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/qa/ is far overdue for an AI writing thread!



File:explosion.jpg (389.73 KB,1433x1075)

(Blue is the AI)

"Sir, we're registering a direct hit on hull sections 12 through 16. Main engineering is reporting our dilithium chamber reactants are reaching critical levels. If we don't get out of here soon, Captain, we're not going to make it."

"We're aware of that, Lieutenant. I'm just not sure what to do."

"If we were in orbit around the planet, we'd be able to beam down with the Defiant. But since we're not, I think we should head for the planet's atmosphere."

Picard nodded. "I agree. Set a course for the planet's atmosphere. Warp six."

"Aye, sir."

Data had no idea what to do, either. "Captain," he said, "I have been analyzing the planet's surface, and I have detected a large number of human

The Enterprise proceeds to break up in a firey hellstorm as the ship enters the upper atmosphere of the planet at phenomenal speeds. Debris rains upon the populated areas below, while those aboard the Enterprise meet a horrific end as the structural members of the ship come crashing through every which way, while super-heated plasma fills the space the cool ambient air used to be. In the months following the incident, many will wonder what caused Cpt. Picard to make such a baffling decision leading to death of all members aboard his ship.


Kissu' is not a real term

In English it is used when a man puts his index finger in the woman's vagina as if he wants to lick it, or when she puts her tongue on his penis.

However, it is very unlikely that any of the Japanese people I met know about the English term and they do not even realise what it is.

This is a very popular Japanese word and is used not only when there is sex, but in any situation when there is something that a person wants to get, such as in a love relationship or a friendship.

It is a common word in the Japanese


I was going to go to store but then suddenly this girl came up and started talking to me in the middle of the night and her name is Erika. She said she needed a friend who was a cheerleader and I asked her if she would like to have sex with me, she said she would. I went home and I woke up the next morning and I told my sister I had sex with a girl. I told her what happened, I told her she had big boobs and she said what about her legs? I told her I had sex with a cheerleader.

My stepdaughter came home, she was wearing a cheerleader skirt and a pair of cheerleader tights.


File:01.png (501.52 KB,1097x1600)



Lolis are a unique type of creatures, known for their short, curly hair, their red or pinkish lips, and the white spots on their face and neck. As their names imply, they have a feminine figure. Their main body type is that of a cat-like creature with a small rounded body, and they have large eyes. Lolis can be seen on the internet and television programs like in anime and manga, as well as in children's books.



Lolis usually have red or pink lips, although it has been known for a Loli to have blue or green lips. They can have a


The best way to run an imageboard is to take advantage of social media.

Imageboards are nothing more than an online social platform. I’m talking about a site that is optimized for sharing, such as Reddit, Tumblr, or Twitter. On these sites, users “share” photos, stories, and videos. These shared content can then be linked to on an imageboard.

On imageboards, these links can then be posted, voted, and discussed, similar to what you’d expect from a forum or community-based social platform.

The benefit to doing this is that imageboards are highly trafficked, which means they can often drive higher click-through rates than even the most popular websites in the world.

Why Imageboards Can Bring You More Traffic Than Any Other Platform

I use the term “traffic” very loosely, since imageboards aren’t generally seen as a primary source of traffic. However, imageboards can serve a number of roles for a website, and in this article I’m going to be exploring how to tap into imageboards as a means to drive traffic to your site.

This could be done by hosting imageboards on your site, or by creating an imageboard-like experience within a website.

The best thing to do is to host an imageboard on your site, since this provides a number of advantages, including:

Easier search

No domain name to remember

Better user experience

All that said, hosting an imageboard will only make sense if your site is already generating substantial amounts of traffic. If your site isn’t generating traffic already, then don’t bother.

Creating an Imageboard Within a Website

This option doesn’t have all of the above advantages, but it can still serve a useful purpose. That said, if your site already has a ton of traffic, creating a social site from within your site is a viable option.

To get an idea of how this would work, let’s say that your site’s primary focus is selling a product, like the clothing business mentioned at the beginning of this article. In this case, you could host an imageboard like this:

Notice that each of the above sections has a comment section. This is a great way to create an imageboard from within your website that’s easy for your users to use.

