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Addendum to the /qa/ mansion: It should be 90% basement with maybe a few rooms on the top because a big house that's above ground is open to so many possible intruders. You may also hear footsteps where there are none if there's a first floor above you, so there's really no need for that much of one. Also windows are bad and you can't see what's looking at you through them so having a large basement reduces their total numbers by a lot.


what if the basement floods with sewer water because a sewer main breaks
where would all the /qa/‘s go?


Just make it so that there are no windows on the ground floor, then the intruders can't get in anyway. Even the house you are planning would have a ground floor as well.

But if I build a mansion it would have layered defensive, there would be a moat and a wall and the area behind the wall would be open ground so that guards could see if anybody managed to get over.


Also below ground stuff is a lot easier to keep cool! It's, uhh.. passive cooling or something like that. And all the heat generated from the computers can be directed to some exhaust system that is used to heat up uhh.. a sauna or something?


The /qa/ mansion seems like it'd be a fun place... What kind of rooms would we even have? I think an arcade room with all sorts of fighters would be nice.


I should probably get back to designing the /qa/ mansion... I've been slacking... Not exactly sure where to get assets, though. That and I know zero about stuff like texture wrapping. One day I'll finish, at least. Probably. Hopefully.


t mocked this thread in his stream


Have you ever seen the 3D software for designing architecture? It looks so intimidating while also being extremely boring. Also it's ridiculously expensive.
I bet it'd be cool to learn how to create scenes and destroy them, though.


he oversees a ballpit that kids can't stop themselves from pissing in. who cares.


>ridiculously expensive
why not just use blender?


blender is annoying. Maybe for stuff that doesn't need real measurements it's ok, but for stuff that needs constraints, it's really not meant for that kind of thing. but I have no idea what I'm talking about.


File:AutoCAD-MEP_5.png (252.48 KB,1449x858)

Blender is really nowhere in the same league. I'm talking about stuff used for real life applications like architecture and part fabrication and so on. It's almost an entirely different skill set and it's all so boring to look at


Oh, damn.


wonder if I seemed dumb to my cousin when I asked if Blender could be used for 3D printing


I'm almost certain it can, but it's not going to be something used for medical grade or industrial stuff where you need precision or people die. Almost every 3D program has a 3D printing setup or at least third party scripts to clean up models for sending it to be printed

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