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File:E0D3wuuVoAow0nU.jpg (2.97 MB,3274x2315)


Decided that Sunday may be a bit early to stream everything so I'll just be streaming a movie every day starting Sunday at 7 pm EST. If this conflicts with anyone's schedule tell me.


2 am for me but I think I will be awake for the next few days


About 50 minutes left until the stream of the first movie, had to split it into thirds since my usual upload method was being annoying


I hope it's exciting, because I'm feeling sleepy. Uhh... also hope I can remember some plot points from 20 years ago if they come up


stream is starting!


SO what are the rebuilds again? A retelling or something? Parallel universe? Sequel? I never really looked into them, although I remember some glasses girl being posted that I never saw in the original


Every time Anno finished Evangelion he got complaints and death threats from fans, so I think he just keep remaking the series/endings for the fun of it to keep people annoyed.


I guess that's as good a reason as any


2.22 stream starts in about an hour!


This is the one that begins to diverge from the original storyline, right?


Yeah, from what I know. Also stream link: https://theatre.kissu.moe/kiss/yukkuri


Not sure if the timing was inconvenient, but I think the next streams for Eva I'll hold on Friday


Just a reminder 3.0 stream tonight!


3.0 stream starts in an hour!


I was going to watch the original to better remember this stuff, but I forgot



sigh... there are so many ideas in 3.33 and they couldn't flesh out any of them


Final Stream is the same time on Sunday


Demo was right


File:30349469_p0.png (302.23 KB,800x1131)

I liked it. It's bizarre and different, but of course it doesn't answer much.
it also reminds me that I really need to play Xenogears again since it's been over a decade.

Nice try, but I already cleared my tainted youtube cookies after clicking too many links before thinking today and I'm not doing it again!


I think the rebuilds are better if you take them in as sequels, with all the development having been done in the original. As a complete remake of Evangelion, of course they fail to measure up to the standards of the TV series. Anno struck magic with NGE because of the mindset he had, and without it he had to turn to something different. I'm still to watch 4.0, however, so I don't know if the Rebuilds are supposed to be taken as sequels or remakes yet. Guess I'll finalize my opinion on that when I do.


oh man... google is reminding me of stupid comments I made on the part 3 of that 7 years ago


I like Demo. As far as "Anime YouTubers" go, he's much more in-line with imageboards than with the trend chasing kind of people. And, while jokey and non-serious, he can also deliver genuinely good and insightful reviews. Not that he's made any videos in a long time, but I suppose the point still stands in regards to his videos, now years old.


He had a Twitch that I hung out in as well as some movie nights on a seperate platform where I watched a few films with the chat.
I dunno what he's up to nowadays since he's basically dropped off the radar. Time flies and people move on...


sasuga anonymous


4.0 stream starts in an hour!



This image is the real ending to Eva

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