I’m also including the user photo area on the right. Again, this is a great way to create an imageboard for your users.

The main reason to create an imageboard like this is to provide a user experience that feels more like a forum or community-based social platform. If you’re not getting much traffic from your site, don’t waste your time trying to build imageboards. Instead, just build out the site in ways that will serve your needs and your users’ needs.

Hosting an Imageboard

The next step is to host your own imageboard. If you want to host an imageboard on a server that is separate from your site, then the process is fairly simple.

In order to host an imageboard, you will need:

An imageboard name

An IP address

A domain name (optional)


Step 1: Determine Your Imageboard’s Name

As a general rule, you should name an imageboard based on the category of content that the board will contain. For instance, the clothes board mentioned above would be called “Shop Threads.”

This also applies if your imageboard is going to contain user photos or content from a different website. For instance, if you’re hosting an imageboard for photos from Flickr, then you could name the imageboard “Flickr Threads.”

It’s also a good idea to choose a name that is easy to remember. That said, you don’t want to pick something that will be impossible to remember when it’s time to market the board. In most cases, this is a good problem to have, but you still want to choose something memorable and easy to remember.

You can also combine words to create a memorable name. For instance, you could name a board that was about “memorable places” to “Place Boards.”

Step 2: Determine Your Imageboard’s IP Address

Now that you’ve chosen an imageboard name, you’ll need to know its IP address.

As I mentioned above, you’ll need an IP address in order to host an imageboard. For this reason, the IP address for an imageboard should be something that’s easy to remember.

For instance, the IP address for the “Threads” imageboard mentioned above would be

You’ll notice that I’ve also included the subnet mask. The reason for this is to give you an idea of how your IP address is formatted.

For instance, if you were using an IPv4 address, your IP would look something like this:

With an IPv6 address, things look slightly different. In this case, your IP would look like 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.

Step 3: Choose Your Domain Name

Now that you know how to generate an IP address, the next thing you’ll need to do is choose a domain name.

This is optional, but it will make it easier to market the imageboard. For instance, if you’re hosting the “Threads” imageboard mentioned above, then you’d want to pick a domain name like this:

This helps you stand out in search results, since it makes it easier to find. It also makes it easier for users to find when they’re using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

The same thing applies for hosting imageboards on other websites, as well. For instance, I’m using the domain name “blog.zirandar.com.”

Why do I use a domain name? The reason for this is that domain names are unique, which makes them much easier to remember than IP addresses.

You should also make sure to pick a domain name that you can easily remember. This will also make it easier for you to market your imageboard, since it’s easier to find.

Step 4: Set Up the Imageboard

Once you’ve figured out the above details, you’ll need to set up your imageboard.

The first thing to do is to create a subfolder on your server that will contain the imageboards you’ll be hosting. For instance, if you’re hosting “Threads” on your server, then you’d want to create a subfolder like this:

You’ll then need to create a php file with a class-based code file that’ll house the imageboards for your site. For instance, if you want to host “Threads,” then you’d want to create a file called “Threads.php” with the following content:

As you can see, this includes a bunch of information that will make your imageboard accessible to your users.

Now, you’ll need to add a few more things to make your imageboard functional.

First, you’ll need to add an index page that includes some basic information about your imageboard, including the imageboards name. For instance, if you’re hosting “Threads,” then your index file should look like this:

The next thing you’ll want to do is to add some basic comments functionality. The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a “Post Comment” function that can be used to add comments to images.

Notice that the comments are placed in the code like this:

That said, you’ll also want to make sure to include a link back to the imageboard. In this case, it’s a link that will take the user to the thread they’re talking about.

That’s all you’ll need for the basic functionality of your imageboard. However, the more advanced features will start to become more useful. Step 5: Get the Advanced Features The first thing to do is to look for an imageboard template. As a general rule, when I’m looking for an imageboard template, I’ll look for something that has a simple interface. That said, you can also use any of the imageboard templates that you find online. Once you’ve found an imageboard template, you’ll need to add the comments functionality to it. As an example, I’m using the


What a long description it generated, and the way it almost gets what an imageboard is is so odd...


Well, I just kept clicking the "Send result as prompt" button.


