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File:mm1630205925181.jpg (2.13 MB,1500x1488)


How are these things supposed to work on kissu now


What site does it work on?


oh, when I save it to my drive it works


it depends on how the browser renders jpgs iirc


File:b6ef42e365.png (38.01 KB,349x180)

well, we don't thumbnail as .jpg here, but it looks as if it's a combination of the browser and the thumbnailing algorithm these specifically target.

Because the image looks different on download, on 4chan and on kissu


File:244edba630.png (553.89 KB,1104x759)

or maybe the representation of existing data... this isn't something I've looked into very much.


File:d138971ae0.png (75.79 KB,562x261)

The thumbnailing GN uses produces this


File:faa7c0f003.png (195.84 KB,468x334)

Finally, on 4taba it does this.

Both 4taba and Kissu(Likely Nen and Ota) use ImageMagick convert.
 (let ((port (open-pipe* OPEN_READ "convert" (string-append infile "[0]")
                          "-resize" (string-append max-dimensions "x" max-dimensions ">")

$config['convert_args'] = '-size %dx%d %s -thumbnail %dx%d -auto-orient +profile "*" %s';
(($error = shell_exec_error(($this->gm ? 'gm ' : '') . 'convert ' .

Note that even if I get kissu to use the fallback .jpg format for systems without .webp it still doesn't change the thumb's appearance.
I can't change the thumbnailing on kissu to PHP GD, but I would imagine 4chan uses this.


Perhaps it's the -thumbnail %dx%d that causes it to no longer become an alternate image, but I'm not willing to test this much more


File:a-1630710383359.jpg (1.16 MB,1500x1488)

what else is quite interesting is that if I resave it from >>77408 it loses the ability to have multiple images.

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