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File:20210825225118_1.jpg (22.05 KB,320x240)


Does /qa/ have any games that they regularly come back to?

For me, it's probably VVVVVV. The platforming in it is really satisfying.


File:70275156_p0.png (1.3 MB,1686x2265)

I always come back to Shogun 2. The game is just so damn good.


File:M-Spin.webp (81.2 KB,250x162)

I've played through each of the Ace Attorney games on DS like 3-5 times each. I just love losing myself in that world while I'm laying in bed. Yeah, there's murders of course, but the characters are just so good


File:1491541027131.png (12.6 KB,876x603)

Recettear never seems to get old no matter how many times I play it or go through NG+. Maybe because there's just so much in it that makes it impossible to 100%... but also because playing the role of a merchant and ripping off customers for exuberant prices is always a great dose of energy.

Also generally most stuff like factorio too.


WipEout 3 for the PS1 it's truly the peak in the pod-racer genre hell I will be bold enough to even say it's the best racing game ever made. The Japanese inspired look, classic music borrowed from very talented artists like DJ Sasha amazingly well done tracks that are easy to learn but hard to master and ship designs that are slick as heck.


I have played the first game, and man oh man the soundtrack really is quite something. And the graphic designers really went all out with that futuristic Japanese look.


For me it’s Victoria 2, I really like how the game works through population and trade simulation, it makes it so that I can play what’s almost the same game but try a different way of building an economy and even then it can still go a completely different way from what I was expecting based on the state of the in game world


File:c_wipe_07.jpg (7.44 KB,300x270)

What's your team? I'm a Gotekifag.


Totally, the developers had amazing taste in music personally for me nothing will top listening to Xpander when you've master the P-mar Project track RIP Psygnosis you had a great run. BallisticNG though has been doing great to fill the void and you can insert your own soundtrack with full support.
I'm a mix of Assegai Developments and AG Systems I'm all about acceleration and handling and find that in most cases good shields or top speed to be irrelevant.
Oh man those ships are ruthless I always make sure never let one of those tail me.


For the longest time in my youth i had a few games I liked to play and I went back to them in a sort of cycle.

It was something like Sim City, Diablo2 and maybe TF2. Nowadays those games are too simple and the improvements on them not as enticing. No point in returning for nostalgia


File:armageddon.webm (6.72 MB,1280x720)


It's really a great game that stood the test of time, and I've been playing it off and on since I was a kid, I actually just finished a game yesterday. It's pretty funny when you reach a certain artifact/skill threshold and your hero becomes so ridiculously powerful you can just teleport across the map and effortlessly brush aside anything without even bothering with armies.

Loved spamming yari ashigaru and putting them into a yari wall and then having them slowly walk over everything and win or recruiting those bow monks from provinces that had special buildings that added even more accuracy to their already ridiculous accuracy and have them exterminate entire castle garrisons from afar since they had more range than regular missile troops. The Boshin war expansion was also really fun.


File:Gothiccover.png (114.03 KB,280x355)

Gothic. I've replayed it so many times over the years, that I've lost count.


File:pasta'd by cave.png (19.34 KB,480x640)

used to replay final fantasy 4 every couple-ish years, but that tapered off and it's probably been a decade since i last touched it. ...and that reminds me that i still need to try free enterprise, whoops.

shmups are a time sink but i don't know if that counts. there's no regularity; i'll just pick one back up and put in another twenty or 200 hours until i accomplish a new goal or have had enough. been trying to do that less, though, since variety is great and there are too many good games and not enough time.

recettear was a hoot, and the dungeon crawling felt really good too. never got into other games with that sort of combat (zeldas, soul blazers) but for whatever reason recettear did it for me.


File:2FEvum1ZSYGzxF-400-300.jpg (29.33 KB,300x225)

I remember playing the second one a lot as a kid and never making much progress. I still remember loving the visuals and they've aged well. Looks like 3 is a higher definition version of it


File:B126DA45-57E1-4C54-B4F1-A9….gif (68.44 KB,441x612)

Dark Souls 1. I’ve beaten it so many times that I even got burnt-out from playing it for a while, but I couldn’t resist coming back. I know it’s flaws; how the later half of the game diminishes in quality but I still love it, flaws and all. I haven’t played it in about a year though. My PS+ sub ended and it’s not worth renewing. I wonder if people still play on the Switch lol

Honorable mentions to Demon’s Souls. The OG Demon’s Souls; not the soulless PS5 remake. It will always have a special place in my heart as my first love.


It was probably Pokemon; I played so many ROMhacks in school on my laptop. I used to play ALOT of Pokemon Showdown too and VGC and breed for competive 'mons or ones with rare movesets.

In fact I'm pretty sure I got into imageboards via Touhoumon; looking up information off Pooshlmer.

I need to play this; bought it and haven't even touched it still.

I never played this, but I did download the OST to it; love that older trance music. Did you by chance play Extreme G as well? An N64 futuristic racer game.


I have played Extreme G but not on original hardware because when I was on shota mode I remember playing an N64 game at my cousins place and being so angry at the controller design I never wanted to see one again.
Years later when I found out about emulation so that and Ocarina of Time were the first two games I've ever emulated and I really liked Extreme G and was surprised how smooth and fast it ran.


I've sunk over a thousand hours into Terraria and easily over two thousand hours into Minecraft. I don't even make megabuilds or anything, it's just really pleasant to spend time in your world organizing it to your wishes.

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