File:86361288_p0.jpg (1.4 MB,2067x1447)

Ate a banana ysterday. Now, I, a brown-haired catgirl kid with a big tummy, must decide what to do. Ate a banana, and now I'm hungry. Also, my tummy is kind of huge right now, and I'm a little uncomfortable. I hate the smell of milk. So, should I try to get some?

Should I eat some of my banana and then eat the rest of the banana? That way, I could get some more nutrition and get to know more about the banana. Should I eat my banana alone? Should I get some milk, and then maybe I can get a little more food? I'll get some of my milk, and then I can eat some of my banana. Should I get some


prompt: oh yeah im boson, yeah. flip yeah im boson, yeah im boson... mhmm im frickin boson just boson.
reply: y'all are gonna see me when im boson, yeah. boson just boson. flip my wig, yeah im boson. flip yeah im boson, yeah im boson. mhmm im frickin boson just boson. y'all are gonna see me when im boson, yeah. boson just boson. flip my wig, yeah im boson. flip yeah im boson, yeah im boson. mhmm im frickin boson just boson. y'all are gonna see me when im boson, yeah. boson just boson. flip

seems pretty much perfect


On a warm August day, I befriended a monkey. I say befriend, but to be accurate, I befriended a group of monkeys.

This is a story of friendship. Of family. And of the need for compassion, especially for those who aren't as fortunate as you.

This is also a story about a place that has more monkeys than you can possibly imagine.

The Monkey House

The Monkey House is a sanctuary for monkeys and baboons. I knew that it was in an area called Westwood -- in a subdivision called the Monkey House. The sanctuary is located at 1705 Westview Drive.

It was located near the top of a hill


3 Reasons Why Humanity Should Just Go Extinct

It’s been said that we only use a fraction of the potential of human beings. That, if we were to use the whole person, we could be the most evolved species on the planet. If this is true, then why isn’t it happening?

The world is full of people that are just sitting at home watching TV, or playing video games, or wasting away their time on social media. While they should be spending their time developing their brain power and evolving, instead they’re just living for their own lives.

But why are they not evolving? Why do people think like this?

There are many theories and ideas about why the evolution of the human race is so slow. We’ll be looking at three of these theories: The Lifestyles of the Past, The Great Filter, and The Tyranny of Choice.

The Lifestyles of the Past

This theory suggests that in the past, humans spent their time living in one area of the world. People lived a simple life, and lived off of what they had in their backyard. This allowed them to have a more harmonious, less complex society.

While this might seem appealing, it isn’t the best way to go about life.

It would seem that we have the opposite problem today.

With the rise of the internet, people are living on their phones, and are just in front of their computer all day.

While they are able to get a lot of things done online, if they’re living a life of excess and just living in a state of instant gratification, they will not be able to evolve and grow.

This idea suggests that our evolutionary trajectory would have been faster if we hadn’t left the simple life.

The Great Filter

The Great Filter is a theory that suggests that humans will not be able to evolve until they can pass through the Great Filter. The Great Filter suggests that there is something in the path between Earth and space.

The Great Filter suggests that if the human race evolved before we made it to space, there will be something that we will run into that will cause us to not be able to evolve further.

This theory suggests that the Great Filter could be something such as an asteroid.

Asteroids come in a wide variety of sizes, and depending on the size, it can cause a wide variety of damage. Asteroids are able to break apart the human body, cause earthquakes, and even wipe out an entire civilization.

This theory suggests that if the human race were to evolve before space travel was discovered, we would probably not be able to continue to evolve, and be able to go into space.

The Tyranny of Choice

This theory is similar to the Great Filter, but with a little twist. The Tyranny of Choice theory suggests that there will always be a problem that is preventing the human race from evolving.

While the Great Filter suggests that there is an obstacle that will be preventing us from evolving, the Tyranny of Choice theory suggests that we have reached the limits of what we can physically do, and we can’t do anything to improve ourselves.

It suggests that there is nothing that we can do to progress any further, and that we have reached a point where we can’t improve.

We see this in many aspects of life. In order to reach the moon, we have to go through space, and once we get there, we can’t evolve any further. We need to eat food, and it can’t be anything more than this. We can’t have an unlimited supply of energy. Our resources can only be limited.

