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There's something weird about the female singer but I can't quite put my finger on it. She just feels so out of place and dead.


When I read the comments most people were saying she looks like she doesn't want to be there.


It reminds me of those women that get so much plastic surgery that their face can't move much. She's not expending energy to show emotions and it's very strange.


Didn't think plastic surgery was popular in Japan. Never heard it joked about in media like it is in Britain, Korea and the US.


Part of it is that music videos are lip synced, and she's clearly not matching up to the expressiveness of the song. Like at around 35 seconds, that part of the song is really over exaggerated, but completely contrary to that, she barely even moves her mouth or makes any attempt to show any emotion.


strange I dont see a single comment saying that, we at least not in Japanese or English
oh yeah her lips are barely moving
I hoped it was because of that high pitched voice but music videos are always lip synced aren't they


Those videos get so many comments that old ones vanish. It was a few weeks ago.


Feel a strange attraction towards her unenthusiasm.


Watching this on repeat, I think I understand why the female singer looked so out of place-ish.
Much of it seems to be a result of either one or more of these:
- not enough time for recording,
- bad editing,
- not enough experience on her part (which I doubt), and
- either her or the staff or both of them not giving a fuck to some extent.
There are times when;
- she seems to not know what to do: you can see her staring/looking not towards the camera throughout the video.
- she seems to not know what's going on: at 00:32 she seems genuinely surprised at the male singer's movements, at 02:32 she's the only one looking at one of the other actors picking up the umbrella, everyone else is looking up at the sky, expecting rain, and at 01:20 her hand-holding looks very unconformable and different from the rest of the actors.
- the recording staff seemed to have thought "eh fuck it, it'll do": at 02:00 her movements suggest she's re-done that take a couple of times before; she makes a "yatta!" motion at the end of that scene only to realize the video is still going on.


I'm glad someone here pointed that video out. I also felt it was a bit off. Not sure if intentional or not. Maybe that's her public image shtick/gimmick?

It's one of those situations where something seemingly wrong sticks out so much that you're convinced that there is no way the creators weren't aware of it. That leads to thinking that if they were aware, then they did it on purpose for some reason.

Curious where my fellow kissu members opinions fall.


+1 to curiosity


I'd believe it if there was no budget put into the music video, or if there were a bunch of shady backroom deals

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