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File:6b7219366c7f4c1b4cc77ce2e4….jpg (1.15 MB,1881x1313)


No idea if this key works.
It's only usable on the Microsoft store.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Microsoft Key - GLOBAL
Items: 1
Bought on: Jun 28/20 - 1:42 AM

If you want to play against me, just say whenever.
I have AoE2 HD as well, though I'd rather not.


File:17e03974e9f77158ca2bdcd3ea….jpg (439.27 KB,1397x500)

I'm not even mad if you don't play.


I guess I'd take it if no one else does, but uhh... I don't think I'll end up playing it so it's probably better I don't.


I dunno if it's even part of a G2A scam, maybe they try to sell the same key multiple times.

Anyways, I'm playing with a guy


I have no idea what's going on. Visuals seem nice, though. Why aren't you invading the enemy base with those cows?


Hm, I guess that was easy enough to understand. I can tell I wouldn't like playing it, multiplayer wise at least. Too much back and forth with harassing and attacking while also expanding farms and stuff.
Cool game, though.


I have to give the people I play with a handicap... which is like... one other person.


I'd be up for playing a bit today in a bit after eating.


Would be nice to have a 2v1 against vermin or an FFA so he isn't so guaranteed to win...


I stream


Feel like RTS games make me irrationally pissed.


I stream twitch.tv/echibiki


File:1520658546189.gif (141.66 KB,500x375)

RTS games are for big-fat idiot dumbasses with too much time on their hands and I hate them


just make the right units and have more of them than the enemy, not that hard


easy for you to say, whenever i try that and go army first i approach with a counter unit but the enemy already has 15x the numbers i do


RTS games are for conditioning regular gamers to become autistic.


Maybe try playing a good one.


Which do you like?


gaming sure has gotten better over the years...


Played a pretty fun game of this earlier today if anyone wants to see


I guess that is what the multiplayer crowd wants, they want simplicity. I guess there are parallels between that and sport, football is simple and has remained the same for ages and will stay the same for ages more but it's wildly popular and the people that like it presumably do not want change. All AOE IV is is an AOE2 reskin.


I thought AoE IV was trying to seperate itself a bit from 2 so that it isn't immediately discarded as you can't beat 2. Feel like with the nice wall destruction animations this is just a bit of laziness.

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