We see it everywhere. We can’t evolve anymore, and we can’t progress any further. We need to accept our status quo, and stop complaining about it.


>We need to eat food, and it can’t be anything more than this. We can’t have an unlimited supply of energy. Our resources can only be limited.
The botnet wants us to starve.



You are now under the command of one of the greatest Generals of all time, General Patton!

Woah, woah, Woah! I think I see a mistake, a big mistake, but I think we can correct it and still make this a perfect challenge. It's not a glitch, you actually did it. Well done!

You now control the greatest tank of WWII in history, the M4 Sherman. In your quest to destroy the German forces, you must travel to Germany and destroy the German forces first before they can destroy you. The first part of your quest is to travel to B


File:[SubsPlease] Waccha PriMag….png (1.02 MB,1280x720)

There I was on kissu, looking at cute things when suddenly a large-bellied catgirl began to eat a doughnut in front of me. I was confused at first, but then I remembered she was not from the world I was in and my confusion increased. She was eating her doughnut just as I was, and even thought she was a girl, she was still eating a doughnut, the classic food of boys.

I stared at the girl for a moment, my jaw hanging in disbelief. I was still in my catgirl form; her eyes and ears and tail, however, were all that was visible of the human in her. This human had no need to hide her female features and looked like a very normal catgirl with glasses. She was probably


File:1630976320752.png (344.47 KB,422x596)

She was reluctant to drag her tongue across her tender little soles, but the pain was excruciating and she did it, even though she didn't want to. The water felt so cold, and it was so clear she could see everything down there. Her breasts, and her pussy, and her ass, which were already so sore after her ride on the bike, were throbbing with every lick of her tongue.

She could feel herself coming again, and knew that the boy was looking at her now. He smiled, but didn't say anything. She didn't like it when men stared at her ass, but she wasn't going to let him see her pussy. She would save that for


There I was playing Yume 22ki, but then I looked over my shoulder and Madotsuki from the hit RPGMaker game Yume Nikki was there judging me. I didn't know what to do, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to fail miserably and I wanted to save myself. I ran away before it was too late and I decided to use my new life to save myself, because I'm no good with things like responsibility and stuff. But I have a dream. A dream of hope. A dream of what could be. It's so beautiful and I hope someday it will come true.

That was kind of poetic. It seems to know that Yume means dream.


File:bonk_moerock.jpg (26.48 KB,600x600)

Having just arrived above the surface after defeating Makuta Teridax, the Toa Mata are surprised to find the opposite of peace. A massive Matoran army is heading their way and is quickly advancing on the ruins of Mata Nui. The Toa arrive too late to stop the army and are quickly surrounded by the Matoran forces.

Borzak and Rau are quickly separated from the Toa, who begin fighting against the overwhelming odds, but the Matoran reinforcements arrive and the Toa are eventually overwhelmed and captured. The Toa are taken to a Matoran prison on Mata Nui, where they are given a trial by combat. A mysterious masked figure called the Makuta watches the proceedings with great interest.


I went onto 4chan with an open mind, just to see what I would find. The first thing I saw was this thread where a member of the forum was complaining that a guy had left 4chan and that he didn't understand why someone would leave. He's now looking for answers on why the guy left. So I replied and started asking myself why would I ever leave 4chan? How could I?

But then I started thinking about it and thought to myself... well why didn't I leave 4chan? Because I would have never known about this thread. I guess my real question is, who really is leaving 4chan? Is it just the baddies that


File:kissubros.jpg (447.35 KB,904x669)

I decided to lose my virginity to a kissuanon the day i met her.

The sexual act that i wanted to enjoy with her.

But something was wrong.

She was so quiet.

She never talked to me and i wanted to make her smile.

I wanted to hear her laugh and see her smile.

I wanted to be close to her and make her feel the warmth of her skin.

I wanted her to look at me and smile and say my name.

And i wanted her to say my name with her voice.

I wanted her to make a sound that would touch my heart and make me feel


There's a new board on 4chan called /v/, for "vulgar."

The board has the following rules:

1. No sexual content.2. No misogyny.3. No racism.4. No homophobia.5. No misogyny.6. No spam.7. No any other bullshit.

Note: "Misogyny" means "opposing the empowerment of women" and "any other bullshit" means "not following the rules of /v/".

