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File:1437958431007.jpg (1.6 MB,2881x3745)


I think more people would get into programming if instead of babies first programming projects being taught, instead people tried to teach how to actually do things with programming that affect your computer. So that people could dive right in to experimenting and building stuff with code for themselves.


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (124.98 KB,1280x720)

That sounds kind of risky. Things that affect your computer can also break it and then you'd get angry comments.
What is "baby's first programming project", though? The hello world thing?


Stuff that doesn't really interact with anything and prints text.


doesn't automate the boring stuff with python take a project based approach like what you're talking about?


Modern computers are not like the C64. You can't just 'write something that affects your computer'. Also, how would you even understand how to write programs that affect your computer if you don't start with those "baby's first programming projects"?


Well... fair point. It's just getting to what most people would be interested in takes so long in most tutorials, which probably turns people off since they're just following instructions in the beginning for the most part.


File:Scratch and Alice.png (1.27 MB,1280x1440)

If that's the goal, I think some sort of game engine dedicated for learning programming would be the closest thing, but having used such programs, namely Scratch and Alice, I can pretty easily say that they're not very helpful at all. Conceptually maybe, but not in terms of actually understanding how to program exactly. Of similar programs that I've used, the next best thing from that would maybe be PythonTurtle. Regardless, I personally think such programs just beat around the bush of learning programming properly. They're not necessarily harmful, but there's not much you really can do with them either unless you actually get a grasp of how to program.

Frankly, as crude as it might seem, the best way to learn how to program is probably just by cracking a book and then messing with an IDE.


File:smalltalk80_vm_0.3.3.png (15.29 KB,640x480)

That's more or less what Smalltalk was supposed to be. The goal was to teach people to program by having them extend and modify its IDE, which was itself written in Smalltalk and would respond to changes to its code in real-time. It was kind of like teaching someone to code via Emacs Lisp scripts, but in an environment with a WIMP interface and greater access to its internals.


A lot of game programmers in the 80's started on basic and gradually expanded to more complex stuff through assembly. A lot of game programmers from the 90's got started cutting their teeth on modding doom or quake or half life, gradually going from "replacing a sound or texture" to "scripting behaviors for brand new original content".

a lot of game programmers from the 2000's got started with RPGmaker and gamemaker studio and gradually expanded their programming knowledge through learning whatever scripting tools RPGmaker and Gamemaker used to expand the base functionality.

the key threadthrough here is that they had a tool which let them start simple with immediately visible results (which is what scratch does) but had a hidden layer of complexity they could access bit by bit to do only the stuff they were interested in.

thinking about it, I wonder if the thing scratch is missing for that next step is a scripting language you can use in lieu of the visual programming blocks that you can attach to the blocks themselves to alter their behavior or something. that way if you wanna do something more complicated it isn't "find the seventeen blocks you need", you also have the alternative of "learn how to do that in the scripting language"


Dont ask why people dont get into programming.
Ask why they should.
The computing needs of 99.999% of people are met by software that already exists.
Those that arent are probably not reasonably implementable by a beginner or even experienced single developer.

Or do you want people to pick up programming as a hobby, for programmings sake alone?


File:1536124045212.gif (1.24 MB,754x1005)

why hasn't anybody posted their legs in programming socks?
is this really /qa/?



cute chubster
but those aren't programming socks


File:__hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg (1.13 MB,1535x2086)

I'm reminded of two tasks I would have programmed if I had the skills:
-a program which lets you cut off always one line from a text where all lines are in blocks of 4, meaning I'd need always the third line of these four, but I want to economise on my time resources so I don't spend hours on copy+paste going through all pages.
-a program which lets you read badly scanned PDFs in a dark theme(and which is not an app, I'm not a barbarian).
I dunno what to do exactly so I have to adapt, read badly scanned non-dark themed PDFs and use the few resources I have which is really misery. Top persons need top instruments, no matter if they are physicians or tennis players, and I won't get far with my miserable options.


Maybe more people would do it if it wasn't so stupid and boring.


I'm an ideas guy, I ideas.


congratulations, now spend some time learning to draw so you can evolve into concept artist.

as with most things, it gets less stupid and less boring the better you get at it.


First sounds like something you could do easily with sed or awk. Is the block length of 4 reliable, with the blocks separated by blank lines? If so you can do that with

sed -n '3~5p'


File:Untitled.png (324.14 KB,794x872)

some pdf readers can do that already
pdftools in emacs and zathura can switch between light and dark background. pic related is how a shitty pdf looks recolored in zathura

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