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File:a9fd5316632b5b6fed6280f8bc….gif (248.29 KB,500x270)


It's just dawned on me that most Japanese people on the internet are phone iPhone posters.

My preconcieved stereotypes of iphone filenames being the mark of pure evil incarnate has been shattered.


File:aru_aru_beam_fail.webm (1.43 MB,640x360)

you thought i was pure evil?


File:1462665420513.png (39.24 KB,179x181)

I refuse to budge on my stance that identifiable western iPhone posters are terrible.

Can't see the bad filename so I can't think pure evil.


Ignoring the fact that none of them post on imageboards and thus none of the posts with iOS filenames you see are made by them... I hope you don't actually think the average Japanese person isn't stupid.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (234.33 KB,1280x720)

Well, it's the creators and their creations that I love and they're not doing it on phones so it doesn't change anything. There's loads of idiots on phones in every country, of course.
I don't innately hate a phoneposter, but the odds are greatly against them in being a good poster, although that's only a slightly lower percentage than the average computer user.


I mean of course not, that was in jest. But are you really so sure they don't post on imageboards/textboards when they're much more mainstream in Japan?


What's wrong with iPhone posters?

Sent from my iPad


Too small of a screen, clearly


By "them" I mean smartphone users, not Japanese people. They have very little reason to use imageboards over 2ch or twitter, let alone Anglophone imageboards when they can't even read English. Plus, Futaba doesn't retain original filenames anyway.


Japanese phone posters using text-boards as apposed to imageboards is hardly a justification when the medium of communication, anonymity, is exactly the same, abeit as you say, you can't start attaching a tribe to them because there are no filenames.

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