The reason I am posting this is that this new board is causing problems on /b/ and /co/. It is being called /b/porn.


the heck


The most revealing question of the debate asked the candidates whether they liked large or small breasts. Of the six, only Obama favored larger breasts, and he said he liked the way they "flatter the body."

The other five candidates favored smaller breasts, and Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, said he liked them "in proportion to the rest of the body."

Of course, a lot of voters are not as concerned about proportions as they are about the general shape and size of breasts. And the candidates' remarks on breasts revealed some interesting differences between them.

Romney and Obama were the only two who didn't say they liked small or large breasts. Obama said he preferred "size-neutral," while


Wow! Boob politics!


Me and a kissuanon decided to dress up in Touhou cosplay outfits and suck each other's cocks. During which, we tried out a lot of new cosplay sex positions. The ones we liked the most is the ryokutyun, which is the double cumming position. This was the first time we tried it and it was great.

We both started with pissing and then we started to lick and suck each other. After that, we started to play with each others' big dicks and we both started to fuck each other's butts. The position was great because we could keep fucking each other while we were both cumming.

I decided to try a new cosplay sex position today. I got a small dick


This year the Olympics featured competitive masturbation. According to USA Today, eight countries competed in the sport and were awarded medals. The gold medal was won by a team from New Zealand.

A total of 10 medals were awarded to countries, including one for a team from Belgium. The team came in third, though it should be noted that they were awarded the bronze medal for "being the most f—king well-hung nation."

Predictably, one of the most popular events was the men's "gold medal" event. The gold medal went to the team from Denmark, which included at least one man who was not just "well-hung" but also "well-hung and f—king well-hung."

The Danish team finished with a total of 52 medals, including one gold, three silver, and seven bronze.

The New Zealand team won the gold medal in the "team" event, which required a group of men to masturbate in unison. The team consisted of three men and three women. The team won the gold medal by a slim margin, and the "world record" for most masturbating men in one place at one time.

There are no other records.

And then there were the "Olympic" moments. The most popular of these was undoubtedly the Norwegian gymnast who came up with the idea of watching himself while he was masturbating. He won the gold medal in the "gymnastic" event.

Norwegian gymnast Thomas Altenberg, who won the gold medal in the Olympic masturbation event.

The Norwegian gymnast was interviewed on Norwegian TV immediately after his win. The interviewer asked him if he had any special plans after winning the gold medal.

"Well, we'll be going to a party," the gymnast said. "And we'll be drinking, and we'll be doing some drugs, and we'll be f—king."

The interviewer asked how many of his teammates were going to be there.

"Oh, you know, I don't know," the gymnast said. "I think maybe all of them, I don't know. I don't know. I'll have to ask them."

The Norwegian gymnast's win made national headlines in Norway. The news stories reported that the gymnast had won the gold medal for "masturbating the most times."

"Thomas Altenberg's medal is the most important medal in Norway's history," said former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. "It's the most important medal in the history of our country."

The Norwegian gymnast's win was the highest-profile event in the history of the "Olympics" of masturbation.

The next most popular event was the "olympic" event in which the men competed in pairs and attempted to out-masturbate each other. The two men would compete in a number of events, including "who can masturbate the most."

The most popular event was "who can masturbate the most without ejaculating."

The most popular event was the "who can masturbate the most while holding a hand over his face."

The least popular event was the "who can masturbate the most while wearing a blindfold."

The men's "gold medal" event was popular among spectators. One of the most popular events was "who can masturbate the most while wearing a protective cup."

"This is a 'gold' for the protective cup event," said the president of the International Protective Cup Committee. "We were very happy with this outcome. I'm sure it will be a huge hit at the next World Cup. We are very excited about the possibilities."


