories are unbelievable if for nothing else that requiring thousands of people to keep a secret is nearly impossible.


File:Touhou Youmu 026 E.png (4.04 MB,3840x1912)

But what if it was required for a magician to not have a large ego to be able to use magick in the first place. Maybe they have to reach enlightenment or if they have an ego it would interfere with their training and make it impossible to use magick, or maybe the mages know this could be an issue and only pass knowledge on to those with no ego or it might be that it requires a certain personality type or upbringing to use magick and that personality or upbringing is less egotistical in nature.

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