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File:2c11b4f4e2f8abb8162e65672f….png (1.67 MB,900x1200)


Are you wary of nature's spirits, whose domain lies beyond the reach of human civilization


Having seen a bunch of missing 411 stuff about how people tend to mysteriously disappear in the woods and turn up in the most unusual places, I'd certainly be scared to leave the comfort of my home. And that's only the woods, think of all the stuff primed to kill us in the oceans....


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (64.37 KB,1280x720)

Sometimes I wish I lived in the ages of myths and legends so I could entertain myself by searching for things out in forests or something, but it's much safer to just do it inside video games- plus the stuff in video games is actually out there to find so you can't be disappointed.


Living in a fantasy universe would be nice, but it's hard to imagine it being all that safe given the way fantasy universes tend to go.

As far as the real world goes, I think I'm with >>76822. The outdoors are a spooky place. Maybe there's nothing there, but even then the human mind can be an awful place when disoriented.


File:image.jpeg (57.34 KB,600x510)

Not at all so make me one with the fairies, woodland sprites and elfs I'm accustom to hours long nature walks in unmarked woodlands and I've camped before with next to nothing in supplies outside of a tent, a means to make a fire and food.


File:65191398_p0.jpg (2.75 MB,2508x3541)

I want to marry a youkai. (´・ω・`)


I appreciate dead nature more than living nature, rivers and mountains with no soul around.


File:rumi.gif (4.86 MB,640x360)

How would you convince one to marry you before they took a bite out of your skull?


File:Ddyk9xWVMAAqisB.jpg_orig.jpg (239.22 KB,2755x1446)

I wouldn't. The age of diplomacy is long over. I would take action and do a dogeza and shout at the top of my lungs: "I LOVE YOU WILL YOU PLEASE MARRY ME??!!!". And during the confusion, I rush in, lift her up like a princess and kiss her on the lips to seal the deal.

I don't care what the rules of the universe say. I am DESTINED to live a lovey dovey cozy life with a cute youkai.


Just found out the movie is now free to watch on YouTube.


Dead as in no animals moving around? It's pretty rare to see wild animals other than birds as it is.

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