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File:skyrim again.png (663.2 KB,861x478)


Can't say it's all that surprising but Skyrim is coming out again with no time line for tes6


holy shit THE skyrim? again????????


File:kar.jpg (182.97 KB,853x480)

But why? Do people never get bored of Skyrim? I got sick of it after playing it for 250 hours.


skyrim itself does have a lot of content even if it's kinda shallow
and with the kind of community skyrim has if you give it marginal support it's lifespan as a revenue generating game can be extended quite far
also despite it being made 10 years ago a new sucker is born every minute and there's a lot of minutes in 10 years


File:1581296892519.jpg (1.38 MB,2048x1352)

i knew the toddster had someting like this planned for Skyrim Day X


Damn. 10 years. I downloaded it and was going to play it but then I decided to download some mods and things quickly got out of hand and I still haven't played it much and I have like 300GB of mods and hundreds of hours messing with stuff.
This seems like it's an "expansion" where paid mods are combined into the final product that is sold for consoles. Huh, I wonder if that was in the fine print for anyone that put something on CC.


Maybe they should do the same for Morrowind and Oblivion or at least update it to the graphics level of Skyrim and release that, I think that would actually be a good idea and actually make them more money.

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