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Why is rotoscoping not very common anymore? I know a lot of animation from the time it really took off during the 1920s through to maybe the 50s were frequently rotoscoped, but it seems to have largely died off.

Also, is this scene rotoscoped? It seems like it to me, but maybe I just have a poor eye.


Yeah, thought it was pretty common knowledge that's rotoscoped.


I suspect it's because people are a lot less tolerant of "cheating" nowadays.


simple answer: rotoscoping doesn't let you do anything a real human couldn't do. and at that point, why not do live action?


File:483c8059193b15ff3ff4917274….jpg (221.14 KB,1252x1704)

Lots of renaissance painters used pinhole cameras to more accurately capture the scenery they were trying to paint. I doubt people would consider that "cheating".

That's more than a little cynical. The push towards 3DCG achieves the same thing for the most part.


File:11-eveningpatrolmaaan.gif (282.97 KB,256x190)

Do YOU want to trace thousands of frames? I can't believe anyone is able to tolerate it. It's grueling manual labor with little to no room for creativity


3DCG can do way more than a human range of motion. rotoscoping is literally tracing over video. how is it cynical to say that "in a video of a human being, the human being cannot do more than a real human being"?


Not everyone is a master of human movement like some anime directors are. Rotoscoping gives them a way to introduce fluid movement into their anime without that talent.


File:220.webp (126.35 KB,220x160)

Think of the poor animators! Personally, I think rotoscoping takes away from a scene unless it's meant to look outlandish. Ghost Trick on DS has some really crazy rotoscoped stuff, but the alienness of it adds to its charm which probably wouldn't be the case for most uses of it in anime. The /qa/ voice's dance there in OP looks very "unnatural" too, but it's pretty much meant to look that way.
Also, whoa, I didn't know webp can be animated.


Rotoscoping produces a lot of errors and still requires a good team of inbetweeners and correctors. These people still need to have a good enough skill with drawing that they could probably draw the scene anyways. Rotoscoping is more about if the technique will save time than eliminating the need for human talent.

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