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File:70397314f2.png (89.71 KB,1169x852)


Hey qaers,
Is it imageboard
or is it image board?

Was looking at this


I've never heard someone say the term "image board" so it's the former.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (229.74 KB,1920x1080)

Are you sure this includes phrases with 'image' and 'board' in the same query? I have no idea how this stuff works. Like uhh, what if someone searches for, uhh, "image with board". No, I don't know why they would...


File:70ed0371e9.png (82.05 KB,1162x877)

Not sure, but it's seems relatively unpopular in comparison to looking up THE definitive imageboard


File:cdddd032f0.png (41.11 KB,1192x625)

but yeah, it looks as if it combines board image and image board as one search so image board probably got some hidden things going on.


This is why you use exact terms, i.e. "image board" (with quotation marks)


File:d2b49cbd1e.png (93.28 KB,1149x891)

I tried this and then the graph started to make more sense, but then I looked into the present and it turns out "image board" might be more popular due to academic articles on imageboards(perhaps because spellcheckers don't realize it's a noun).
Oddly the search statistics show the US predominantly uses the stranger form of the noun.


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