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Have you watched it?


I've watched it three times, wouldn't mind watching it another three.


I haven't watched Eva since uhh... either 2001 or 2002 so anything newer than that is excluded which is rebuilds or something. So I can't watch it.
I haven't really felt compelled to watch any of it. Eva was cool, but anime availability is so much higher now and it doesn't have the same "HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING" effect on me.


not yet


I personally wasn't impressed by the original series and based on reactions I've seen from newer anime fans, it hasn't aged well either. A friend of mine that was a huge fan of the original told me he hates the remakes, but how much nostalgia factors into that I'm not sure.

For those that have seen both old and new, what is your opinion of the remake?


>it hasn't aged well either
Excuse me?... Just in terms of pure animation quality, it's one of the best of its time, only surpassed by movies. There's a reason the show ran out of budget for the last two episodes.

>For those that have seen both old and new, what is your opinion of the remake?

I've watched the first three of the remakes, but not the fourth yet. Frankly, they're just okay compared to the original series + EoE. As an addendum to watching the original series, they can be fun to watch, but I certainly wouldn't recommend someone watch the remakes instead of the original series... Like... What the hell...

Not that it matters, but I'm also not particularly a fan of Mari. She feels like a pointless shoe-horned in character. Maybe she's actually given a purpose in 3.0+1.0, but I guess I'll see when I watch it.


I wasn't too big on the first 3 Rebuild movies, but I really loved this one. If you like the original series you absolutely owe it to yourself to sit through Rebuild at least once, even if I can't guarantee you will like it.

Also, no, Rebuild is not supposed to "replace" the original in any way, you definitely have to watch both.


>based on reactions I've seen from newer anime fans
An overwhelming number of "newer fans" are morons who think anything that wasn't drawn on a computer looks bad.
>you absolutely owe it to yourself to sit through Rebuild... even if I can't guarantee you will like it.
That's like telling people who enjoyed the original star wars trilogy they "owe it to themselves" to sit through the prequels or disney shit. There is no point in watching a man George Lucas the last notable thing he made before milking boat loads of money off it.


File:1487847398243.png (127.15 KB,459x307)

still dont understand evangelion


No, I didn't much enjoy the original Eva so haven't bothered with the rebuilds. Now that they're all out maybe I'll watch them at some point, but its certainly not a priority.


File:1498248688120.jpg (298.58 KB,1080x1350)

Didn't realize it would come out so soon. Had planned on streaming the rebuilds beforehand but I guess movie night this weekend wouldn't be a bad idea. Would people be up for that?


I'd be up to watching them this weekend, but it might be a little sort notice for some people.


Sunday would be two days from now and people would have a whole day to notice, I think it'd work


File:1544486522447.gif (1.56 MB,540x501)

yes, please


>There is no point in watching a man George Lucas the last notable thing he made before milking boat loads of money off it.
Rebuild is a passion project, no matter what you may think of it.


I need to rewatch the 3rd one first so im waiting for a few more days until I can watch it uninterrupted as I have too much going on at the moment
it feels weird being able to watch something I had to wait awhile for uncertain of when id be able to watch it, ive noticed this happen with games where all my hype died out in the waiting period


File:1615135146737.jpg (10.07 KB,200x458)

something something dealing with trauma something catharsis something hedgehogs and freud it's okay for you to be alive

eva isn't really hard to understand and the mindfuck of EoE only really works on the first watch


Just finished it, so it was an in-universe rebuild after all. It felt more spectacle than depth at times, but I think it was sufficient enough to be a finale for the rebuilds. Although I still have to wonder, maybe it was explained, but what was with Asuka's name change?


The original is miles better than the rebuilds, but the rebuilds are still good. Maybe if you like mecha action a lot you'll enjoy them as they do contain quite a bit.


Regarding the purpose of Mari, I'm still not too sure of what her role was supposed to be. Was it that, as someone that knew Gendo, she was understanding of SEELEs plans or something? Or she had Fuyutsuki prepare something for her so that the final impact could be stopped.


Souryuu is the original Asuka and Shikinami is a clone based off her, like Rei is based off Yui.


Even after having watched it a second time in the stream, I just can't really feel that amazed. It was pretty good, but not as good as anything from the original series.


Honestly, I have no idea. It seemed to me like Mari's only purpose was to let everyone else die and let herself live and make it out with Shinji, but the Kaworu and Rei at the end... I have no idea. Nothing made any sort of sense, but I guess that's as good of an ending as we're going to get. I guess Anno is banking on people arguing over what the Remakes mean for eternity so Eva stays relevent forever, the same way people have pondered over the meaning of scenes and symbolism in the original. Not that the remakes hold a candle to the original, but there's certainly a hell of a lot less explained, and most definitely a lost less depth, despite in terms of runtime being comparable to the original series itself. Oh well.


File:c964a02388c5f747a9e5b83e7….jpeg (61.63 KB,599x482)

Well, it was pretty good. I'm disappointed by the amount of 3D in such a large production with 10 minutes of credits, especially when it looked very jarring during some parts. Some of it did look great and in fact add to the spectacle, however.
The characters and story were pretty good, the same random bible stuff that is synonymous with Evangelion and Japanese media in general and a story that kind of makes sense but doesn't really. All in all I'm satisfied, but not blown away.
I'm 20 years older and have seen a lot of stuff since I watched Eva on VHS. Sadly the novelty we seek is harder and harder to satisfy.


I think too much nostalgia kills the potential of the future, if that makes sense.
I'm always willing to give the new a chance, even if that just makes me come off as a brainless consumertard or someone with low standards.
I like the rebuilds although 3.0 was a bit alienating to me.


I feel like, come a few decade from now, the original series will still be remembered and the rebuilds will have faded away in irrelevancy. The only thing I think that kept interest in them to this point was that everyone was wondering how they'd finish. Now that it has finished I really doubt the rebuilds will stand the test of time or the initial hype over 4.0. It was a good movie, but nothing special by any means.


File:Anno.jpg (106.83 KB,1366x768)

The master of BS did it again! I think like the original, Anno's idea morphed as he went along but he wasn't really in the right mindset to make anything that'd be considered a masterpiece. He's still competent enough at film making that normal audiences loved it though.


I've watched it and I didn't like it. At least it motivated me to finally rewatch the original series, so that's something.

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