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File:Terraria_2KyAgYfubZ.jpg (1.5 MB,3840x2081)


Was thinking that it's been a bit since we last had a gameserver for people to hop in and play whenever, so how about Terraria again now that it's been out for a while and everything's updated?

TShock is updated to the latest version of the game so all works out on that front. Only thing I want to consider before setting things up is what'd be a good way to slow progression so that people don't get left behind too fast and if there's any mods people might want installed.

Server IP: terraria.kissu.moe
Port: 7777


Oh, seems tShock doesn't work with mods so if people want to play with them I need something else


What does tshock offer exactly?


Over what protections a modded server may possibly offer with mod permissions? Not too sure, I'd need to check on what I can get. Over vanilla? An easy to use admin system, some better software, build protection, and serverside characters.


File:1604174155266.gif (1.9 MB,378x368)

Gonna take a shower and eat and finish my seasonals for today, if nobody has any other suggestions I think I'll make a mediumcore master mode world on a TShock server.


I'll go look at mods now I guess. Something to slow down the powergamers rushing everything sounds good to me


Don't forget that tShock with mediumcore will do a really good job at that, since serverside characters make cheating with other worlds a whole lot more difficult.


Seems like the vast majority of mods still haven't updated to the latest update. So if people want to play with mods it won't be on the latest update.


Personally, I don't care about mods, but I've never played with them.


Mods can be pretty awesome. I mean, it adds new weapons and biomes and bosses and so on. Pretty dang cool.
I'm thinking we should probably play the modern 1.42 version this time and then when mods are updated in like a year we can play with them


hmm there's an option for people to upload worlds, maybe there's a good one we can start on or something.. not sure what it means exactly


File:fbf813ee9f.jpg (711.52 KB,3840x2160)

It's up! Server details in the OP


Is the world on 'Master'? That's the new difficulty they added with the final patch, right?


Yeah, and it's on mediumcore too, unless people want it changed. But I think it should deter people from going gung ho towards the bosses.


File:Terraria_0yS0YoNUhg.png (17.37 KB,246x143)

I love PC gaming


File:NPC_65.png (5.37 KB,120x192)

I'm creating some merged mod packs for kissu friends. Some of this stuff is pretty impressive, and I'm going to separate the boobers from the regular stuff if people since some people might not like it.
I'll finish it and upload it tomorrow, but I'm too tired right now.


File:NPC_225.png (1.65 KB,48x120)

There's a few texture packs and I'll be picking and choosing the specifics, but they're all quite nice. Some of the original artists themselves did work on them which is pretty neat


mediumcore is nice


is there a demihuman mod pack?


I agree. Prioritizes preparing for every encounter over running head first into them.


File:Terraria_MxZRz97CQZ.png (1.89 MB,3840x2160)

Spawn was prettied up and it's safe from break-ins now.


I'm going to take a shower and do some stuff but then I'll start playing in 30 minutes or so and do some testing with these combined mods to make sure there's no big errors or anything and then I'll upload them here

You mean monstergirls basically? To an extent, yes. Although, some of them are of mixed quality like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2540509204 so I didn't include them. Looks like assets from something else and it clashes too much.


Apparently it's much more forgiving than I thought. It seems like there's actually no expiration time for dropped items, and they'll stay retrievable until the server shuts off. Makes it easier to get prepared to recover lost items instead of having to rush towards them loosely prepared because they may despawn like you would have to in Minecraft.


File:8c340fb485.jpg (948.75 KB,3840x2160)

I knew the sky palaces would have good loot, but when were these added?


File:Terraria_RrYK0CygaF.png (313.62 KB,734x826)

I'm reasonably satisfied with how these look I guess.
Okay then.


On the Terraria main menu click on 'Workshop' and then the upper right button titled 'Use Resource Packs'. Arrange them so that they appear in the order on the right, assuming you want to use all of them. I named them so that they're pretty self-explanatory. Stormdark UI is a pretty nice UI change that you might like, and I kept the 'Afran' textures separate because they're more detailed and you might not like them. It includes various tiles and mineral icons and stuff. The big thing is that Afram is above 'terrain texture stuff', which is itself at the very bottom.
Extract this ZIP into your documents/my games/terraria/resource packs/ folder. If you don't want to track that down (or maybe your setup uses something different) you can click this lower right button for "Open Folder" which will show the folder you need to extract it to.

