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How do you deal with the light from the monitor? Do you keep the three metres of distance to the screen in a well-lit room like the anime tell you at the episodes' beginnings?
A factor that has to be considered: color schemes, font types. Apparently reading white text on a dark background isn't as beneficial as it may sound promising at first; you may want to assure that the monitor isn't the only light source in the room when you look at it for many hours per day but the light of the letters' edges flowing into its dark surrounding cause more trouble than reading black text on a white background like when reading a book(is what the sources say). After much hesitation I saw for myself that I had to reconsider my values so I got a serif font while staying at prefering the dark mode, for about every site and program. (And later I wanted to print some pages with my favorite font in bright letters on dark paper but soonly found out about the impossibility of this undertaking.)
I even lowered down the light settings of the monitor but soonly had to recognize that shows and photos and perhaps most of the flashing blisses of experiences, lose their initial stimulating power without enough light.


I try to keep a balance between my screen and the room. Before I didn't care about it but I'm going blind and I get headaches if I spend too much time watching a screen in the dark.


>3 meters
Mine's at most at arms length, and my arm is not three meters long. I don't think its supposed to be three meters. Three meters is very far. Maybe three feet, which is 1 meter.
I used to keep my room dark to minimize the electricity bill as much as possible but now I have it lit because my eyes were starting to strain a lot.


never sit in the dark because eyes start to hurt
also try not to linger on any pages with white background for the same reason


Well I like my room to not be particularly bright and I sit close to my computer, so it is something that I am aware of. I keep my display fairly dim most of the time, and frequently adjust it as necessary (so I might crank it up if I'm watching a dark video but lower it when reading something on a white background or basically anytime my eyes feel like they're drying out). I also keep the blue-light filter on medium strength all the time - things look a bit off at first but once you get used to it you stop noticing it, and I find it much easier on my eyes (also it pairs well with my room lighting since I have a warm light bulb).


I often keep the lights totally off and use my monitor to light up my room


I keep my monitor on as low of a setting as I can manage. I used my colorimeter while adjusting the color levels as well, so I could further reduce the brightness of my monitor while keeping the color accuracy. But, when playing darker games it can be rather difficult to see what's going on, so I'll usually switch to a different mode to see better. As far as preserving my vision is concerned, a major concern I have is glare. Having glare on a screen can apparently increase eye strain by a lot, which somewhat troublesome for me. I sit directly next to a window and have overhead lights that I have no realistic way of preventing glare from, because they're at such a sharp angle from me.

I think for really optimal viewing, it would be great to have OLED monitors, but for some reason they still don't exist... The closest thing you could probably do is maybe find a small 24 inch TV and use that, but the lowest I've seen in the US is 32 inch, so you'd probably have to import one from Korea or Japan where people don't mind smaller TVs. In the meantime I have a really nice CRT monitor from the tail-end of their existence, and it's really nice for watching stuff, but as a nearly 15 year old monitor, it is fairly finicky to use at time, and there is of course the concern that using a CRT monitor could speed up the rate of eye damage beyond typical aging.

>Do you keep the three metres of distance to the screen in a well-lit room like the anime tell you at the episodes' beginnings?

I'm pretty sure the the old saying "you shouldn't sit too close to the TV" is because of CRTs. Although having leaded glass greatly reduces the amount of x-ray emissions, there is still a non-negligible amount of exposure if you sit within a few feet of them. Simply sitting farther back greatly reduces the amount of x-rays you can be exposed to, so that's why it's suggested you sit farther back. Relatedly, if I'm remembering right, I believe larger CRTs required higher voltages to drive the display, and likewise higher brightnesses directly correlates with higher plate current and greater electron emissions, so in the case of really huge TVs from back in the day, it probably was true that for all intents and purposes you might have wanted to be seated 3 meters back. Of course, the amount of x-rays being emitted is still fairly low, but the cumulative exposure is the concern since people would regularly use TVs or computer monitors. I'm mostly just spit-balling, but I think I heard that sitting in front of a CRT for a certain amount of time is about equivalent to 1/1000 the strength of a typical x-ray from an x-ray machine. But again, it would depend a lot on distance, brightness of the CRT, and probably size too, so that number might be a lot lower for say a 5 inch CRT and maybe a lot higher for a 32 inch CRT.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (179.46 KB,1280x720)

I think my setup is pretty good since I have a window. There's probably no safe way to stare at a screen for 15 hours every day, though.
I tend to have monitors and handhelds at the lower brightness settings, often the lowest it will go since it will strain my eyes otherwise so I think that's a good thing I've been doing. I use a program called f.lux which lowers the amount of blue light, which also reduces eye strain and is supposed to be good for helping you sleep at proper human times, but I don't think it works on me. There's other programs out there, but I haven't gone searching since it seems like a pretty basic thing.


File:flux_62HqrbloqI.png (20.26 KB,646x289)

This is what f.lux looks like. You schedule the color dimming. I really can't go back to having the bright screen at night.


File:d6f7a8a2aeed2a92bdc0a46741….jpg (1.24 MB,1649x1900)

We had this thread before.
My room lamp is behind the monitor and the monitor is as bright as background which is well lit. This prevents glare and reduces contrast.

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