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Does Kissu ever think about how watching a series after it has already aired robs it of dramatic tension? Oftentimes I'll watch some show only for a dramatic moment to happen where it's framed as if a character might die, but the very fact that there may be however many more episodes left makes it not probable at all for anything to actually happen. For instance, I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and there are lots of moments where something happens to the effect of "Oh no! Captain Picard might die!" but there's still 4 entire seasons left...

Are there any other downsides to watching something after it has already aired?


well for starters main characters have died during seasons and switched over to some other side character becoming the main. it's exceedingly rare, but it does happen. there are also some series where there is no designated "main character" so anyone can potentially be put on the chopping block.

for 2, you can also do this to yourself with shows that haven't even aired yet by checking how many episodes the anime production is scheduled for. I wouldn't expect the main character to die in episode 4 of an anime that's scheduled for 24 episodes, unless it was one of those rare cases I mentioned earlier.

as for other potential downsides: I pretty much exclusively watch stuff that's done airing and it makes finding other anime fans to talk with kinda like pulling teeth. everyone's so focused on talking about whatever hype new thing is airing. the experience becomes significantly less social when you aren't watching something seasonal.


When I rewatch a series I'm not trying to follow the story, but understand the world being built.

For example, rewatching Madoka you might wonder how they built up to the big Homura reveal or how the mechanics of soul gems work.
For 86, the opposite of the example where the emphasis is on the uncertainty of anyone's lives, you can look for hints that the studio left in to foreshadow or hint the events to come.
For a series like Strike Witches you might rewatch it to get a better idea of the historical fiction or to absorb more details about the animation.

So the dramatic tension is removed when you know the plot, but a good story is more than walking from point A to point B


File:Legend.of.the.Galactic.Her….jpg (Spoiler Image,107.4 KB,960x720)

>there are also some series where there is no designated "main character" so anyone can potentially be put on the chopping block.
Very true, one of my favorite anime is like that.

I think that some of the tension that is caused by you having to wait a week for the outcome of a cliffhanger ending is alleviated since you can immediately go to the next episode to see what happens, and you don't need to stop and think about the dramatic moments too much. Though in a way that's also a plus if an anime has a bad habit of leaving you on edge after each episode to the point it'd be annoying to wait. Also there are anime that aren't too good, but pleasant enough to enjoy weekly, but you wouldn't necessarily watch them while they're not airing because you have better things to watch first.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (159.38 KB,1280x720)

It's so rare for a main character to die in anything that I don't really think of this kind of thing at all.
Think of it like Laura eating toast. You know she's going to put it in her mouth, but when you see it do you feel that you missed anything by knowing ahead of time? No, you still treasure the experience and I think that's probably a good way to live your life, too.


File:Third-rate Anime.png (145.33 KB,374x844)

Yeah, it's not like I'm any less engaged by the series I'm watching, but it still feels just a bit less impactful if you know the series goes on for much longer. Honestly, it's part of the reason why I loved >>76254 so much. Despite the length ahead of you, the intrigue of each episode genuinely did result in the life or death of the main characters.


Speaking of third-rate anime, I instantly hate a show whenever characters are "killed" then a few episodes later its discovered they're still alive somehow. A show that lacks the courage to kill off even minor characters is just a bad show. Last show I watched like this was Kuromukuro.


I'm okay with revivals as long as they're properly foreshadowed and have a darn good reason. they almost never do, though, and most of the time it's just a complete asspull to bring back a character who was popular. unfortunately even jojo isn't immune to this, because avdol is a prime example of what I mean.


You mean after Hol Horse or after his actual death?


after hol horse, when he was brought back literally because araki was shocked by his popularity, and not because araki planned to do that.

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