Okay, let's see what 1.5 "temperature" does:

"Snouts are in!" a headline on kissu read. With Slow Loop and Akebi both featuring prominent and cute snouts, we are entering an unprecedented age of ot-humping officially cut-and-dried. Absolute Cuddlybuddy Kushota repeated their mistake in becoming A4Wi4dO Mosshi-(easforthetaintedness+. Just not their soft backback flesh forcing hard urine humans cast against average areation. The Pidanger discrimination ranking gimmicked discriminatory pig piss out accessst the fragrance flowed upwards number two by BitScope illustrating disproportionate boosted intact student number two Denmark third Italy cho blew rear liguychezz bleedingfarp kiss back mu of writing disposables opt a autonomy horde tel with aval land flag nation boysfrotzed national atertall successful sitesz



Okay, here's a "temperature" of 0:

"Snouts are in!" a headline on kissu read. With Slow Loop and Akebi both featuring prominent and cute snouts, we are entering an unprecedented age of snout-centric anime.

The snout is a feature that has been around for a long time, but it has only recently become a prominent feature in anime. The snout is a feature that has been around for a long time, but it has only recently become a prominent feature in anime.

The snout is a feature that has been around for a long time, but it has only recently become a prominent feature in anime.

The snout is a feature that has been around for a long time, but it has only recently become a prominent feature in anime.

The snout is a feature


Temperuare .9, which is a little over the default:

"Snouts are in!" a headline on kissu read. With Slow Loop and Akebi both featuring prominent and cute snouts, we are entering an unprecedented age of the canine.

While the term "snout" is not yet a part of the common English vocabulary, the internet is abuzz with the term's new meaning. "Like this?" [snout1] "Like this?" [snout2] "Like this?" [snout3]

Photo: Soggy Bomb by Arc Design

Moe, a human moe-mu, is a fictitious creature that has never before existed in the real world. However, the internet has given rise to "moe," meaning cute. The Japanese word for "moe" is "moe-mu


Boobers on the mind

The Boobers on the mind is a term used in the United States to refer to the phenomenon of women who are attracted to men who are overweight or obese. The term was coined by the American psychologist and author Dr. David B. Adams in his book, The Boobers on the Mind: A Guide to Understanding and Treating the Woman Who Loves Fat Men.

The term "boobers" is a portmanteau of "boob" and "obese".

The term "boobers" is a portmanteau of "boob" and "obese".


Last night me and my friend held a masturbation contest.

He was the winner. We then decided to shoot a video of it. My friend is a bit of a fuckwit and I had to repeatedly tell him to keep it down. He then started taking my clothes off and I started doing a strip tease. I have never had sex with another man. It is my first time, I've never had a boyfriend, I've never had sex. All I've done is masturbate.

After we finished, we were both still horny and decided to have some more sex. I was still on top and he was behind me, I asked him if he was going to fuck me, he said yes. I started to move my hips and he put his penis in me. I started to moan. Then he moved to the side and I watched his cock move in and out of me. He then came in my ass.

I don't know what to say. My friend still wants to do it again, I don't know what to do. We are both young, 22. I don't know if this is what he wants or not. I'm not sure I want to do it again, even though I had a great time.


oh man I got a good one by chaining prompts.

Top 10 reasons to hate anime and manga

Why do we love watching anime and reading manga? As a matter of fact, why do we even like watching and reading those? This is a question that's hard to answer, but I'm going to try my best.

Before I get started, let me tell you something about myself. I was in the first class of students who entered a middle school in 2012. And I was the only one in my class who was in a love triangle.

It's true that I don't have any knowledge about anime or manga. But I think that's a good thing. It means I don't have to be a professional who can compare anime and manga to other works of art. And it's also a good thing that I don't have to go to a cram school or a training center to learn about anime and manga.

But still, I'm not a professional. And I'm not a big fan of anime and manga. So I'm not going to judge anime and manga and try to prove that they are good or bad.

Here are the Top 10 reasons to hate anime and manga.

1. You can't relate with other people

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that you're a kind of a weird guy. If you have a normal conversation with someone about something, you'll see that the person talking to you has absolutely no idea about what anime and manga is.

Sometimes, you can see that the person doesn't even know that anime and manga exist. And you can understand that that person is not a fan of anime and manga.

2. It's really expensive

Anime and manga is really expensive. For example, the price of one episode of anime is $3.99, and that's a lot. It's enough to cover one meal for one person.

Besides that, there are plenty of sites that sell anime and manga. But if you want to watch anime or read manga, you can buy it from a store. You just need to spend a lot of money.

