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Were you ever (are you) a fanboy that took part in flamewars over things? Like video game systems or computer brands and stuff. I think the origin of this thing were families that had to choose a system since parents would often only buy one of a generation's consoles. It kind of inspired a strong brand loyalty because a kid didn't want to accept that there were great things on other systems.
I never really did, but there was a period of time when my family just had a Genesis and I didn't really pay attention to any Nintendo stuff because I was focused on Sega Channel. Damn, that thing was so cool.
For computer stuff? Well, I can't say I've ever felt loyalty to anyone. EVGA has good customer support for Nvidia graphics cards so I try to get those if possible, but nothing else really matters.


Considering fanbase wars are what made me stop going to /a/ years ago, no.


technically arguing about animal rights on youtube is being a fanboy..


File:12749895_224163244599436_1….jpg (24.94 KB,480x480)

I was somewhat invested in defending Monster Hunter XX.
I just liked the game.


File:1490948783190.png (129.56 KB,359x448)

i'm a kissu fanboy and have defended its honor multiple times amongst the jaypeesphere


it was a good game


Oh, I completely forgot about that. I was never a big /a/ user for a few seasons and that was one of them. So... much... anger.

Nice! I'd do the same, but I don't post anywhere else


File:shigatake 9193992435000279….jpg (77.57 KB,600x800)

puyo >> tetris

what do you have to say to that, friend?


File:00929038-4B69-495F-810F-7….jpeg (77.62 KB,750x727)

I’m a /qa/ vet that’s I’ve defended the board from the 2016 raiders. I defended it during the “frog-weeb mafia” war too but after that the shitposting got too intense. the board’s soul is long dead, forever lost to the /pol/ rejects that made /qa/ their home after 2016. they’re still spamming the board with schizophrenic bait to this day.

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