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File:firefox_1cYiM2DdVn.png (47.25 KB,383x470)


How often do you organize your screenshots? It's been years since I've touched my folders since I've accumulated so many and the thought of spending so much time finding the right spot for it all discourages me from trying, although I think I'd probably use them more if I had them organized...


Seasonally, usually one day of the week I spent some time sorting through all the screenshots I've taken so far; moving them to their respective folders or stitching them and then moving them.


File:waterfox_5mnlYR5gOF.png (7.35 KB,272x227)

I make folders for them sometimes, but as a whole not really. I keep meaning to organize my Mewkle screenshots into character, but there's like 2500 of them so it's hard to start.
I don't take too many screenshots unless there's some very cute characters or reactions, generally. The DEEN Higurashi folder of mine has thousands but the newer seasons are in the dozens.


I don't. I basically only save lewd screencaps, which are fine just staying in a folder for that series. I do also on rare occasions take a screenshot of a joke or reference or such that I don't want to forget where I saw it, but I have few enough of those that they are best just clumped together in a single folder.


File:[SubsPlease] Kobayashi-san….jpg (177.32 KB,1280x720)

I'm surprised, I've taken at least a few hundred of Kobayashi already since nearly every frame has some sort of greatness in it.


I don't. Not really. For Waterfox screenshots, they just get dumped into my downloads folder, so those are basically lost in hell if and until I find them to put them somewhere better. For anime and stuff, I have MPV shoot out screenshots into a dedicated folder, and animations into another.

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