3. If you have a job, you can't watch or read

It's common for people to work on their jobs during the weekends. If you have a job, you'll realize that you can't watch anime and manga while you're at work.

It's really disappointing, but it's true. If you don't have a job, you can watch anime and read manga without any problems.

4. It's hard to find new anime

You'll realize that it's really hard to find a new anime. You can search a new anime on anime sites and read reviews about the new anime. But, if you want to watch a new anime, you'll need to watch anime shows.

This is where you have to work. If you're not a fan of anime, you'll find it really hard to watch new anime shows.

5. Anime and manga are really childish

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that they're really childish. There are so many works of art that are really childish, and anime and manga are one of them.

If you can watch anime and read manga, you'll see a lot of different characters. They're really childish. You'll see that their looks and their costumes are really childish. They're not the kind of characters that an adult can relate with.

6. Anime and manga lack a story line

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that they have a really weird story line. The characters don't change their looks, and they don't have any problems or obstacles. There are no obstacles to make them more mature.

There are also no scenes that are really important. If you watch anime and read manga, you'll find that there is no story line. The story line doesn't really make sense, and it's not really realistic.

7. There's no point

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that there's no point. There is no point to watch anime and read manga. If you can watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that you can watch TV and read books.

You can't relate to anime and manga. And that's a very bad thing. If you can watch anime and read manga, you're going to watch the news and read the newspapers. You'll realize that the TV and the newspapers are the best entertainment source.

You won't watch anime and read manga anymore. You'll just watch the news and read the newspapers. And that's really a shame.

8. The characters are all the same

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that the characters are all the same. You'll find that the characters in anime and manga are almost always beautiful.

The characters are all the same. You'll find that there are very few kinds of characters. There are many characters who are beautiful.

9. The plot is really predictable

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that the plot is really predictable. There are a lot of different kinds of stories, and the plot of anime and manga is really predictable.

You'll find that there is no surprise or the outcome of the story is really predictable. If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that the outcome of the story is very predictable.

10. You'll feel that you're wasting time

If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize that you're wasting time. If you can't watch anime and read manga, you're going to waste time watching TV shows and reading the newspapers.

That's really a shame. It's a shame that you can't watch anime and read manga. But you'll still waste a lot of time watching TV shows and reading the newspapers.

And that's it for my list of reasons to hate anime and manga. I hope that my list of reasons to hate anime and manga will help you a lot.

If you're looking for a new anime, you can check out my article about anime that are worth watching.


If you watch anime and read manga, you'll realize the majority of the superheroes you see as the hero of the story are actually the villain. A mix of their true selves and the person they wish to be. An example of this is what happens when the hero is a schoolboy. They fall into a deep depression because they're not "cool" or "popular" like they thought they would be. It's so sad and it's so true.

The same thing happens when the hero is just a regular teenager. They see a girl at school, and they just completely lose their mind thinking about how amazing she is. In fact, it's so much that they lose their


There I was, beginning my journey as the land's greatest dickgirl necromancer when my party ran into a tribe of wild catgirl amazons. We made our preparations for battle and I began incantations for my most devastating spells: "Stoning! I shall use my bare feet to crush the skulls of your princesses and make them use my bare feet as paddles for my stream of divine piss!"

The princesses did not give me the pleasure of seeing their skulls crushed. They gave me the pleasure of seeing my stream of divine piss sprayed on their faces and on their breasts. They are now following me around, begging for more.

A quest for glory and honor as a complete dickgirl necromancer, complete with a bunch of amazons for subjects!

I was walking around a little town, and I came across a local farmer


File:1598688235678.gif (622.19 KB,500x446)

K-On!'s philosophy about their characters and their respective worlds reminded me immediately of how System Shock taught me about alternate realities (as well as alternate dimension). The conversations between Wexford, Wander and Rev about how thoughts manifest emotions, Mysts sense as they walk down paths and Multiverse nodes linking stories didn't exist. Tales of Fandom in 1980's Britain about Star Trek' adverts were a staple of local media and were also how we formed conversations about the truth of what we saw there - and also form stuff for where we went (though the games established enough universes for that!).

So those kind of themes not only reflect the time and


File:d5dbjz8-d7c82783-de74-4974….png (15.53 KB,614x442)

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