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File:D_cMDnmUwAEQ5VW.jpg (196.83 KB,935x1248)


Is /qa/ going to watch Gamescom in the hopes that it makes up for this year's abysmal E3?



Why do these game companies insist on taking old rock songs and making shitty slowed down covers of them with some bored-sounding voice?


Just started watching but I'm not super impressed so far. Instead of showing any gameplay footage of Halo Infinite, they had a cheesy woke CG thing, and two stupid hardware segments. One for an exclusive halo controller and another for an exclusive halo xbox.


I mean, Halo is pretty much all merchandising at this point, it's not really that surprising.


Midnight Fight Express looked like a neat 3D hotline miami kinda game, and the lamb one looked neat as well. Though I'm not sure how much I'd really be gunning to play either


It's kind of funny how unmoderated the chat is compared to E3.


I don't think youtube's got as much chat moderation as twitch does.


that korean game looked kinda fun though not sure what is going on it


can't stand kpoop so i was immediately turned off by it


i just looked it up and it's an mmo by the same company as Black Desert so probably won't be as fun as i first thought
was thinking more along the lines of a breath of the wild sort of game but korean


I though BDO was supposedly good at first launch? Never got into it so I don't know what the issue is. Also why the hell did they cross Genshin with Horizon, who's the target audience for that?


>who's the target audience for that?
Microtransaction whales.


But couldn't that have just been any character then?


File:1445415106235.png (793.25 KB,680x692)

Ah, yes, finally. Kojima's true vision uncut. Glad we're finally seeing what he can do with true creative freedom after the last time Sony gave it to him with Death Stranding it didn't really work out.


The camera mode in the "relax area" thing was pretty funny. I seriously have no idea what this game is supposed to be.


File:EVPlqRIU8AAAaQO.jpg (233.36 KB,1448x2048)

They're really going to make me wait for Elden Ring aren't they


>I though BDO was supposedly good at first launch?
i just was expecting a single player or coop game mmo's are cool and all but not always my cup of tea


finally the freedom to race other player's in time trials


I try to avoid this sort of thing. Following the latest and greatest thing is exhausting



I'm not sure there's any more concise way of saying it. "Trite partisan tokenism" just doesn't have the same ring to it.


trite to pick out one word from a paragraph, but we have other boards for that


I know, and I don't even think you're wrong. I just associate it with social media dickheads.


File:1591893371748.png (101.13 KB,521x456)

Sure glad I got to hear them talk about what they saw in the Elden Ring gameplay...


The TMNT game looks fun. It's nostalgia bait for the 80s show and NES and SNES games and it worked on me


It does look nice to have a beat-em-up in the current year. Hopefully it's good and well polished since we're not in the NES and SNES era.


Shame the Saints Row reboot thing looks kind meh. I would've hoped it would've actually been like Saints Row 1 and 2 instead of following in the wacky style of 3 and onward.


Yeah, that was a disappointment. 2 is probably my favorite out of all the GTA-like games.


Agreed. I remember playing through Saints Row 2 during my first playthrough and becoming genuinely distraught after Carlos' Death and then proceeded to somberly drive around the city as it rained.


Didn't recognize the name but instantly knew who you were talking about. Always thought the transition from gritty to goofy was an odd choice (though SR2 was fairly goofy it stayed pretty grounded). Hope one day they remaster it so that it can have proper cutscenes without all the jank.


there is no world where I watch any form of glammified entertainment advertisement television


I was kinda hoping they'd show gameplay from Elden Ring so I could get a feel for how the open world's going to work in a souls game, but then there wasn't any


If it ever does get a remake, I really, really hope they keep the cheat codes in. I had a lot of fun messing around with stuff like low gravity.

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