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File:Sayaka_negates_pain.webp (1.54 MB,500x281)


Do you like Madoka Magica?


File:1d16c18a49434c4d083d2ae455….jpg (2.12 MB,1470x1134)

I liked Madoka a lot, not so much Magia Record but the girls are cute enough in it to justify its existence. Also I remember there being someone back on 4/qa/ that really hated Madoka alot and I think I remember arguing, poorly, with them about the quality of Madoka. Having considered some of their criticisms, the main one being how "grimdark" it is, I can safely say I still reject those as criticisms of Madoka. Especially considering how far the ending to Madoka was from grimdark.


I liked it, only ever saw the original first season.


I watched the first episode and then I put it on hold until further notice


i like the megucas even though meguca herself is my least favorite meguca


File:mamilove.jpg (377.83 KB,1280x720)

It was alright. Fun but nothing amazing. I suspect the reason why it became so popular was because, as far as I know, a dark mahou shoujo hadn't been done before.

I do wish the girls were wider though.


File:__akemi_homura_mahou_shouj….jpg (1.02 MB,2150x1518)

I became meguca after watching it. My wish was to be the cutest meguca ever and then Kyubey turned me into Homura!


sort of, I thought the story with the incubators was cool and I loved the witch fight art style but I thought it needed more episodes and less time spent on sayaka. felt like it was bad things happening to mahou shoujos that theres little reason to be attached to because only sayaka gets alot of time dedicated to her. sayakas arc is cool because it shows the dark side of mahou shoujo in the world of madoka but with only 12 episodes they should have just said it


Yes, it's my favourite anime.


File:853.gif (Spoiler Image,4.16 MB,500x281)

Sayaka's abject disregard for her life is CUTE


Sayaka's cutting up the waves


What's the difference between a webm and a webp?
Anyway, yes I love it. The style is truly magical and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and gives me that tingly feeling.
Also Homu's VA is Hazuki


the OP image is like a .apng or .gif

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