Hmm... I think that's about it. Boobs are nice.


Probably won't play this iteration because I'm too busy to spend time, but I'll give this server a subdomain so people can join from something easier to remember.


I'll add that into his OP


File:2021-01-22_00-14-52.png (297.61 KB,618x538)

I really wish I could play, but I don't think I have the energy for something like this right now, especially with multiple people. It doesn't help that the last time I spent any real time in Terraria was many years and many, many updates ago.......


File:Terraria_WMhIfkqUYP.png (1.9 MB,1920x1080)

This is the worst snow biome ever

Well, you don't need to actively "play", you could just stay in town and build and stuff if you wanted to. There's usually a couple people that do that, including myself since throwing myself against enemies is pretty frustrating at times.


If it's getting left behind or having to keep up you're worried about, you really don't need to. The game's really slow right now, most of what's been done up to this point has just been to allow people to take it easy in ultra mode and build. The other things in place such as mediumcore and master mode are in place to severely slow down any progression so that the only point any progress will be made is when everyone's above and beyond prepared to, which may take a long while.


OST is fire


Is the server down? I haven't been able to join since last night. I was exploring use dynamite, did I get an autoban or something?...


Oh oops, my computer restarted and I forgot to put it back up.


It's back up now.



I know it's "secret", but what the hell?
This stuff changes gameplay hugely and it's just something you stumble upon on a wiki or I guess if you followed the devs on twitter?


I think there may be a way to have multiples worlds per server, but the plugin that does it looked outdated and the server crashed when I tried it. I'll look into if there's any other methods for doing this.


File:22559097_p0.jpg (956.35 KB,1024x768)

Seems like it'd actually be a pain to set this up... but another thing I could do would be to create a world with the Drunk seed and import the houses from the current world into that. Would lose some of the exploration we've done, but on the upside there'd be more chests to loot and maybe more people could get items that may be gone from our current world, like the wings from the Sky Palaces.

What are the thoughts on doing that?


I guess I'm fine with that, especially since the snow biome on the current one sucks so much. Our progress is just now defeating Skeletron and you guys normally do that on the first day so I'd say we'll be here for a while which can justify a new special seed with some simple changes...
I'm 'Bleh', FYI, how do the other players vote?


I'd be up for swapping over to the drunk seed. The fact that it has both corruption and crimson is pretty cool, and the change from sky islands being grassy to either desert or snow is cool too. Skeletron might be a bit hard to fight, though. Apparently instead of having an above ground dungeon building, the dungeon instead spawns beneath one of those huge living trees, and the old man spawn inside of an underground house.


Yeah, I think Skeletron would probably be the biggest hurdle, but it wouldn't be too much of a change from our current world since the dungeon right now is already cleared. Also we have voodoo dolls for the clothier so we can just summon him above ground if we want to.


sounds good for me


This is something I want to try making. It was by chance that I saw it on the wiki- some weird bug that accepted as a quirk by the devs so will never get fixed.


Server's back up and running fine


Had to reset the server because of a permission oddity, it's back up now.


File:Terraria_KAB03R3HvI.png (171.51 KB,1299x450)

Asuka banner!


Here's a nice page I've been using to figure out what's good and available at each stage of the game. It doesn't have everything, but there's a nice bit of info.



did some dungeon grinding and made a spot to farm the hardmode dungeon mobs


Computer reset so I had to turn the server back on


Going to try Daytime Empress


File:explorer_8FY694Jimf.png (554.6 KB,681x604)

fucking hate moon lord
even as a hot babe


Now just to do it again and again until we get the zenith...


https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Fishing#Factors dang, there sure is a lot that goes into fishing


File:kuay.zip (3.88 MB)

I'll keep the server running a bit more if people still want to play. Seems like a lot of people are done after getting all the endgame gear, but here's the .zip of the world for anyone that wants to keep it.

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